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Turnigy 4208 620kv Brushless Multi-Rotor Motor

Turnigy 4208 620kv  Brushless Multi-Rotor Motor
Turnigy 4208 620kv  Brushless Multi-Rotor Motor

If you're serious about your multi-rotor's performance, look no further than this Turnigy mult-rotor motor. Built with high-end 45SH magnets, a high pole count, custom motor mount and extra long wires, this motor is designed purely for multi-rotor applications.

This motor includes a collet style prop adaptor for use with many different style props featuring a 5mm shaft. It also includes a bolt-on cross mount for quick and easy installation on your quadcopter frame.

This is not a modified airplane outrunner. It was designed from the ground up specifically for multi-rotor applications.

Kv: 620rpm/v
Can size: 45mm
Shaft: 3.17mm (includes prop adapter for 5mm prop mounting)
Motor Mount Holes: 16mm / 19mm
Suggested ESC: 30A
Rated Watts: 180W
Weight: 79g
Cell count: 3~4S Lipoly
Motor wire length: 390mm

PRODUCT ID: 922000015

Kv(rpm/v) 620
Weight (g) 79
Max Current(A) 30
Resistance(mh) 129
Max Voltage(V) 15
Power(W) 180
Shaft A (mm) 3.175
Length B (mm) 21
Diameter C (mm) 42
Can Length (mm) 8
Total Length E (mm) 32
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Weight: 144g
International Warehouse
Price  HKD174.99

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 Customer rated 4 crowns   
Total of 20 discussions.
Terejun  2 points - 8/19/2014
I just bought a tricopter with this motor. How do i remove the prop? Never had a motor with a collet.
 Terejun 2 points
Nevermind... I figured it out. But I do want to change and use a different prop holder. Any suggestions?
JobyWokkers  3 points - 2/14/2014
Does anyone know what the amount thrust would be for these motors with propellers around 10 - 11 inches? Im new to the quadcopter experience but want a good set up. Thanks
Kyle  1 points - 1/9/2014
Can this motor be mounted to a talon v2 frame
 AllenLin 1050 points
yes, this motor works okay for Talon V2 frame that one.
vindyboy  23 points - 1/4/2014
Thank you for your reply and advice, very much appreciated. Jeff G.
vindyboy  23 points - 1/3/2014
Hi, Does anybody know if these motors would be okay for 660 mm frame with 101ns props and 3 sell lipo. Cheers, Jeff G.
 AllenLin 1050 points
yes, that is work well, and if you just take 10 inch prop, you can even uuse 4 Sell LiPo. no problem at all. stable
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
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Bought 4 of these motors to build quad with AQ600 frame. Runs ok but one thing I would like to comment is about the included prop holder. The holder does not hold the prop tight enough so that the prop turn a little bit. Also I noticed that the holder is not centered to the shaft of the motor. I see some vibration due to un-centered prop holder.

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Overall Rating
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Figured out the same issue as mentioned in the previous review. The prop holder is not very good designed. When testing the motor the prop went to the ceiling and broke. Recommendation is to use loctite to glue the adapter to the shaft. The price of the motor seems reasonable. Also I figured out timing issues with the plush 30A controller using fast/medium/slow timing. In low speed the motor is stuttering in every timing mode of the controller.

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Overall Rating
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I bought 5 of these for a big H-quad project. Paired them with hobbywing 40A ESC's(Its what I had lying around). I did not use the supplied prop holder. Replaced the with prop holders that screws onto the shaft with a clamp screw. I use 12x4.5SF props on 4S battery. I use an APM flight controller and get around 12 to 15minutes flight time. I like the motors. They seem well made and balanced. Good enough for my application. The supplied prop adaptors suck, but the motor runs great. Thanks guys, great value for the price.

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