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HobbyKing Multi-Rotor Control Board V3.0 (Atmega328 PA)

HobbyKing Multi-Rotor Control Board V3.0 (Atmega328 PA)
HobbyKing Multi-Rotor Control Board V3.0 (Atmega328 PA)

Based on the popular and already well supported KK Control board, the Hobbyking Multi-Rotor control board is bringing Multi-Rotor madness to the masses with its breakthroughs in quality and price!

The HobbyKing Multi-Rotor control board uses Japanese Murata piezo gyros that are less sensitive to vibration than SMD type gyros and also features state of the art SMT manufacturing to ensure quality. This board also uses a user programmable Atmega328PA IC.

Size: 50.5mm x 50.5mm x 23.5mm
Weight: 14.5 gram
IC: Atmega328 PA
Gyro: Murata Piezo
Input Voltage: 3.3-5.5V
Signal from Receiver: 1520us (4 channels)
Signal to ESC: 1520us

Whats is a Multi-Rotor Control board you ask?

The HobbyKing Multi-Rotor controller is a flight control board for multi-rotor Aircraft (Tricopters, Quadcopters, Hexcopters). Its purpose is to stabilise the aircraft during flight. To do this it takes the signal from the three on board gyros (roll, pitch and yaw) then passes the signal to the Atmega328PA IC. The Atmega328PA IC unit then processes these signals according the users installed software and passes control signals to the installed Electronic Speed Controllers (ESCs). These signals instruct the ESCs to make fine adjustments to the motors rotational speed which in turn stabilises your multi-rotor craft.

The HobbyKing Multi-Rotor control board also uses signals from your radio systems receiver (Rx) and passes these signals to the Atmega328PA IC via the ail, ele, thr and rud inputs. Once this information has been processed the IC will send varying signals to the ESCs which in turn adjust the rotational speed of each motor to induce controlled flight (up, down, backwards, forwards, left, right, yaw).

Note: A user manual is available under the files tab.
*Royalties paid on each unit sold to Rolf, the original KK Designer.

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Total of 534 discussions.
Abbywed  26 points - 8/22/2014
Can i attach a GPS module to this board ? like this one HK item # 387000047-0
liam  2 points - 8/18/2014
__210  5 points - 8/18/2014
Would this work well with a 250 size quad?
RonRC  3593 points - 8/15/2014
Hi all, these gyro only boards are still quite capable of very stable flight if tuned correctly. No they will not auto level but if the mass of the multirotor is below the prop line it will attempt to right itself if it is close to level and if hovering, it can hold fairly solid as long as no wind causes it to drift.
 Abbywed 26 points
Nice scratch build. It seems to be very steady in flight. You have inspired me to build my own quad. I have the HK Nova but there is nothing like building it yourself.
 RonRC 3593 points
Hi Abbywed, I built this 3 or 4 years ago and at that time, there were no frames to choose from but the flamewheel. I wanted aluminum arms and towel bars did much better and were much lighter than I expected. Now there are lots of different types of frames to choose from but with the exception of my EPP quad, I'm still building my own.. Ha ha! All the best and Happy flying!
stephen  6 points - 8/6/2014
Received a piece where the YAW Gyro having dented on the metal casing. Have not mounted on the quadcopter for testing. Just curious, any defects from this dented casing?
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Overall Rating
11 thumbs up!
:Hello from India:
This comes with an Atmega 328 so more memory (although almost all firmwares can be installed in 168).I made successful quad for my project using the v2.1 .now making one currently using this one .If anyone from india needs help mail me at


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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
I received mine. It is same like version 2.1. Only Difference is Bigger flash memory.

So far I don't found any KK firmware which demand Atmega328 PA. So Older Board is still useable and performing same.

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Overall Rating
Carlos manuel
Like it?
Hi, greetings from Portugal, to all lovers of this hobby I need information on if this Board can control servos or only speed controllers, thanks

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Overall Rating
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The best KK Board with lots of memory storage for future R&D codes enhancements.

7 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
Like it?
3 Stars for quality of construction. Some of the solder joints are untidy (but seem electrically sound). More worrying was the large amount of solder flux left over on the bottom side. Little bit of canned flux remover did the trick but it's something to be wary of.

The vulnerability of the yaw gyro to damage worries me slightly. Time will tell wether it stands up to use or gets knocked around.

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