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HobbyKing 540w 100~120v Power Supply (13.8v~18v - 30amp) (US Warehouse)

HobbyKing 540w 100~120v Power Supply (13.8v~18v - 30amp)  (US Warehouse)
HobbyKing 540w 100~120v Power Supply (13.8v~18v - 30amp)  (US Warehouse)

Serious power for heavy duty charging!

The HobbyKing 540W power supply features adjustable power output (13.8v to 18v DC) making it an extremely versatile power supply. This power supply also features dual outputs and is suitable for 2 chargers up to 540w (Combined). The HobbyKing 540w Power Supply also features over current and over temperature protection and warning LEDs.

Input Voltage: 100~120V AC
Output Voltage: 13.8v~18v DC (Adjustable)
Output Amps: 30A
Output Watts: 540W
Temperature Cutoff: Cooling:  Dual Fan
Dimensions 208 x 139 x 59.5mm
Weight: 1.48kg

PRODUCT ID: 9052000066-3

Weight: 2100g
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Price  $69.29

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Anne  17 points - 9/21/2014
Does this PSU come with a wall plug? I can't tell what the connector type is, either. Thanks!
 James 5 points
Anne, the answer is yes. 3 prong standard us household AC cable. Good sturdy power supply and cable. I have this one and it works great!
Jacob  12 points - 1/10/2014
Changosurf, you can buy noise filters from amazon or ebay. They are about $20-30.
changosurf  3 points - 12/21/2013
I bought this PS and I'm having a weird problem with it. The PS spews out RF noise over my household powerlines. The FM radio in my work area gets a ton of static when I turn on the supply. I tried moving it to different outlets and locations, but it still manages to mess with my radio. Apparently, it doesn't have good, if any, internal filtering. Can someone please recommend a solution to clean up the noise output from this power supply? other than this noise issue, it's a good product...
Jack  5 points - 9/21/2013
Used the PSU for the first time last eve. Had it powering an imax B6 at .5amps charging a 5800 6 cell lipo. Around 20 minutes into the charge I smelled that unmistakable electrical burning aroma. When I got to the PSU it had small puffs of smoke coming from within and neither of the cooling fans was operating. There was still 17.5 vdc at the output and the over temp light was not on. Today I plugged in the PSU and let it run unloaded. After a couple hrs it was warm to the touch and the only way I could get the fans to run was to blow on them and then they began working. They shut off after a bit so would assume they are on a thermostat. I can’*t stand being in the same room while it’*s working so I don’*t know if the fans cycle on by themselves or not. It still has not released the entire electrical stink because it stunk throughout the whole time I had it plugged in. Working with hobbyking staff to rectify.
 changosurf 3 points
just an FYI, I also noticed that seemingly toxic Chinese electronics smell coming from my unit when it was new. After a good break-in period, the smell has died off and is now barely noticeable if even at all. I don't know what it is, perhaps the flux or whatever they use, but it just smells like cancer..
jared  2 points - 9/1/2013
I have the turnigy 4port charger which worked fine when hooked up to my roommates car battery. now that I have this power supply hooked up to it I keep getting the "connection error check main port" warning come up when I try and charge my batteries. I have the wiring right, red on red black on black and I'm plugged in to the right port on the charger. Why is it doing this?
 jetpackninja 46 points
The "connection error check main port" error concerns the connection to the battery you are trying to charge. If you are balance charging, perhaps there is a bad wire connecting the charger to the balance board. If you disconnect the balance plug and try Lipo Charge mode only through the charge lead, does it work?
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Works exactly as advertised. I like the power hook ups. You can use bare wire and clamp them down, or use banana plugs and hook right in.

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Overall Rating
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Great power supply! It is stable and powerful. I added a voltage display to adjust and monitor voltage with different chargers. The voltage adjustment works well, but you must add a sensor to detect changes if input voltage is not displayed by your charger. Once set, the voltage stays very stable. I've charged 5 3S 2200mah batteries, and a 5S 3300mah battery at the same time, using multiple chargers at once and drawing about 14A at 17V, with no voltage sag. I've not tested the charger at currents approaching the maximum capacity, but thus far it's been rock solid.

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very nice unit, I charged 2 5800mah 3s and 2 5800mah 2s batteries at 5.8amps on the new turnigy quad charger, drawing 19amps total, 85deg f ambient temp, 98deg f accross the top and 110deg f on the side, fan came on and was quiter than the 350watt power supply sold here, I really like my 350watt power supply but I think this one is going to be the one I use from now on unless I charge enough batteries at once that I have to use both. I would recomend this to anyone.

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Overall Rating
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Works perfect. Fans are a little loud but no big.

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Overall Rating
Mauricio D
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Woe this power supply is a monster, I have the turnigy max 400 watts charger and this provides me with the 18volts I need to recharge my 6 cels 5500mAh batteries at 13Amps

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