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TURNIGY Plush 40amp Speed Controller

TURNIGY Plush 40amp Speed Controller

Plush 40A Brushless Speed Controller
The Plush series ESC are a very good quality controller. They have a broad range of programming features and a smooth throttle response compared to other BESCs in the same price range.
This BESC can handle 3A continuous current which is great for larger planes with bigger servos.

Cont Current: 40A
Burst Current: 55A
BEC Mode: Linear
BEC : 5v / 3A
Lipo Cells: 2-6
NiMH : 5-18
Weight: 33g
Size: 55x28x13mm

User Programmable, both via controller and optional programming card. The programming card is an excellent item as it instantly tells the user the current settings and with a few simple clicks of the buttons, the user can change the settings and have graphical reassurance of those changes.
The programming card is an excellent Item and simple to use!


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Weight: 79g
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Price  $21.99

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Miguel  9 points - 1/17/2015
buddy code: http: ECB560E3-BB2F-4DE9-9F35-D887B568C7AE
subahi  1 points - 1/13/2015
jose angel belando ortiz  1 points - 12/15/2014
Hello i wanted to know if this ESC will be works wiht this configuration: **3,5bannana connector **1950kv ourrunner motor, **850 mah 4s 45-90C And also want to know if this have a default factory configuration that i could use wihtout programming card. Thanks, i bougth it and i am expect.
 BangerUpBixler 117 points
Hello Jose, this ESC will be fine for the set-up that you have described. As for the factory default, you do not have to program anything when you receive it. I would strongly recommend that you do Throttle range setting: (Throttle range should be reset whenever a new transmitter is being used) - Switch on the transmitter, move throttle stick to top Connect battery pack to ESC, and wait for about 2 seconds “*Beep-Beep-”* tone should be emitted, means throttle range highest point has been correctly confirmed. Move throttle stick to the bottom, several “*beep-”* tones should be emitted representing the number of battery cells. A long “*Beep-”* tone should be emitted, means throttle range lowest point has been correctly confirmed. Also, you will receive an instruction sheet with the ESC that describes how you can change the settings using your transmitter, so you don't need a program card.
just two things more :). I ordered 4mm bannana connector , could i desolder 3,5mm and put 4mm in bot sides?¿* motor and ESC? I had a Super hornet f18 art-tech, i crassed one moth ago and since there i could feel that motor didnt had enought thrust and i bougt also a Turnigy EDF outrunner motor 5000kv.I will use this motor wiht a new set up on my super hornet.ESC 40 A 4mm bannana connectors 9gr XT900 servos ,lipo 2200 3s 20 C and new 8 blade impeller. So i want to new if this set up for super hornet will be OK or have to change something. COULD you help me please?
 BangerUpBixler 117 points
Oh, actually I did forgot that this will not have any connectors pre-soldered, sorry. So you will be able to put on the 4mm no worries. Wires all come pre-tinned. I do not have any experience with EDF, but the Turnigy 5000kv EDF Outrunner has a claimed output of 650g of thrust. The Art-tech F18 specs say that it has a weight of 820g with the battery, so maybe not enough power ? I also see on the Turnigy 2610 EDF Outrunner 5000kv for 55/64mm page that there is a guy using 2 of them in a Art-tech 55EDF F-14 and running on 3S 2200 45C nano tech battery. He claims 1100g of trust (ratio thrust/weight>1) with 2 motors. There are a lot of variable there, but I get the feeling that it might not be the right set up for you, sorry I am not much help. Maybe there are others here or in the Comments section of the motor page that can help.
bflyin  40 points - 12/10/2014
wow, I cannot believe it. tonight for the first time ever since I have been a hobby king customer, I got an alert email saying something I put on it came in. till now I thought it was just an idea they were throwing around. I am impressed. keep up the good work hobby king.
 Tank1 684 points
That email alert use to work all the time at one point because that was one of the reasons for adding things to your wish list or the old stock alert box,for some reason it stopped for a little while but now HK has changed their web provider things seem to be getting back to normal. :-)
 crazycarmaniac 445 points
exvcept for me i get 80 oof the same wishlist email within 1 minute, errrgh mah gerrrrdd
ungerik  23 points - 10/14/2014
With 6S it overheats at 30 Amps.
 Kosmonaut 11 points
What means overheat, did you have a failure? Did you place the ESC into airstream? Did you flash the ESCs with BL-Heli etc...? What was your exactly setup?
 ungerik 23 points
Stock setup. No extra cooling. Stopped working and started smelling after about 5s. I know that you should cool an ESC, but I didn't expect that it only works for seconds.
 Kosmonaut 11 points
You are right it overheats in 30sek * 30Amps * 6S Lipo inside my house. Yesterday outside it gets handwarm but it has airstream (Multicopter) an the outside temp was around 12 degree celsius. i would rate it max 24Amps * 6s. I think Hobbykingt should rate there products more realistic. Seems to be the same as the mostly overdrawn c-rates with the LiPos...
 crazycarmaniac 445 points
if it was me id rate ths esc as a 4s in my opnion, would use a higher amp rating for highercells
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
Pedr Born
20 thumbs up!
4 Stars as Ordered a H-wing pentium and received OEMRC 40A which is not this unit! Too hard to keep up with the changes )

Handles 17-27A from 3S 2200mA D9 with ease was a bit warm to touch on 28'C ambient.

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Overall Rating
17 thumbs up!
I have 2 of these so far, never a problem, works very good. Nothing to complain. Just a bit big than others

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Overall Rating
15 thumbs up!
No problems with this Controller yet with a 3S 24A TGY AerodriveXp SK Series 35-36 910Kv / 310w

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Overall Rating
12 thumbs up!
verwende den Regler in meinem Blade 400.
Tiptoper Regler, aber Vorsicht im Umgang mit Spektrum Empfngern! Wegen des getakteten BECs knnen Unterspannungen & somit Empfngeraussetzer auftreten.
-> ein Schutzkondensator lst das Problem

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Overall Rating
10 thumbs up!
Sin problemas, programable. Satisfecho con el funcionamiento aunque solo lo he probado una vez en vuelo hasta ahora.

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