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TURNIGY Plush 12amp (2A BEC) BESC

TURNIGY Plush 12amp (2A BEC) BESC

Plush 12A-E Brushless Speed Controller
The pulsar series ESC are a very good quality controller. They have a broad range of programming features and a smooth throttle response compared to other BESCs int he same price range.
You will find the throttle curve very linear.

Our TURNIGY speed controllers come with a 14 month warranty. We guarentee these are the best Brushless Speed Controllers you can purchase at this price.
These speed controllers are sold in western countries under various names at triple the price.
We are certain you will find these to be the best BESC available from Asia.

Cont Current: 12A
Burst Current: 15A
BEC Mode: Linear
BEC : 5v / 2A
Lipo Cells: 2-4
NiMH : 5-12
Weight: 13g
Size: 32x24x10mm
User Programmable, both via controller and optional programming card. The programming card is an excellent item as it instantly tells the user the current settings and with a few simple clicks of the buttons, the user can change the settings and have graphical reassurance of those changes.
The programming card is an excellent Item and simple to use!


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Total of 59 discussions.
Jaocbus  1 points - 3/23/2014
What battery connector is on these? Are there any on or do you have to solder on the one you want?
 mike 2 points
They don't come with presoldered bullet connectors but you can buy some (I recommend 3.5mms bullet connectors)
 Abhilekh 216 points
Hi Jacobous. JST pigtail connectors are good on these as they don't take over 12A. Yes, you do need to solder them and insulate with 2mm heat shrink tubes. Cheers :)
Eldar  1 points - 3/8/2014
I know it all. and have losi micro truggies. I burned Xcelorin 10a looking for a replacement. no description on which model is used this esc. 10a hobbyking esc in BACKORDER and I was looking for a replacement
Eldar  1 points - 3/5/2014
tell me what small esc can put on the car
 DAJARAJA 483 points
hi Eldar, in short you cant, this is for an need to find out what your cars original esc was , namely the max amp rating and stick to that to be also need to know whether the motor is brushless(3 wires coming from motor) or brushed(2 wires).there are brushless car esc and brushed car esc. when choosing the car esc also look at what type of batteries your using and whether the esc spec's say you can use them. lastly not all car esc come with reverse,so look for that feature also. Eldar please don't credit happy to help if I have and goodluck:)
 DAJARAJA 483 points
no probs,goodluck:)
CPMBOY  11 points - 2/17/2014
Does this ESC comes with connectors (bullet)?...
 Jonathan 3 points
No, it includes no connectors.
CPMBOY  11 points - 2/16/2014
can I flash this with the Simonk flashware etc?...
 uberjay 55 points
I'm not sure if Simonk is only for Atmega/Atmel processors. If not SimonK, then you can for sure flash with BLHeli - I flash all mine with BLHeli. BLHeli 'multi' firmware is awesome on 3D foamies!! (as well as multi rotors *-) ).
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
15 thumbs up!
Working nicely in a Blade Pro with E-Sky 3900Kv and 10T pinion, changing to 11T. Just gets slightly warm, the soft start was a much needed feature for the main gear preservation. Much smaller than a 25A and saved some weight!

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Overall Rating
13 thumbs up!
Excellent ESC for the price. Very smooth throttle response, as advertised. Extremely fine-grained control. Only problem is ramp up: it's very slow, even when set on "normal" (the fastest setting). Slower even than a Castle "soft start." This makes it questionable for 3D, but okay for most other applications. No problems at all running a bit overamp on a Formosa with 8x6 APC SF and Axi 2208/34.

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Overall Rating
11 thumbs up!
Reliable but very thin battery conecting wires

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Overall Rating
9 thumbs up!
y? ?,u ??.
?, ? ?? RPM ? e? ?.
, 4? ? ?.

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Overall Rating
9 thumbs up!
It's official: Flight time on Blade Pro with this ESC running an Esky EK5-0005 3900Kv outrunner and 10T pinion: 11:15 mins. continuous hover. This is in conjunction with the 6A Turnigy Plush running the 18-11 2Kv outrunner on the tail with HIGH timing set and a GWS DD-4540 prop. Batt. is a 2s/1A 20C Zippy. Cheers!

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