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ZIPPY Compact 4500mAh 4S 35C Lipo Pack

ZIPPY Compact 4500mAh 4S 35C Lipo Pack

Zippy Compact, the latest addition to our Zippy battery series offers excellent performance and high quality in a "Compact" size. These packs provide the same capacity and discharge rate as our Flightmax line, but give you alternative sizes for applications that require a specific shape.

Great for models with limited battery compartment space!

Zippy batteries deliver full capacity & discharge as well as being the best value batteries in the hobby market today!

Capacity: 4500mAh
Voltage: 4S1P / 4 Cell / 14.8V
Discharge: 35C Constant / 45C Burst
Weight: 496g (including wire, plug & case)
Dimensions: 159x46x38mm
Balance Plug: JST-XH
Discharge Plug: 5.5mm Bullet

PRODUCT ID: ZC.4500.4S.35

Capacity(mAh) 4500
Config (s) 4
Discharge (c) 35
Weight (g) 496
Max Charge Rate (C) 159
Length-A(mm) 1
Height-B(mm) 46
Width-C(mm) 38
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Timothy  3 points - 5/24/2016
Hi Guys. Just curious, does anyone know, if i had two of these would it be able to power a NTM Prop Drive 50-60 270KV / 2400W motor. I would like to build something using this motor and i think this battery is right for it, im just not sure. thanks
 Björn 5 points
35c x 4500mAh x 14.8V = 2331W permanent power per LiPo 45c x 4500mAh x 14.8V = 2997W burst power per LiPo If you plan to use two in paralell everything is fine. If you want to use one at a time then don't rely on that too much, since Zippy compact is the budget line. Better use a 40c or 45c LiPo.
 Timothy 3 points
Thanks Bjö*rn. I've decided that im not going to use this battery or the motor and instead im going to use a different set. I was just curious though. If the motor says that the mac amps is 2400W, then will the 2331W you gave me as an answer be what the motor is taking in. Also two other things, 1. If i had two batteries in sries would it double the output of the wats? 2. How did you get the equation for the whats because i tried it on another battery and i got a riduculously large number. The bettery I have bought is a 3s (11.1v) 5200mAh 10c multistar battery. Thanks once again.
 Björn 5 points
No, the motor will pull 2400W at max load and will damage your LiPo
 Björn 5 points
For 1: www (dot) 12voltbattery (dot) will double capacity and Watts
 Björn 5 points
The large number results from using mAh and getting mW. Cut 10^3 and you get Watts 35c x 4500mAh x 14.8V = 2331000mW = 2331W
 Björn 5 points
Grrmbl, posting links here is a nightmare For 1 again: www (dot) 12voltbattery (dot) info (slash) images (slash) content (slash) batteryWireDiagram (dot) jpg paralell will double capacity and Watts
 Björn 5 points
With your battery you get 10c x 5200mAh x 11.1V = 577200 mWatts = 577 Watts. Any motor pulling more than 577 Watts damages your Lipo. In addition you have losses on your ESC, so always calculate conservative and leave a gap between system power consumption and LiPo power. Your LiPo will live a lot longer
 Timothy 3 points
Ok wait. So if I have 4 x 5200mAh 10c 11.1v (3s) batteries hooked up in series will it be safe to connect these to a Turnigy Aerodrive 6374 192kv motor that is rated for 10-12s battery with a Max Power of 2750W? Thats all i really want to know right now. Thanks for all the help btw.
 Timothy 3 points
Or will my batteries work with a turnigy aerodrive sk3 149kv motor that only needs 2250W max power?
 Björn 5 points
No it is absolutely far from save. your 4 3s Lipos in serial "make a 12s battery" but with a capacity of 5200mAh and only 577 Watts. That is 20% of the power you need. Also the second motor will burn up your lipos BY FAR!!! Why did you buy 3s Lipos for a 12s motor??
 Timothy 3 points
Ok, ive never done this before so i had no idea of what I was talking about. I thought that if i had 4 3s batteries and put them together they would make the 44.4v i needed without taking i to account that i needed the watts aswell. But i think i have a solution. If A (22.2V) 6s 10c 5200mAh battery will produce 1154.4Watts then 2 of them in parralell will mean i have 2308.8 Watts but ill still only have the 22.2V. Ok so if i then do that twice so i have 2 lots of the sets (2 x 2308.8Watts and 22.2Volts) and i hook them up in series then i should have the 44.4volts and 2308.8Watts that i need. Then if i change the motor im using to a motor that has a max power of 2250W and requires a 12s battery then that should work right?
 Björn 5 points
Not taking losses of the ESC into account, yes, that should do the trick. Why don't you use 2x 6S 5000mAh with 25C in serial? Less hassle, less error prone, more reserve power, longer Lipo life. And PLEASE, before you weld the electrical harness, get a buddy with electric knowledge!!! You are talking about a lot of electrical power. take that seriuos! This is no trial and error thing. It is an only one time error thing, then your house will burn down! Good Luck!
 Tim 1 points
Thanks alot Bjö*rn, you helped me alot with this project and now i know what I have to do to make it work. I just have two more questions about the ESC. For my project i plan on using the VESC by benjamin vedder. Its not on hobbyking but it is described as the best esc for electric longboards. (Which is what i plan on making) I was just curious how you go about finding out how much watts the vesc or esc will take up and how to tell if the batteries will be enough for the motor and the esc. Thats all i really want to know. Anyways i can't thank you enough for the help you gave me. All the best. Tim.
 Björn 5 points
There is a Live Chat about this and other projects of him webchat (dot) freenode (dot) net (slash)?channels=vedder You can ask there. Roughly I would calculate with about max 2-5% AND for this purpose think about COOLING the motor and the ESC!!! In a plane you have enough wind doping that!
 Tim 1 points
Ok Thanks. One last thing. The mAh on a battery is how much juice battery right. So if you have for example, a 3000mAh battery your battery has 30amps. So if your motor draws 10amps an hour your thing will run for 3 hours right. However the c rating is the capacity right, so you times the c rating by the mAh. Does that mean that if your battery had a c rating of 20 then does that mean your battery will actually have 600amps? Im just curious as to what to look for when buy a battery, some batteries have a high mAh but a low c rating and vice versa so whats better to look for and what will give me the longest amount of run time.
Christian  88 points - 1/4/2015
built into GoDiscover..
Luciano  2 points - 12/2/2014
Hi Guys ! My Battery came with 15.3 V and balanced , I have to charge it more ? when I have to recharge it, ( volts bottom level limit in ). Thank You,
 Luciano 2 points
Ok I got It in a Forum : - Extra safe zone: 3.7V per cell and above (14.8V on 4S). This one is best for battery life and give you extra room for error (get lost, strong head wind on the way back) - Safe zone: 3.5 to 3.7V per cell (14V to 14.8V for 4S). Still good for battery life but not much room left in case of issue - Dangerous water: 3.2 to 3.5V (12.8V to 14V on 4S). Start being bad for battery life, no margin for error (not much extra flight time) - Red zone: 3 to 3.2V (12V to 12.8V on 4S). Bad for battery life and the voltage start being too low to ensure correct flight performance (the power may decrease, hard to maintain level flight) - Black zone: below 3V per cell (12V on 4S). Might not be able to recharge the battery after that, the quad will sink maybe help others :)
FlyNview  2 points - 10/18/2014
Purchase october 15 2014 Be careful bad size: A = 155 mm B = 44 mm C = 34 mm Weight 480 g
Binesh  3 points - 6/14/2014
My battery shows 16.8 volt. Should I be concerned?
 phattZz 74 points
when fully charged and under no load that is correct. you will see the voltage drop to 15.x when under load
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First use today. Give enough power down to a lukewarm temperature and even with some reserve mah. It looks great, seems to be the solution for my hungry engine.
Only four stars for the huge 8 AWG wire with 5.5 mm connectors. Would have sufficed with a 12 AWG wire and banana plugs 4 mm.

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получил 4 шт, на WIND 110E, по две прошли по 15 циклов, первые десять циклов очень быстро, после 10 циклов стали дольше, в норме. смущает низкое

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Très bonne batterie pour mon drone en 4 s monte sur dji naza avec autonomie facile de 15 minutes

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These are the best batts for spec and price imo. They preform the same as the Genace i had but are cheaper and lighter. Put aboot 50-60 cycles and the cells are still like steal bars. Had a few crashes one 50' with a DJI F450... the quad came down on it's side broke two arms cells shifted large in the pack.... but they were all straightened and 15 cycles later the batt is still fine.They come with 8awg wire tho... it's heavy and a bit of pita to trim down for an EC3 plug.

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Ottima batteria, in futuro ne aquisterò altre, migliore di tante altre batterie blasonate, grazie HK

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