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Turnigy Full Metal Servoless Retract with Oleo Legs (90mm T-33)

Turnigy Full Metal Servoless Retract with Oleo Legs (90mm T-33)
Turnigy Full Metal Servoless Retract with Oleo Legs (90mm T-33)

Full Metal Servoless Retract with Oleo Legs (Tricycle - 90 degree) 1.20 class - High quality servoless retract system for large models, features all metal construction for precision, reliability and durability, also features auto cut off for protection against excessive current draw. Also included are a set of quality Oleo legs and plastic wheels with rubber tyres......finally, a reliable alternative to air & mechanical operated retract systems on larger models!

Ideally suited for 90mm T-33

Pin size: 5mm
Wheels: 70mm (Mains) 64mm (Nosewheel)
Weight: 397g
Max Model Weight: 7500g
Operating Voltage: 4.8v~6v

Includes 3 way connecting lead

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Weight: 508g
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Sterling  1 points - 7/19/2013
I am very disappointed in these. The photo illustration shows these as having a 121mm nose strut and 106mm main struts but that is not true. ALL THREE STRUTS are only 90mm in length and the pins are only 4mm and not the advertised 5mm. Now I must send them back at my expense and wait for HK to decide if they will credit my account.
Maher  2 points - 2/12/2013
Hi, I would like to know if I can rotate the wheel 90­*°*, is there set screw to retain the oleo legs to the retract pins? Thank you !
Guillaume  6 points - 2/6/2013
Hello, Could you tell me if this retract can be use with the L-59 90mm please?
rudiwing  7 points - 1/16/2013
I received this retracts and 1.: the legs dont have the measure that the picture is showing. The nose leg comes with 83mm, and the mains with 90mm. 2.: When i was testing the retracts, they run just 80-90% of the way. That means the leg is not locked in one position, either the landing or the flying position. No way to use this retract for my project. Any suggestion about this problem?
 rudiwing 7 points
Now i found out that the problem was: i used 5V for operating. When i used 6V, the retracts work correct. So the proclamation of the operating voltage is not correct. Just use 6V for operating!
bringola  12 points - 1/2/2013
Hello, I broke my Nosewheel where I found another for buy. I dont need the "Mains" I need only complete NOSEWHEEL. Regards!!!
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This is the best price you will find on RC Lander units. I got mine in the mail yesterday. There are reviews all over the web on these quality retracts so I won't bore you here. Along with the other set I got for my CMP T-45 I paid $108 shipped. The wheels are a little wobbly but I was going to replace them anyways. Thanks HK!

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Awesome retracts great for those heavier models (over 4kg)! Well made gear legs with very little slop (unlike most spring loaded legs). These are going in my 90mm Lander T-33 that will likely be 5kg. Thanks HK!

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Just received my gear in the mail, 1 week EMS to California USA. Good thing because they're sold out now and they upped the price. I purchased for $89 hehe. VERY VERY NICE QUALITY. Durable and works like a charm. Very slow and scale like. Put them in the flyfly MB-339 sold here. Fits like a charm. Springs are a bit tight so landings a bit hard but very nice. Definitely can take the rated 7.5kg weight limit. My plane weighs only 3kg so overkill. Anyway very very happy. Thanks HK!!!

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This vrey nice gear just arrived at my doorstep. Quality is good. This gear how ever goes down 90 degrees, they do not rotate 90 degrees.
Ill find another mo

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Nice gear, Have a small problem with one of the mains jamming. It stops at 90pcnt retracting, and at 80pcnt deploying...different places! any one got suggestions? i have lubed every thing.

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