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TR 42-40A 1050kv 35A Brushless Outrunner

TR 42-40A 1050kv 35A Brushless Outrunner

TURNIGY AerodriveXp

MODEL : TR42-40A
Max Efficiency : 30A
Max Load : 35A
Kv : 1050
Power: 550W+
Weight: 125gr
Pull : 800-1200gr
Porp Size: 10x6 or 9x5
Voltage 5-15v
No Load Curr: 3A
Size: 42x40mm 5mm shaft
Power equivalent : .30 to .35 glow engine

PRODUCT ID: TR4240A-1050

This is an archived page. This product is no longer available and has been replaced by a newer product.

Kv(rpm/v) 1050
Weight (g) 125
Max Current(A) 0
Resistance(mh) 0
Max Voltage(V) 15
Power(W) 550
Shaft A (mm) 5
Length B (mm) 40
Diameter C (mm) 42
Can Length (mm) 17
Total Length E (mm) 60
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 Customer rated
Total of 18 discussions.
Abuhth  1 points - 9/3/2016
__fm69  10 points - 2/6/2012
This motor says max load of 35 amps. This sounds low and if correct, there is no way to get 550 wats pulling only 35 amps. Does anyone run this motor at a higher amp like 45 to 55 amps? If so have you had any problems? Over heating? Thank you.
Alan  3 points - 6/1/2011
hahaha are those bullet connectors in the picture soldered backwards??? Or did they just mate both male/female that come with the motor.
 Hansc 395 points
These are solid the proper way (male to motor wires) but the females are already on the mails.
coolbudz223  89 points - 5/6/2011
Help I'm using this esc (TowerPro H40A Brushless Speed Controller) for this motor and the motor will jitter back and forth quickly and i do not know what the problem is. Iv'e tried using a different motor and it does the same thing. I have even tried increasing the timing from low to med to high with still no luck.
 coolbudz223 89 points
Correction: When I try a different motor on the same esc it works.
 Seank 168 points
Try programming the timing differently, I experienced the same issue at Full throttle, changing the Timing fixed my problem
 coolbudz223 89 points
Like how differently because I already tried high, low and medium timing.
Alan  3 points - 4/12/2011
is it possible to reverse the side the shaft sticks out on? (shaft sticking out the other end? Turnigy logo right side up if mounted vertically)
 plotterwelt 6 points
It's possible, take away the retaining spring and allen screw from the bell here. Now you can see the shaft with a hammer by tapping (the bell is pressed) However, many still leave the other side so I get the ring to fit. Set Screw ring and allen screw in the bell again firmly set (Loctite) Cheers Johan
 allat58 38 points
Like john said but he forgot that sometimes the original shaft doesn't have the grove for putting the circlip back on. If you don't replave it the bell and prop will fly free the first run up you give it. TR42-40-Shaft is the part number to the replacement shaft it does have the extra grove my original one didn't. Buy a couple in your next order as you never know when you need spares. Dont want to have to leave a plane in the hanger as thats no fun.
 demonGti 334 points
Yes, the shaft is movable and it does have two circlip grooves for this very purpose. I don't recommend knocking it with a hammer. Pressing it with dollies and a vice is a better bet once you have the retaining grub screw removed. Remove the circlip and put it back in the second groove. This gives you an accurate position how far to press the shaft. Don't forget to replace the grub screw to prevent the bell from rotating on the shaft.
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
Paul Burns
41 thumbs up!
The one I received was purple in colour and the same style as the HXT 50-45.
Bare weight without accessories 136g

Prop tests on fully charger 3 cell 2100mAh D9 lipo battery:

APC E 11x8.5 7400rpm 30Amps 2.6lb thrust 59mph pitch speed
APC E 12x6 7400rpm 30Amps 3.2lb thrust 42mph pitch speed
APC E 12x8 7100rpm 33Amps 3.4lb thrust 53mph pitch speed

Would recommend APC E 10x7 prop if using 4 cell lipo. I have not tested on 4 cells but would expect 33A to 35A current draw and around 9800rpm(3.5 lB thrust and 64mph pitch)

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Overall Rating
Leonard Reinhart
12 thumbs up!
I have this motor in two airplanes now, an Ultra Stick 25e and a ModelTech Extra 300 for a .25 to .35 motor. Both fly very nicely with the motor. I run 11x7 APC E props at about 30 amps on three Emoli cells. This is one of my favorite motors.

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Overall Rating
Andreas Lervik
9 thumbs up!
Using this huge motor on a 10size Pitts with APC 10x7, 30A hexTronic ESC and a hexTronik 2200mAh 4S1P 20-30C. Very satisfying 100mphplus acrobatic flying.

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Overall Rating
Chris Findlay
8 thumbs up!
I have run this motor on about 300 Watts on a 4S lipo with a 10X5 APC E prop to a whopping 850 Watts with an APC E 11X7 APC E prop. Although this is way over its specs it has been running reliably now for a year and a half. It flies my 1.4 kg GWS Formosa II like it is on steroids with unlimited accelerating vertical climbs. I don't fly at full throttle for more than a few seconds at a time though. Who needs to when take off is at less than half throttle. This motor is a real beauty!

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Overall Rating
Daniel Hellin
7 thumbs up!
Good product, but with the recomended propeller 10x5 you will get only 180W. For a normal performance you need at leats a 11x7

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