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Hobbyking 6CH RC Flight Simulator System (Mode 2)

Hobbyking 6CH RC Flight Simulator System (Mode 2)
Hobbyking 6CH RC Flight Simulator System (Mode 2)

Perfect for beginners and experienced pilots alike, the new Hobbyking 6CH RC Flight Simulator System is a great way to learn or perfect your flying skills.

With many different flying sites and models to choose from such as helicopters, airplanes and gliders, the Hobbyking Simulator System offers something for everyone. This complete system includes a Mode 2 (throttle on left side) 6CH radio w/USB cable and FMS flight simulator software.
No complicated setup is required. Simply install the FMS software, plug in the radio and you're ready to fly.

This system sells for a fraction of the cost of other simulators currently on the market, making it an excellent value! 

Minimum System Requirements:
Windows XP, 2000, ME, 98
Intel Pentium 600 CPU 
32MB 3D display card
128MB memory
10GB hard disk space
52x CD-ROM drive
USB 1.0/2.0

PRODUCT ID: 9041000004

Weight: 1060g Quantity: 

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 Customer rated
Total of 239 discussions.
Demitha  1 points - 7/24/2014
hey I want know whether this product will work for windows 8 thanks
EDDIED  5 points - 7/15/2014
I have the clear view simulator, but have the mode one . If you are in the US please make surer you get the mode 2 receiver the mode one has the controls reversed, not a good way to learn to fly I will get the mode 2 as soon as they are back in stock
 minirotor 26 points
Open the back of the radio up and change it over to mode2. Pretty simple really for a basic 4-6ch radio.
Ove Andrè  1 points - 7/12/2014
System Requirements: Will it work with windows 8?
 minirotor 26 points
If it has the d3drm.dll file, it probably will. This had to be added after windowsXP to get FMS to run on MS computers. But can also depend on the type of video card is in you computer as well. FMS needs to be restarted a few times when first installed. And you have to usually tell the sim where to find the planes and scenery folders.
Malcolm  2 points - 7/7/2014
hi will this work on apple pc yhank you
 minirotor 26 points
Probably not. Unless you are running a MS version in your apple computer. Then install it into the MS version. Maybe you will get lucky.
onelesseye  8 points - 6/27/2014
Can you plug in your own transmitter if you want to use the one you plan to use with your real craft?
 minirotor 26 points
Yep. But you will need to remove the wire from the back of this radio and fit it with a suitable plug to your radio. Usually a 3.5mm round plug. Or buy a FMS readymade lead. You will then have to retune your radio to the sim, in the sim itself.
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1 thumbs up!
Great product just like my Hobby King 6 ch radio. I download this program to work with window 7. "" HW virtual serial port 3.1.2."". with this little program, the HK 6 channel flight simulator will worked with the CD ( FMS) , also free on the net, worked also with Microsoft Flight simulator, RC desk pilot & Real Flight G5 .

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Overall Rating
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Product is good, but FMS software not work on windows 7.

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Overall Rating
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Great product. I use it to teach other people how to fly R/C. Really great set. I made a video for u guys how to run it for Windows Vista and how to download extra airplanes such as jets, 3D plane, bixler (kind of) and many more

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Easy to change to mode one, no need to open it and move springs, just a couple of screws on the back. Works great on Linux, tested with latest Ubuntu and crrcsim ppa from launchpad!

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great product, recommended

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