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Hobbyking YEP ESC Programming Card

Hobbyking YEP ESC Programming Card
Hobbyking YEP ESC Programming Card

This is the programming card for the Hobbyking YEP ESCs. This card will allow you to conveniently program your ESC settings at home or at the field. Its compact size allows it to be stored in your field box or pocket with ease.

Programming Options:
• Active free-wheeling circuit mode: Freew. off/Freew. on
• Govenor mode: Gov. off/Gov. store/Gov./fast Gov.
• Govenor mode P-gain: 0.7/0.9/1.2/1.4/1.6/1.9
• Govenor mode I-gain: 0.02/0.03/0.05/0.06/0.08/0.09
• Startup speed: Heli slow/Heli middle/Heli fast/Plane slow/Plane middle/Plane fast
• PWM frequency: 8kHz/9kHz/10kHz/12kHz/14kHz/16kHz
• Start-up power: Auto 1~32%/2%/4%/8%/16%/32%
• Motor timing: 0°/6°/12°/18°/24°/30°
• Brake: off/Acro/Acro hard/smooth/middle/hard
• Cut-off type: off/slow down/cut-off/NiMh/LiFe/LiPo
• Cut-off voltage (LiFe mode): 2.2/2.3/2.4/2.5/2.6/2.7
• Cut-off voltage (LiPo mode): 2.9/3.0/3.1/3.2/3.3/3.4
• Cells: 4/5/6/7/8/9
• Cells: 10/11/12/13/14/15
• Special functions: Beep short/Rev./Stop/Full speed/F3A brake/Auto timing

This programming card only works with the Hobbyking YEP ESCs (45A/80A/100A/120A HV)

PRODUCT ID: 355000020

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Weight: 39g
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 Customer rated
Total of 112 discussions.
retiredVTT  9 points - 12/5/2014
looking for the YEP programming card from the International warehouse, Bill
robert  6 points - 11/22/2014
were do I find instructions for programing card?
 Andre 24 points
search on you tube for a video. There are many, MANY helpful instructions there.
 Kriswithak 78 points
Under the files tab above, the purple tab on the right. The first listed file Prog II manual is the easiest to read, unless you'ld like another language and they are there as well.
Rotorfreak  14 points - 11/16/2014
Used the card and setup a 100amp YEP ESC for use in a plane. Connected a 4s 2700mah 65-130c lipo to run a Dr. MadThrust EDF 3000kv 1300w inrunner. All I get is the motor giving full throttle BUT only at like 50% of it's real power when applying left stick. It's like 'On/Off no gradual acceleration at all?? I tried many different settings to no avail? Any ideas?
 Rotorfreak 14 points
Problem solved, looks like throttle positions (stop/Full) were lost. i reset those and all is good.
uberjay  62 points - 11/13/2014
This card is linked to all the YEP ESC's and I have two (YEP-120 and YEP-90), but neither one will keep the program set on the card. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong... here's what I'm doing: 1) plug in ESC line to left port (with proper orientation) 2) power ESC normally 3) light sequence happens on card 4) I use the menu button and select and enter button to locate, select, and save my setting 5) the light at the top indicating the option picked lights and if I cycle through the menu options it re-lights each time I pass by so I know it registered, 6) I power off the ESC, disconnect the card, and power up the model with Tx ready. The result is that my settings don't seem to take. Thanks for any help.
Martin  5 points - 11/9/2014
Question one: I have the rotomax 50cc and the YEP 180A. The programming card has in the front side two blades. I did not now the relaitionship from the two blades to the leds. Use I the setup on blade number one or blade number two ???? Question two: Did anybody now the complete setup for the ROTOMAX 50cc ?? regards from Martin
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même carte que yge, donc pour le prix, je m'en prive pas

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Overall Rating
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A must-have for easy programming the HeliDrive.
Simple to use and covers all the programming you need.

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Overall Rating
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This is a must for the Hobbyking HeliDrive ESC. It was a bit confusing at first but became very user friendly . Read the manual that is supplied in the uploaded file.
I have use a few program cards before and this is very simple. Not much to look at but very funtional.

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This Programming Card works perfekt!

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This is a quality card for the money, makes programming the helidrive range of ESC's a lot easier than using your TX.

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