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Turnigy SCT 2WD 1/10 Brushless Short Course Truck (ARR)

Turnigy SCT 2WD 1/10 Brushless Short Course Truck (ARR)
Turnigy SCT 2WD 1/10 Brushless Short Course Truck (ARR)

Get ready to tear up the local dirt track with the new Turnigy SCT 2WD 1/10 Brushless Short Course Truck! It comes pre-assembled and will have you ready to take on the track in no time! All you will need is your own receiver, transmitter and lipoly battery. The ESC is equipped with a cooling fan and is ready to handle 2S Lipoly.

The SCT chassis is lightweight yet rigid offering a perfect combination of weight savings and strength. Additionally, it features large front/rear and side impact bumpers to protect your model while running.

This truck includes proper short course style racing wheels, soft compound tires for increased traction and handling, as well as a pre-painted and trimmed body shell. Also, with features such as fully adjustable suspension, oil filled shocks and adjustable camber/castor, it is easy to fine tune the ride to the conditions of your favorite track or bashing spot.

Adjustable camber, caster and shock mounting positions
Low center of gravity chassis design
Pre-installed 60A brushless power system
Large front/rear and side impact bumpers
Soft compound tires for increased traction
Pre-painted and trimmed body shell w/decal sheet included

Motor Size: 3650 Brushless inrunner
Motor KV: 3300KV
ESC: 60A ESC (with Reverse)
Battery: 2S 7.4V 4000mAh LiPoly (Required)
Battery compartment: (195x49x21mm MAX SIZE)
Servo: High-Torque Steering Servo
Length: 530mm
Wheelbase: 330mm
Height: 200mm
Ground Clearance: 41mm

Radio System (Rx/Tx)
Battery: 2S 7.4V 4000mAh LiPoly

PRODUCT ID: 9249000001

Weight: 3316g
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Price  $127.40

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 Customer rated
Total of 254 discussions.
Ken  11 points - 10/22/2015
My son runs this truck and loves it. He's 32 by the way. Anyway, this truck has been run hard and held up very well, with only minor damage here and there. Problem is the motor. It has always ran HOT, Very hot. A 2 minute run and you can't touch the motor. Burnt up the first motor and replaced with an equivalent motor of the same specs. Still running hot. Changed out ESC, several times. Anyone have any idea why this thing runs so hot? Thanks, Ken
 lakis84 38 points
Youbl have to get your pinion gearsdown or your spur gear up the only solution or. If you play this on 3s lipo turn back to 2s
Christopher  1 points - 10/15/2015
Spur gear last 30 seconds.****e on hobbyking it's plastic of the car is good but let down by one component!!! Redesign this please..don't buy this car if you want to drive it!!
 Tomaz 2 points
I also broke 3 spur gears in a row (30min)! Now I use metal which I buy on internet. Till now everything went well (5h of driving no damages)! I also ordered 54T gear (PRODUCT ID: 249000205) and 32P 13T motor gear after friends suggestion. I am waiting to be delivered...
Martin.M  37 points - 6/30/2015
Tires are terrible, which pre-mount tires would you suggest? Thanks in advance.
 edgeverse 14 points
Proline Calibers or Blockades
 Tyler 10 points
it depends on your track conditions, the tires that edgeverse recomended are great for loose dirt and gravel with decent tread life to them. however if you will be street bashing you would want to probably stick to stock tires just put better foam inserts into them. but if you are going on really rought terrain you need a proline trencher tire or somthing along those lines with big thick treads on it. and for racing you want a smaller pin style tread somthing along the lines of the j conceps bar codes or goose ***ps.
Alex  1 points - 5/10/2015
Hey guys just wondering if this sct has any form of belt in the drive train thanks
 Dr. NLT 66 points
no it doesn't
 Tyler 10 points
it has 32 pitch gears in the gear box and the newer trunk use the standered 48 pitch gears for the spur and pinion gears.
Jean Paul  5 points - 4/20/2015
Hello How wide is the sct ??
 McBroody 21 points
Just measured mine - from the left rear wheel to the right, it's 280mm wide - this includes the tyre width.
 Tyler 10 points
it is not roar legal out of the box if thats what your wondering. you would need a wheel with a smaller amount of offset to get it narrow enough for racing.
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
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Awesome truck. The DB had a few issues: The pinion gear and the suspension. Hobbyking have fixed all of the problems and my new sct handles awesome. They put a decent pinion on, filled the suspension properly, even the slipper clutch came perfectly adjusted. This car is pretty big, speed's not too bad on 2s and seems durable (parts are cheap anyway)

Definately worth getting!

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Overall Rating
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Great car, check out the unboxing vid (youtube) - watch?v=fIozkEDqriw&feature=g-upl Out of the box looks great, shell a bit flimsy but all the flaws in turnigy DB have been overcome!!

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Overall Rating
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Pros- -Great power, pulls Wheelies on a 2s on tarmac -Great sticky soft tires with deep treads -Good build quality, parts slightly flex so not very brittle -Excellent motor, temp of both motor and ESC are very low, even on 3s it just warm, not hot -looks awesome,nice paint scheme -Handles great, not much body roll -Servo has enough torque for turning the wheels -Suspension setup out of the box is excellent,needs no retune needed for bashing. Great choice of shock oil pistons and spring. Though for on track use, opinions may be different -Can handle rough driving, bumped thrice into some huge stones, no damage Cons -BodyShell of horrible quality, started to crack on first run -Mud flaps only for looks, dont serve the real ppurpose due to awkwardly placed position. -very thin foam inserts in tires -Hard to clean chassis due to unnecessary compartments on the chassis.

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Overall Rating
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Awesome truck, handles great, shell a bit too weak. Very ppowerful motor, pulls wheelies on a 2s lipo. Check out the vid-watch?v=IXripUa1E_o

2 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
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Are any of the parts from the desert buggy interchangeable with the SCT? Lots of nice hop-ups for that, nothing for this yet.

5 comments. Reply.. here to see all reviews
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