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HobbyKing® ™ Edge 540 V3 (Red/Silver) 3D 1200mm (ARF)

HobbyKing® ™ Edge 540 V3 (Red/Silver) 3D 1200mm (ARF)
HobbyKing® ™ Edge 540 V3 (Red/Silver) 3D 1200mm (ARF)

The Edge 540 V3 has to be one of the best looking race & performance planes ever built but make no mistake, the HobbyKing® ™ Edge has been designed with one thing in mind, extreme 3D aerobatics!

The quality of this Edge is simply as good as it gets, the airframe has been constructed to keep the flying weight minimal but strong enough to take the punishment of extreme aerobatics, the superb quality covering has been expertly applied and for the final touch, the cowl, canopy and wheel pants are finished in a deep gloss paint. The hardware is excellent & also chosen to keep flying weight to an absolute minimum and of course the model features plug in wing & CF wing tube as you would expect for easy transportation.

The HobbyKing® ™ Edge 540 V3 performs every inch as good as it looks, naturaly it makes for a great sport plane but it would be fair to say that hardcore 3D is what the Edge has been designed for. The precision of the airframe, stunning looks, top line quality and amazing feather weight specs make the Edge 540 V3 the must have plane for all aerobatic and 3D pilots!

• Amazing looks
• Top quality construction and covering
• Easy and fast to build
• Ultra light weight but strong airframe
• Superbly finished
• Stunning 3D capability
• Quick field assembly, easy to transport

Wingspan: 1200mm
Length: 1180mm
Wing Area: 28.9dm2
Dry Weight: 729g (inc all hardware)
Flying Weight: 1300g~1500g (Approx)

Your own 4~6 Channel TX/RX
35mm Brushless Outrunner Motor
40A~50A ESC
4 x Digital High Torque 9g~12g servo
2200mAh~3300mAh 3s Lipoly Battery
50mm Spinner
UBEC (Optional)

PRODUCT ID: 049000002

2 1:IC/2:Elec 4 Channel 1200mm (47.24in) 1180mm (46.46in) 1300g (2.86lb)

Weight: 3105g
International Warehouse
Price  $103.40

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  • Turnigy 3300mAh 3S 30C Lipo Pack

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  • HobbyKing HK-922MG Digital Metal Gear Servo 1.8kg/ 12g/ 0.07sec

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  • Turnigy MG90S Digital Metal Gear Servo 1.8kg / 13.4g / 0.10sec

    Combo Price: $4.95   IN STOCK

  • HobbyKing™ 929MG Metal Gear Servo 12.5g/2.2k/0.10sec

    Combo Price: $5.56   IN STOCK

  • Carbon Fiber prop Spinner 51mm / 2in diameter

    Combo Price: $8.11   IN STOCK

  • HobbyKing Super Glue CA (50g / 1.7oz) Super Thin

    Combo Price: $2.35   IN STOCK

  • OrangeRx R620 DSM2 Compatible Full Range 6Ch 2.4Ghz Receiver w/Failsafe

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  • Spinner 48diam / 5mm shaft

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  • OrangeRx R615 DSM2 Compatible 6Ch 2.4Ghz Receiver

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  • CA Applicator Fine (1pc)

    Combo Price: $0.45   IN STOCK

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Total of 50 discussions.
stephen  1 points - 10/21/2014
jacob  11 points - 9/17/2014
is it possible to fit a 4s 3000 in there? i don't want to buy it and not have that battery fit...
 RBOLETTO 113 points
Is, but I think it's too much. I use 3s 3300mah, my friends use 2200 with 5min flight. I fly at least 10min. Don't forget to reinforce the horizontal stab and elevator, they will fail in the first dive! Regards
Hoverin  184 points - 9/14/2014
Please HK, put this back in stock?????
giosic  155 points - 5/6/2014
Just ordered with this motor : Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 3542-1000kv Brushless Outrunner Motor I want to use with 4s 3000 zippy 30c Any suggestions on prop size for sport mild 3d ? Anyother suggestions are well come ...
 jrestrepo777 56 points
Hello, you can use a 12x6E or 12x5E, both work really nice
 giosic 155 points
Ok thank you !
Thomas  22 points - 4/28/2014
I would also like to now if this plane can fit a longer motor than SK3 3536, lets say SK3 3542 or 3548. Could i.e. the 3548 be mountet behind this planes motor mount (inside the 'cage')? Don't mind the weight, thats another story I would like to care for myself.
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Got my kit in the mail, very well packaging, not a single scratch or ding. Very good quality covering. Nice instruction. I have dry fitted the kit and it all fit nicely, i dont have the electronic yet, i will build this winter and fly it this spring. Highly recommend this kit.

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Overall Rating
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Definately a step for HK in balsa planes, ive bought alot of HK planes and this is by far the best quality one ive seen to date, i rate this build quality up there with some of my Euro and US branded models. The proof is alsways in the flying and i hope to maiden it this coming sunday.

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Overall Rating
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Showed up today very nice packaging no damage. Went together easily. Very nice looking plane top quality. My set up is turnigy park 480. Hextronic 900 9 gram servos, 40 amp hk esc, orange RX. 12x6 prop. This is a must have plane

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Overall Rating
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Hi Chaps

Got my kit few days ago, build went perfectly fine, very good instructions, good quality parts and beautiful looking plane. One thing to pay atention to, elevator is extremly fragile, mine just broke in half during maiden i was lucky enough to still have control over it enough to make the emergency landing.I did rebuild it and added a bit extra thicker balsa in the elevator....Oh yea i flew this on 4S 2200, 1000KV Turnigy Aerodrive, 40 amp esc and turnigy metal gear servos, Its absolutely balistic on this set up will have to go back down on 3s for normal flying.

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great plane found battery tray too far foward added 40mm rearwards for 2200 40c 3s same motor as everyone 35 42 1000kv 40 esc flown it heaps will try 4s some time whenthe wind goes away. added wire landing gear 3.5 mm great for rough fields the alloy one is nice but not for where i fly but good value i have a few precision aerobatics a/c this one is getting close

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