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Durafly™ Rare Bear Micro 400mm (PNF)

Durafly™ Rare Bear Micro 400mm (PNF)
Durafly™ Rare Bear Micro 400mm (PNF)

A super stable sports flyer in a micro package! The Durafly® ™ Rare Bear Micro 400mm comes 90% assembled right out of the box and can be ready to fly in just minutes.

The lightweight construction of this model, coupled with a proven airframe design gives this model a locked in feel while performing aerobatics, long smooth knife edge flight is a breeze. Many models of this size are often limited by linear servos or cheap components, but not the Bear! featuring pre-installed, fully proportional HK-5320 Digital servos, a Turnigy ESC and an AP05-3000kv brushless motor The build quality is just fantastic. Fully hinged ailerons are another example of why the bear stands out from the crowd. This is a fast model to put together, the motor and ESC are pre-installed, leaving you to glue on the wing and cowl then go and fly!

Performance is of course what this model is all about and this Bear is no slouch! Power is delivered courtesy of the powerful Turnigy Brushless motor running on 2s, for reliability a Turnigy ESC is pre-fitted and the servo/ESC connectors are all compatible with the 4 Channel Orange Micro RX (R415). This model might be cheap to put in the air, but make no mistake, this is one seriously capable aerobatic model, just make sure you take a handful of Lipoly batteries with you when you go and fly, racing the Durafly® ™ Rare Bear Micro around your local park is addictive!

Wingspan: 400mm
Length: 410mm
Flying Weight: 80g
Servo: HK-5320 Digital 1.7g x 4
Motor: AP05 3000kv Brushless Outrunner

Instruction Book

Your Own 4 Channel TX/RX (compatible RX with 1.25mm Molex 3 Pin Connectors)
180mAh 2s Lipoly Battery


Spare parts available HERE!

PRODUCT ID: 9310000001

2 1:IC/2:Elec 4 Channel 400mm (15.75in) 410mm (16.14in) 80g (0.176lb)

Weight: 740g
International Warehouse
Price  $79.86

  • Turnigy 12v 2-3S Basic Balance Charger

    Combo Price: $4.45   IN STOCK

  • Rare Bear Micro - Decal Set

    Combo Price: $2.90   IN STOCK

  • OrangeRX RX3SM Micro 3-Axis Flight Stabilizer w/DSM2 Compatible 4CH 2.4Ghz Receiver w/Remote ON/OFF

    Combo Price: $19.95   IN STOCK

  • Rare Bear Micro - Replacement Fuselage

    Combo Price: $9.91   IN STOCK

  • Durafly™ Micro Series - Replacement Motor Mount

    Combo Price: $0.80   IN STOCK

  • Rare Bear Micro - Replacement Fuselage

    Combo Price: $9.91   IN STOCK

  • Rare Bear Micro - Decal Set

    Combo Price: $2.90   IN STOCK

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Total of 39 discussions.
Hendrik Weijs  1 points - 12/25/2014
GBP19.19,for the International, GBP50.53 for UK?! Why is this nearly three times the price for us in the UK. I wouldn't mind if it were around £*30 but £*50?
 Anurag 11 points
And now it is GBP52 from international warehouse too !!
still a noob  44 points - 12/19/2014
can anyone suggest me a a micro receiver that works with flysky fs-t6?
 Elliott 37 points
Hi, unforgettably there is no micro receiver for the flysky fs-t6 so there is no way to hook it up without buying a different controller. with these micro planes the plugs for the servos are different to your standard servo plugs. If i where to recommend a controller that wont brake the bank and is a good controller the orange-rx t-six (PRODUCT ID: 9403000063-0) this is a great remote and there is plenty of receiver types and micro receivers with or without stabilization.
 still a noob 44 points
thnak you .. I will do some DIY and change the servo ends and take the plastic body off my receiver to lighten it and use it in that way:) thnak you for the reply.
 Graeme 11 points
Sorry chaps but you are incorrect. the FrskyTFR6M work if you swap the ve and signal leads over
 NewToHobbyKing 15815 points
Elliott if you were happy to loose your rudder, you could use HobbyKing®* ™* GT-2 2.4Ghz Receiver 3Ch (SKU: HK-GT2_RX). With Case of and some servo adapters it would fit and be light1. MAYBE. HAPPY NEW YEAR.
Matthew  2 points - 12/18/2014
has anyone successfully fitted the NTN 1312 2600kv to this? i purchased the plane but have read the AP05 is a real let down and i am wanting to upgrade it if i can.
 Tovin 11 points
I had replace with NTM 1312 3000kv motor is is slightly better than the AP05, slightly lower temp & improve in speed. All NTM 1312 series are exact size as AP05, it is drop in replacement. It flies better and smoother compare to AP05. However the temperature still hot after more than 5mins flight time. I had replace the ESC with HK 10A ESC. I may try Turnigy 1811 2000kv motor with 6030 prop see if it improve the speed with much lower temperature.
 scldad 7 points
How did you get to the motor?
 Tovin 11 points
I not sure what you mean get to the motor, I assume if you are asking how to remove the stock motor & replacing it. Just need to remove the spinner & cowl with little twist and pull it should be able to loosen out. You will be able to see the prop nut & adapter shaft, this should be easy to take it out and finally you will see the motor. Just unscrew the motor mounting screw to remove the motor, the rest will do it as accordingly etc.
Plust  35 points - 12/18/2014
Any body know what prop I need?
 street@satlink.c 3 points
Just the standard micro Durafly prop is the stock one, I still use it and it is only about $1.50 for a pack of 5
Avash  4 points - 12/15/2014
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
Like it?
plane arrived today, nicely boxed and looks great. took down to the park for a fly only to find out the right servo is buggerd!!! other than that great looking mini plane! recommend, ill update review after i fix servo and get a fly>

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Overall Rating
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There was a little shipping damage to the fin that seemed to have been crushed down. Hobbyking would do well to put the original box inside another box for some extra protection rather then invert the original cardboard as a make shift box. Not impressed.

To complete the plane i used the suggested R415 RX and some 2S 360mah Rhino i already had. Don't see the point in the even smaller 180mah pack.

After first 3 flights the back of the motor broke beyond repair. Lucky i had one of the Turnigy 1811-2900 motors to replace from the weak motor (back plate), this is a very nice model to the eye and in flight. It's fast, can fly slow and as long as there is no wind will track very well. If Hobbyking improve the motor back plate this will be a definate must have!

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Overall Rating

Like it?
if you like ultra micros, this is a must have

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Overall Rating
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I wrote this review under the US category as well, but I thought I would include it here as well.

I live in the US and I Just received this yesterday. I have not flown it yet, but right out of the box I can tell it is 1000pcnt more robust than any of the common 'micro' airplanes out there. (and I own a number of them!) The wing is solid and well built (with real servos) and the fuselage is just as solid and durable. The plane even has 'real' landing gear that actually spring. From a price perspective compared the the leading micro competition, this plane wins hands down. For $70 for the plane, $10 for the micro RX receiver and another $10 for a few batteries you get a FAR better airplane than what's currently out there in this category. Most micros equipped with brushless motors running 2C are selling for around $150 and they are nowhere this tough looking. This plane does require some knowledge of RC as it is not 'bind and fly' and requires you to install your own receiver, but if you already have a few other models and some basic experience with RC, this plane is a great value.

My only minor complaints are that the micro Orange Rx receivers are not available from the US warehouse so I have to wait a month before I can get this thing in the air as I have no intention of resoldering all of the servo connections. It would also be great if spare parts were available fr

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Overall Rating
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One of my favs. The only thing letting it down is when you crash, the motor mount, or to be precise, the foam behind the motor mount, gives. You have to reinforce that. Other than that, my god this little bugger can take a pounding. And it's fast to boot!

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