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FPVRaptor Composite 1600mm (PNF) (USA Warehouse)

FPVRaptor Composite 1600mm (PNF) (USA Warehouse)
FPVRaptor Composite 1600mm (PNF) (USA Warehouse)

The FPVRaptor is an attractive and superbly designed FPV platform with a a host of neat features that make this model one of the best in it's class.

For toughness and reliability, the model features a blow moulded fuselage which utilizes Nylon and is virtually indestructable, the flying surfaces are all made from tough EPO foam. From point of view of practicality, the wings are plug in and the model requires no glue for assembly, everything simply screws together. The outer canopy is purely for looks and is used when the FPVRaptor is flown as a glider, it unclips in seconds to reveal a camera ready platform, complete with a pan/tilt servo mounting hole that has been pre-moulded. This large camera platform/wing cover is secured by a quick release latch and once removed, reveals huge canopy area for mounting batteries and FPV equipment onto a pre-fitted ply plate. All servo's, motor & ESC are of course pre-installed.

The plug in wings have mouldings for adding flaps if desired and there is also a moulded C of G indicator on the underside of the wing for quick pre-flight checks. There is no doubt that this is a superbly designed, high quality FPV model at an excellent price. It would be fair to say that it is more attractive to look at than most FPV platforms, not to mention much tougher, the FPVRaptor will give the RC Pilot hours of enjoyment for many years to come!

Wingspan: 1600mm
Length: 1044mm
Flying Weight: 950g
Motor: 2812 1400kv brushless Outrunner
ESC: 30A w/BEC
Servo: 9g x 4

All Hardware
Prop & Spinner

Your Own 4 Channel TX/RX
1800mAh 3S Lipoly Battery
FPV System


2 1:IC/2:Elec 4 Channel 1600mm (62.99in) 1044mm (41.10in) 950g (2.09lb)

Weight: 2579g Quantity: 
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Robin  2 points - 3/5/2014
Do you really need a FPV system? It is like a direct transmission camera, right? If that is the case, then why would I need one? Cannot I fly it without the camera?
 Kalos 304 points
Ofcourse you can! Will take about 2 2200mah 3s batteries in the front for your CG to be right though. Would recommend 2x Turnigy 2200mah 20c, parallel xt60, Deans to XT60, Some have reported that the default esc is very bad. I would recommend also getting a either new A) ESC or B) Turnigy UBEC Then just remove the red wire from the default esc by cutting it then covering it with some electrical tape or other insulator and power your receiver with the UBEC. Its a good plane just needs a few adjustments, is this your first plane? There is a CUB available on this site thats a good leaner, or other platforms which will do better.
 Robin 2 points
It's my first glider, and all the other ones I have ever had were RTF. Do you mean I need the batteries as counterweight? The FPV are expensive, and unless you invest more money into the plane, you will not get it into the I right?
 Kalos 304 points
Regarding batteries, this plane is designed to have the weight of a go pro or some sort of gear up top, since you won't have that the extra battery will act as the weight required to make the center of gravity on the plane ( there is a mark under the wing which marks the CG you just make sure it doesnt tip in either direction (tail or nose). Regarding your comment about FPV, fpv stands for first person view so what you do is put a Camera on the front of the plane, put a wireless transmitter for video, and then you need a screen or some device that will let you see the image, many use goggles I use a cheap screen / tv since there a lot cheaper. What this does is instead of looking out in the sky to see how your flying you look at the screen and it turns into a "video game" style flying. FPV setups can be fairly expensinve but still doable on a budget. Camera is generally $30-50, Video Tranmistter and Receiver combo (cheap one) $50-70 and the TV / goggles is as cheap as $15 - 300 . You can buy whats called a easycap, and it lets you use your computer as your screen, that device is 10$ online.
 Robin 2 points
Thanks for the information! Well, I dont want to spend so much money on FPV, but would still like to have the plane. Can I also put some copper bbs in the front?
 Kalos 304 points
Yeah, you can put any weight in the front to use as a weight instead. I was just suggesting getting the extra battery because there so cheap and they act the weight as well! Double the air time whici is a bonus. Don't forget that this comes with a Deans connector not a XT60 so get an adapter if needed. Good luck! One more note, this plane has pre cut flaps if you want to use them, you'll need two servo's the HXT900 (small couple dollar servo's) It helps with landings and take offs, come with all the hardware for flaps just not the actual servo's worth the extra 5 and 2 minute setup, if you want them.
 Robin 2 points
Well, thanks a lot! I really appreciate it! I do not think I will get this glider because I do not want to invest too much in it. Thanks a lot again!
 Heli Fan Ensenad 1 points
*Robin This is a very good beginner glider. If you have a radio and receiver the only thing you will need is a battery. I own one and now two more of my friends have bought the same one. It is sturdy and since it has a PVC it will take rough landings easily. I do not regret having this glider, I do recommend it.
caleb  50 points - 1/7/2014
This is my Fpv raptor in action!
Ricky  1 points - 12/29/2013
Can anyone tell me what a good upgrade motor and prop would be? Or upgrade the prop with stock motor? And far on to the shaft does dam prop go? all way down to the threads run out? Have already upgraded the ESC to a 45.
susan  1 points - 11/28/2013
decals look stupid as in childish.
 SlovoThompson 26 points
Great minds think alike! I concur!! Actually the first thing I thought and probably why I won't buy it! For a few bucks more the HK Sky Eye looks way better, still needs the stickers peeled off and a nice paint job!
Tae  2 points - 10/31/2013
I tested watt meter and it is only pulling 18A and 200W on stock motor with 8x4 prop. Does anyone know the stock motor will take 8x6 prop? I happened to have extra 8x6 and 40A ESC laying around to replace but I want to keep the stock motor.
 bturby 59 points
My motor burnt out with the stock prop after about fifty flights
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The plan was to fly it stock first to get it dialed in...mistake! From the beginning the aileron servo was jittery but I ignored it. I also didn't care for the cheap looking ESC but didn't have a long enough extension to make the battery connection so I left the stock ESC in (mistake #2). I do like the PVC fuse...this thing is tough! I also like the FPV already set up foam cover. The fuse has a ton of room for FPV gear, several batteries, and I love everything is screwed in and removes very easy to access it all. Just behind the prop is a LEVEL area for installing stabilization equ and motor mount can be removed and looks like will take a much larger motor if you wanted.  I did replace the plastic cheap clevis with some steal ones that lock and replaced the servo horns with some larger and stronger Du-Bro ones. I was impressed with the stock horns tho...they come with four screws and are pretty strong so I'm sure they would work great too. Like I said this bird has a ton of reenforcing. All the control surfaces have carbon fiber robs except for the rudder and flaps. It has the CG markings burned right into the wings. You don't have to look at it just feel and balance, nice touch. 

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So replaced servos, ESC with 40amp, CA wing and reenforced with tongue depressors, rebuilt the wing lock cover with wire mesh and epoxy, and took her back out again. This time she flew like a dream. The flaps work so well that I was under half throttle and she stayed in the air no problem. The stock motor has lots of power and can almost go vertical. Even with CG right on the money this bird likes being a little nose heavy. I'm not into 3D loops and all just FPV and this plane is just the right package.  Now that she's maidened I'll be putting a paint job on her and setting up the next flight for FPV.  The big plus or me is the size. Not Skywalker huge and not Bixler small kinda right in the middle. I can easily load in my daughters VW bug all assembled or disassemble and transport it on my motorcycle. I bet it can even be backpacked. With the strong PVC fuse to protect your FPV gear you can take this bird about anywhere! Ok so now HobbyKing we need the 2 meter version and just the kit no electronics version. I plan on putting this review and build on RC Groups within a few days. Videos and photos will be included.

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Ordered this from Hong Kong and opted for air shipping for a few bucks more. Plane arrived in good condition about a week later due to JIT shipping. Exterior box was damaged but interior was fine. Plane went together in a few hours. I had problems with the decals until I remembered to use windex to apply them. Flew the plane the next day with a full FPV gear (2 Cameras, TX, full Eagletree etc) with 2200 and 1300 mAh pack. Everything stock. So far no problems with stock gear. Even at specified CG it flies slightly nose heavy. If you balance it nose heavy watch out! It flew great! Glides great with power off, easy to land. It will pitch roll a little at the onset of a stall but lowering the nose slightly gets it flying again. A little power on makes for nice soft landing. Could not get it to ROG at that weight so a hand launch is required. I also noticed forward pitch @ full power. If you trim it out you will have to retrim with power off. I got a lot of compliments on it. It is a great PFV platform

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Plane itself is great. Lots of reinforcement and PVC fuselage is very tough. It is very underpowered. It will not ROG with the stock motor and stock weight. It was so underpowered, I would not try and fly it and this is with NO FPV gear in it.
Buy it, replace motor/esc/servos and you are good to go.

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I bought this plane from the USA warehouse, I made a rookie mistake on the maiden and forgot to check aileron orientation and it came down hard from about 30 feet. The plane survived amazing only broke the locking part of the Hatch. and I was able to take off from the grass on the belly. I felt the stock power was "ok" It moves along very nicely once in the air. It does like to fly a bit nose heavy. The Cg markings were great touch. I flew with all my camera gear. I used a 5850mah 3s for flight pack and a 3s 1000 for the gear. It did amazing on the second flight and a nice hard hand launch. I flew for about 11 mins at half throttle the wind didnt bother me much. I will be using a larger battery for the onboard equiptment though. flight pack came down at 11.6v and the control battery was 11.31. Cant wait to put my dragon OSD and do some more FPV. Im Hooked and im glad I bought this plane for it. Check your Clevis and maybe upgrade to better ones the suppllied ones were weak and 2 were broken before installation. Overal its one of my new favorite planes. I will eventually upgrade the power system to somethine with more power.

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