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FrSky DHT-U Telemetry System

FrSky DHT-U Telemetry System
FrSky DHT-U Telemetry System

FrSky DHT-U Telemetry System

The FrSky DHT-U Telemetry System is an all-in-one transmitter module and telemetry receiver. With this unit you will not only be able to view valuable information such as battery voltage, mAh used and more, but you will also be able to bind directly with compatible FrSky receivers - eliminating the need for a separate transmitter module. The DHT-U is compatible with module system transmitters such as Futaba, Hitec, and JR/Spektrum (module versions only).

*Note: The DHT-U will bind with all rx's shown below, but will only display telemetry info when used with telemetry rx's (D_Mode)


V8 _Mode: Non-telemetry receivers (V8FR-HV, V8R7-HV, V8R7-SP, V8R4)
D_Mode: Telemetry receivers (D8R, D8RSP, D6FR, D4FR)


Operating Voltage Range: 6.0V-13.0V
Operating Current: 50mA
Output Power: 60mW
Resolution: 3072 (>11bit)


1) All-in-one combination of telemetry module, FrSky transmitting module, and in-built display w/alarm threshold settings
2) DHT-U can be clamped to the transmitter handle/antenna
3) Show in-flight data via in-built display
4) Capable of setting failsafe during flight
5) Firmware upgradable

*Note: Please see "Files" tab below for user manual.


Weight: 180g
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Price  $48.74

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john  5 points - 11/1/2014
Hi, I am not an expert with electronics... I wonder if I could convert my GRAUPNER JR MX-12 (35mhz) to work on 2.4 ghz with FrSky DHT-U Telemetry System? PLEASE Help!!!
 v_max 4564 points
All you need is to provide PPM signal and power for dhtu from your JR. If you have trainer OUTPUT on your TX then you have PPM signal on it... As for power it's simplier as DHT-U can work in wide range from 6 to 13v so you can get power for it directly from main power switch.
dan  2 points - 11/1/2014
can this be made to use with stock dji phantom fc40 controller?
swegoy  9 points - 3/1/2014
Having the above plus the ' FrSky DHT-U Module Trainer Connection for Futaba '. Plugging it into the Tx Buddy Box connection, nothing happens. The DHT-U Menu screen remains blank. What to do?
lokthelok  3 points - 2/21/2014
I was looking at the 'FrSky DF 2.4Ghz Combo Pack for JR w/ Module & RX' to go with the FLD-02. Am a right in assuming that apart from the RX, this is the screen and TX combined? And is the same TX or at least of equal quality to the one in to combo pack? Then I would buy the D8R-II PLUS separately.
axxon  24 points - 1/21/2014
I've got Turnigy 9xr and FrSky DF 2.4Ghz Combo Pack for JR w/ Module & RX and I want to buy FrSky DHT-U Telemetry System. Can I plug it directly to FrSky module? How can I connect telemetry system to t 9xr with FrSky module (8-channel transmitter module DJT-II V2) ?
 Schnozzer 1096 points
Why not get get a FrSky FLD-02 Telemetry display?! (PRODUCT ID: FLD-02) The setup you describe is redundant. The FLD-02 will plug directly into your module to display your telemetry data. Don't forget to order a Turnigy 9XR FPV Monitor Mounting Arm (PRODUCT ID: 9171000225) and you will need to flash the Tx with a USBasp with your firmware of choice to enable telemetry.
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I received the DHT-U module and the D8R-II two days ago and it took me 10 mins to install on my Futaba 8UAPS transmitter. Instructions ere very clear on how to install the 3 connectors. I linked it to the receiver and could not get the receiver to work. BRAIN FADE you have to set the DHT-U Menu screen 1 from BIND to NORMAL then the receiver works fine. I am looking forward to flying with this unit with the Telemetry very soon. I had my son who never worked on this system setup it and he took 15 mins to get working. This is the best 2.4Ghz Telemetry system I have seen. I have several 2.4Ghz systems and this one works the best Thank you FRSKY and HobbyKing, Allen

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Housing is cheap but so is price. This is a great all in One solution for everything on tx side. Easy to install.

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I need to conect this screen with the module DHT two ways telemetry from FrSky, please some one could help me, because I'm really Lost. I thing I choose the wrong item. Maybe the other could be better.[em_cry]

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I just received this module and make a test. I connected this module to Turnigy 9x powered up O.K. fnd bind one receiver D8R-II, also connected voltage sensor to receiver and sensor hub with altitude sensor. During the flight on FPV plane was very useful get RSS level, get 850 meters and siglal level drops to 42pcnt fnd I turnned back. So for now I am satisfied.

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I have made up three adapters to work with different Futaba transmitters. One for the newer square buddy box plug, one for the round buddy box plug, and one for the Futaba 8uap/7uap plugin rf module. I can now move to any of the above transmitters by just plugging in the module.

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