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Durafly™ SE5a 1030mm (PNF)

Durafly™ SE5a 1030mm (PNF)
Durafly™ SE5a 1030mm (PNF)

The SE5a was responsible, along with the Sopwith Camel for winning back and retaining allied air superiority from mid 1917, until the end of the Great War. It was a stable aircraft, making it an excellent gun platform, it was faster than most allied fighters, including the Spad and more importantly, it was faster than anything flown by German fighter pilots. Although available in much smaller numbers than the Camel, the SE5a was the mount of many famous aces, including Albert Ball VC, James McCuddon & Edward Mannock, it was truly a classic fighter aircraft.

The superb Durafly® ™ SE5a is a high quality and beautifully detailed Plug and fly model that is made from tough EPO foam, good quality servo's are pre-fitted throughout, as is the ESC and powerful brushless outunner motor. The SE5a is not difficult to assemble and so will be fairly fast to get into the air, that said, with a model this nice, it really is worth taking your time! As well as looking fantastic, this model is built to last and features carbon re-enforced flying surfaces, steel re-enforced landing gear, proper rubber tyres, and so on.

At 1030mm wingspan, the Durafly® ™ SE5a has loads of presense in the air and on the ground, the high quality finish and level of detail really finish off this amazing model which flies every bit as good as it looks. There is stacks of power for aerobatics, and tons of thrust from the purpose made scale prop for cruising at scale speed, combine all that prop wash with the nicely balanced control surfaces and you have a model the handles well and retains it poise, no matter how slowly it is flown. The Durafly® ™ range is top quality in every respect and this stunning SE5a is no different, so time to don your flying helmet, goggles & silk scarf and go on the dawn patrol!

Wingspan: 1030mm
Length: 820mm
Flying Weight: 1220g
Wing Area: 32dm2
Wing Loading: 38.1g/dm2
Servo: 9g x 4 (PZ15178)
Motor: 3536 850kv (CG3536-800)
Instruction Manual
All Hardware
Rigging Wire

Your own 4 channel TX/RX
1800mAh~2200mAh 3s Lipoly Battery

* Spare parts will be here soon!



2 1:IC/2:Elec 4 Channel 1030mm (40.55in) 820mm (32.28in) 1220g (2.684lb)

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Total of 81 discussions.
Bernd  21 points - 7/17/2014
when will this plane be available in one of the 2 European warehouses? Shipping more than 2499 g from HK to Europe is incredibly expensive (> 50 USD) and will prevent European pilots from buying it...!
Not to mention customs... another 19 % price increase, in Germany. That leads to a total of more than 240 USD for that nice little foamy!!
Gabor  10 points - 7/15/2014
I ordered this one two years ago when it was released. I also ordered the ******** edition as well. I like them both but I kept the Durafly SE5a. It is in my opinion a lot more enjoyable to fly. The other point is that after two seasons of flying it still looks and flies amazing!
Andreas  15 points - 7/9/2014
great Plane
josh  17 points - 5/1/2014
Good or bad choice for a second plane? Your ideas? Thanks in advance.
 zev 10 points
I would say no. crash this and it is pretty much ruind.
 Low flyer 7 points
I chose it as second plane after bixler a great choice flies well and is tough and will stand a less than skilled pilot. Easy to repair but yes you need to land with a bit of power. Big wheels handle grass well. So can't agree with zev.
Colin  1 points - 2/1/2014
Durafly SE5a 1030mm. Does this come RTF and also Mod 2
 Samuel 52 points
No. You'll have to supply your own Tx and Rx
 Tank1 869 points
Samuel is correct and HK also sells the radio gear and the batteries you will need for both the radio and the plane,if i was just starting out again i'd go for the Orange TX (radio) and the orange RX's (receivers),that way if you ever grow out of that radio you can always upgrade to another one like Spektrum and still use the RX's,you can find most of what i've said in the four little boxes just under the price tab,if not it shouldn't be hard to find the rest,if you do get stuck just say so and i'm sure i or someone else will be more than willing to help you,but if this is your first RC plane you might be better off with a Bixler or an AXN plane as they are both more suited to a new flyer as well as the experts of course.
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
Like it?
This aircraft is fun to build, looks great and after getting her in the air a week after the build, I'm a fan.

The best way to summarise the maiden was: watch Scott's video, replace his accent for an Aussie one.

Flying pre-dusk in 30 degree sunshine and no wind, the maiden flight was fun from the moment the prop started spinning. Running a 3S 2200mah 30C lipo, I set the timer for 5 minutes, and opened her up. The tail came up after a bit of a roll, held there for a sec, then she took off looking like it was 1917. After throttling back to 60pcnt, and a few clicks of up, I did some scale-like figure eights around the field. Did some low slow passes, a couple of diving 'high speed' strafing runs, and generally had a ball.

The plane will look like it'll stall if you don't keep the nose down when the throttle is closed, but not an issue to get out of it. I nailed a landing - no bouncing despite what I thought might happen - tested the battery and found 46pcnt still on board. Put another 2 mins on the timer and flew around a bit faster. Fantastic fun. After 7 minutes, the battery was down to 27pcnt, so I reckon 8 minutes in calm weather is looking like a plan.

At this stage I was wishing I had more than only 2 of the 2200 lipo's.

Flew the second battery and did a couple of rolls, a loop - it will fly non-scale at over 75pcnt - almost anything is possible. Did a few landings, taxii

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Overall Rating
Like it?
Love this plane. Took me about 2 or 3 hours to build, not the 40mins as suggested but I really enjoyed the build too. This is my first Bi-Plane and only my second plane I have purchased from HK. Upon opening, very pleased with the packaging and the parts are all clearly labelled. The manual isn't perfect, but if you have half a clue about this hobby, you will be fine. The finished product is so good. It's great to look at as a display but I found out on the maiden, even better to fly! CG was perfect with a PZ 3S 2200mah battery and the capability to fly slow or fast is amazing. My first flight at half-throttle for 5mins left me with 75pcnt battery capacity remaining. The previous review from Broose27 is spot-on. You will find a thread on RC Groups with more information and photos that will inspire you to buy this terrific far, my most favorite plane in a collection of 14 in my hangar.

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Overall Rating
Like it?
it just looks wonderful and i think i just hold it as a standmodel...

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Overall Rating
Like it?
Very nice plane. No need to add any more comments than what has been said by all otherse here except the paint is terribly senditive, comes off almost only by looking at it. I will try to lacquer mine after painting all the spots where the paint has loosened. So be sure to buy a set of acrylic artist paint if you want to keep this plane in a good looking condition.
Because of poor paint I give only 4 crowns for quality but otherwise quality and details are "superb" as the goy on the video says.

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Overall Rating
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Due to some bad weather in my part of Aus i finally got to maided my bird today What a great aircraft i have set as it comes with no mods and used a 1800 3S 30 lipo and it took off from our rough grass field without any problems i had set all the rates at 50pcnt 75expo and other than a bit of right trim it flew great if not a little twitchy (yes twitchy) after a 4 minute flight i landed and reset the rates to 30pcnt 75expo and it was a dream to fly on half throttle i only did a few loops but it looked magnificent on low slow passes and a fellow member put up his cub and we did a few formation flyby, what a lot of fun and i cant wait to have the nerv to give it a roll or two . stall is a non issue i took it up cut the motor engaged full rates pull in the up elevator and it just floated along with just a gentel level decent ,
if you want a nice stable warbird that will have your fellow flyers jelious then get one befor they all go a real winner

4 comments. Reply.. here to see all reviews
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