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Turnigy Heli-Tach 3600 Optical Tachometer 1000~3600RPM

Turnigy Heli-Tach 3600 Optical Tachometer 1000~3600RPM
Turnigy Heli-Tach 3600 Optical Tachometer 1000~3600RPM

Turnigy Heli-Tach 3600 Optical Tachometer 1000~3600RPM

Finally, there is an optical heli-tach available that won't break the bank. Despite the low price, this is a quality unit that will provide you with accurate headspeed readings of your model helicopter. With it's wide RPM range (1000~3600RPM), it can be used for almost any size heli.

The Turnigy Heli-Tach 3600 is very easy to use. Simply adjust the RPM by pressing up or down on the side rocker switch. The LCD will display the RPM value that you currently have set. Once the dots between numbers disappear, the tach is fixed on that RPM. You will then look through the viewing window at the heli blades as it is flying, and adjust the RPM until the heli blades appear stationary. Once the blades appear stationary, the RPM value on LCD will indicate the true RPM of the heli blades.

New Feature: The Turnigy Heli-Tach 3600 now features an ON/OFF power switch on the side of the unit to easily switch the device on and off.

*Note: Never attempt to use Heli-Tach while flying your  model. Always have someone else take the RPM reading for you as you fly, or have someone else fly your heli while you use the Heli-Tach.

Input Voltage: DC6V – 9.6V (9v Square battery pack - 6LR61)
RPM Range: 1000 – 3600 (+/-40)
(3600 RPM needs minimum input voltage above 6.6V)
(3500 RPM needs minimum input voltage above 6.5V)
(3400 RPM needs minimum input voltage above 6.0V)

You can find the user manual for this item under the "files" tab.


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 Customer rated
Total of 15 discussions.
Janath  23 points - 9/26/2013
Janath  23 points - 9/26/2013
I got a B code you can mail me janath_gunaratna*yahoo**** to get it.You can by this 12.10$
Przemyslaw  17 points - 5/21/2013
Well, mine works well. I have no problems with battery drain. It's a really nice device, but it takes some time till it establishes the internal motor RPM, so the measurment is stable. Also it is good to know the approximate RPM of the main rotor befere we start meausuring, it will save us some time to get the measurment.
Helipal  5 points - 1/16/2013
Can anyone tell me, Is the problems with this tacho sorted?
totuma  5 points - 7/6/2012
Does it work for a 3 blades helicopter or higher?
 HellyFlyer 1302 points
No this is purely for a 2 blade Helicopter
 David J 22 points
This will work with 2-3-4-5 blades. All it does is synchronize with a rotating object. You could even check the rpm of your drill press or lathe with it. Just adjust it until the chuck appears stationary!
 David J 22 points
OOOOP's! Was wrong! Won't work with 3 or 5 blade, only 2 and 4 blades and was all wet on the drill chuck bit, UNLESS you put a bolt through a two blade plane prop and spin it and read off that. The Turnigy tach HK has will read any rotating object! Sorry!
 msallua 16 points
Can I check the rpm of my heli without blades?, works with the blade holders without blades?
 Frank 5 points
Yes it does but ensure you have sufficient light to ensure enough reflection from the blade holders.
You might try to add a small piece of reflective tape to both blade holders. Never tried it myself, but I suspect it could help.
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Overall Rating
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Jeje,, siempre quise tener uno, se usa mirando al heli en vuelo por la ventanita. y pulsando sobre el boton negro hacia arriba o hacia abajo de forma que variamos la velocidad de obturación de esa ventana, cuando vemos las palas del heli paradas, es decir la velocidad de obturación de la ventanita es igual a la velocidad de las palas del heli, leemos lo que dice el aparatito y son las RPM de nuestro bicho.

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Overall Rating
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Love this optical tach more than my laser tach and have found it much easier to use in varying light conditions. As mentioned by someone else, this thing can drain your battery if you leave it in the tach after use. I would suggest removing it after every use.

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Overall Rating
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I'm a bit disappointed in the tach. I also have a MinAir optical tach that only goes to 2000 RPM, so I ordered this one form my small electric helis.

Pros: Low cost, good sturdy case ad it seems accurate compared to my MinAir tach.

Cons: As mentioned in other reviews it will drain the battery if left in, even though it appears to be off. I had not read the reviews prior to using it and it cost me a good $5 battery..

Also it is slow to react to the speed switch and it takes many seconds to actually hit the target speed. It reads in 1 RPM increments, but this is not really useful ( 10 RPM is plenty close enough for a model heli) and may be part of the slow response. In comparison, the MinAir tach reacts quickly and takes only a second or two to sync with the heli blades.

Conclusion: It's probably worth the $30, but is frustrating to use compared to the higher $ tach, and will cost a battery if you forget to remove it between uses. The design needs refinement, IMO..

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Overall Rating
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Does its job perfectly, so no complaints about that. However, like other reviewers, I found that the battery ran flat very quickly if left in the unit. My solution to this was to install a sub-miniature slide switch (fitted so that it projects through the left side casing) in line with the battery positive lead - problem solved! The only slight difference that this makes is that the tach always powers up at the default setting of 1000rpm rather than remembering the last value used.

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Overall Rating
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Great tool even in flight possible to take your head-speed
You need to put in the estimate
head-speed because the Tach cant see if its a two or more blade head.
I have a two blade running 2200rpm and you see the blades standing still in the vizier but also standing still at 1100rpm but with this info in mind it works just great and worth any penny of it. And its really save to take your head-speed now.

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