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FatShark Dominator 3rd Generation modular FPV System

FatShark Dominator 3rd Generation modular FPV System
FatShark Dominator 3rd Generation modular FPV System

Experience the new Dominator, an innovative 3rd generation FPV headset designed by Fat Shark, the original leading FPV manufacturer. The Dominators excellence is characterized by its
beautiful glass optics display, unique modular design and revolutionary ergonomics.  The
discerning FPV pilot can customize their headset setup to compliment their individual FPV
flying style.  The Dominators impressive pedigree is rooted in the original RCV922 headset;
it is the evolutionary result of blending latest technology and manufacturing techniques with
the refinements gathered from 3 years of field use and customer feedback on the RCV922.  
Purchase with the confidence of brand name quality, renowned customer service excellence and
knowing the guys that make your FPV gear are out flying with it themselves on a Sunday afternoon.

The Dominator comes in a hard protective case with 3m AV cable (for connecting to external
receivers) and a 1m head tracking cable (for connecting to Futaba style radios).  The optional
RF modules are available in 2.4Ghz and 5.8Ghz and are compatible with Fat Shark
transmitters (not compatible with Chinese brand transmitters). 

The optional head tracking module is an advanced FPV head tracker that utilizes 3 sensing
technologies; motion is detected by a sensitive dual axis gyro which is continuously calibrated
to a fixed external reference determined by the compass sensor and accelerometer.  The result is the smoothest error-free head tracker available.

FOV 30 Degrees diagonal
IPD Disdance: 64.5mm (Fixed)
Image size 45" @ 7'
Optional diopter lens inserts available in -2, -4 -6 dpt


User Controls.
Channel selection
Volume adjustment
Head tracker reset/menu control

Power Supply, 7-13v (2s/3s Supply)
Power consumption: 200/370mA (Direct/wireless)

Ntsc/Pal auto select

Ergonimic moulded shape.
Rubber eye cups for ambient light reduction.
Weight: 163g
Adjustable headband

Two colo micro VFA LCD's (640x480 Lines)
Glass Optics
Polazrise LED backlight
Resolution 922,000 pixels per eye

2.4ghz, 4ch (Optional Module)
5.8ghz, 7ch (Optional Module)

Wireless module docking bay (2.4Ghz or 5.8Ghz)
Head tracking module docking back (Option head tracking module)
Power In
3.5mm 3P Earphone port
PS/2 Head tracker port


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 Customer rated
Total of 223 discussions.
giuseppe  2 points - 6/24/2016
can i use this module with this goggle?
Maria  5 points - 12/21/2015
Dominator "3rd Generation" is the same Dominator "V3"?
 Finnius 307 points
Yeah, are these an old discontinued line or what?
 Valentin 3 points
It seems to be the Dominator V1, but in it's 3rd generation. It is definitly not the same as the V3.
Maria  5 points - 12/20/2015
Any prevision when back in stock?
Peter  2 points - 12/8/2015
Will these goggles work with the Devention F12E transmitter? Peter
 BrianB192 1757 points
look to code frequency chart on both , i know its Not 32 channel unless you buy a chip set ,s they make for all frequencies called 32ch. covers most like a few other brands do have .
Christopher/Susana Valadas  2 points - 10/3/2015
Do these work with 5.8 GHz XAT 600 MW 32 CH (Hawk Eye)? So if I buy these I need to order a 5.8 GHz module since they do not have any preselected module, please confirm? Thanks! Chris
 Tank1 1073 points
Hi Christopher or who ever,if you click the blue Acc (accessory) box which is next to the Battery box just under the price tab you will find the Fatshark 5.8GHz module for these and other FS goggles there.
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
3 thumbs up!
I own both goggles - the dominator and the "old" one... The view is complete different. To explain is a little bit difficult, because you have to see it by yourself, but I will try: The old one has a larger field of view, so it is more realistic, the dominator is like sitting in the cinema, watching a movie, because you can see the black borders beside the picture. The picture of the dominator is fantastic. It is sharp and clear and the colours are better than in the old one. I like it, that I can easy change between the different frequency modules, because I use 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz on my models. The additional headtracker works like a charm with my Futaba CG10. You need only one cable from your transmitter to the Fatshark, witch is included. In a german forum a user changed that to use it wireless by using a little 433Mhz System... The headtracker is installed and configured within a few minutes. GREAT! The only contra point are the eyecaps. They don't fit very well and fall down because they are too loose. You cannot change the distance for your eyes, like it was possible in the old version. The quality of the housing is much better than the old one.

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Overall Rating
Like it?
I like the new modular approach and with prisms there is no way to hit the lenses with your eye lashes like with the old goggles. The picture is sharper, but more "movie-theatre-like". Good job from FatShark.

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Overall Rating
Like it?
It came in perfect condition, glad it can be powered by TX, still waiting on the modules to have it working, but from tests the screen is perfect, no dead pixel, no problems at all till now.

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Overall Rating
Like it?
A very good 30FOV the straight edges of the image does not curl up like a 46FOV. The edges are straight! A bit difficult to explain. As if the cinema Atul middle part of the back row. No annoying! The colors are more vivid clearer picture of the old image.

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Overall Rating
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Works as expected. Smaller image than I had anticipated but large enough. It's a little weird that it is 4:3 and not 16:9 display though. If it had been it would have been perfect.

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