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Birdie 70A Brushless Boat ESC w/5A BEC

Birdie 70A Brushless Boat ESC w/5A BEC
Birdie 70A Brushless Boat ESC w/5A BEC

The Birdie range of ESCs are.. well.. CHEEP! CHEEP!

No frills (or feathers) here, just great value for money! Each and every Birdie ESC is QC checked by Hobbyking and placed under a 2 minute load test ensuring your Birdie will be ready to fly!

If your looking for an ESC with basic features and reliability at a bargain price you better bag a Birdie before they all fly the coop!

*This Birdie is the boat version which features water cooling.

Weight: 94g
Size: 82x40x18mm
Cells: 2-7S
Max Current: 70A
Burst Current: 80A
Timing: 1º/7º/15º/30º programmable
PWM: 8/16K
Cooling: Water cooled

Programming Options
Cell Type: NiMH/NiCD/Lipoly
Cell Count: 2s~7S
Throttle Setting: Auto/Soft/Hard
Brake: No Brake/Soft/Medium/Hard
Direction: Clockwise/Counter Clockwise
Cut off: Soft/Hard
Timing: 1º/7º/15º/30º
PWM: 8Khz/16khz

A Manual can be downloaded under the files tab for stick input programming.


Weight: 105g
International Warehouse
Price  $19.99

  • HXT 4mm Gold Connector w/ Protector (10pcs/set)

    Combo Price: $4.08   IN STOCK

  • 4mm Gold Connectors 10 pairs (20pc)

    Combo Price: $2.65   IN STOCK

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aric  1 points - 7/5/2014
im not too sure but i was pretty sure yesterday when i tested my boat in the pool to make sure direction was correct and wired correctly of course and thought it reversed for me, maybe im trippin haha, but today i went to try it after doin some more sealing work and no reverse for sure. now in the instruction manual i see nothin about reverse, you would think that this esc for a boat would have reverse, anybodies help would be greatly appreciated. so just tell me if im wrong or right trippin or thinkin properly, does the cheep cheep birdie got reverse?
gewizz2  34 points - 6/4/2014
so if this is a boat esc, i assume it has reverse??????? but maybe it does not because it does not say in description believe it or not.
Samuel  5 points - 4/27/2014
I was running a 36mm 2600kv Motor on 2cell 50c. ESC only lasted 5min before it exploded in two big puffs of smoke. 70amp should have been enough.. I think this ESC isn't correctly waterproofed. The heat peals up the sealant (you can see this happen on the wires near the chip board when you solder on the plugs). Fun while it lasted.... *******
 Bazzanz 74 points
I seal all my ESC'S with a coat of electrical silicone spray and bog them with a clear water sealant before using them. I have had no problems. Cheers
katina  2 points - 4/27/2014
Terrible speed control once you try it with a battery and a 11.1volt 3660SL 3180kv Brushless Motor Inrynner began to emit smoke
 Bazzanz 74 points
2 things could have happened to make your motor emit smoke. 1 / Prop was to big. 2/ A 3180kv motor will draw at least 64 amps and beyond. Rule number one when choosing a ESC. Lower the motor kv rating lower the amp on esc required. Higher the motor KV higher the esc amp required. But at the end of the day what you pay for is what you get.
 katina 2 points
hello. We did not put it in water, just try it to see if it works
 Bazzanz 74 points
In that case the amperage of the ESC was not enough as running under no load you need to do it for less than a minute and not at full throttle. I would check all your cables to check if they are correctly soldered. A power circuit sounds like what the problem maybe. When choosing a ESC I add 30% of amp of what the motor draws. I.e Motor draws 60amps then you need at least 90amp ESC. Cheers
 katina 2 points
that can Ι* tell you will find an excuse to tell me that I did something wrong so better not to chit chat
 Bazzanz 74 points
Was not giving excuses. Merely trying to be helpful and to set you up on the right equipment. If you don,t want chit-chat then don't submit it in this column.
robert  2 points - 1/28/2014
what size of motor should I used whit a 9.6v NIMH bat. for this esc ??
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Tudo correto nao tenho nada a apontar, vamos esperar para ver a qualidade do produto

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impressed. quite big piece. good water radiator. only 103 grams with XT60 (not included) and 3,5mm pins for motor (not included). ESC comes with Hitec plug and ferromagnetic ring on radio cable. overall size 95x41mm (without cables). power cable 12AWG 10cm long, motor cable 14AWG 6,5 cm long.

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I am running this ESC on 6s Turnigy 5000 20c in a surge crusher spinning a x438 prop. The boat is too fast and the ESC is perfect so far.

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This esc suck , fried on the very 3rd run only. And the cooling is far too lousy. Not worth the money at all.

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Atenção com este Variador pois aquece muito sem àgua!

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