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Turnigy™ TGY-180D 180 degree Digital Servo 2.2kg / 0.10sec / 12g

Turnigy™ TGY-180D 180 degree Digital Servo 2.2kg / 0.10sec / 12g

Turnigy TGY-180D 180 degree Digital Servo, perfect for camera pan control for FPV applications & mechanical retracts fitted to EDF jets and parkfly models.

Operating voltage range: 4.5v~6v
Operating temperature range: -20°~60°
Operating speed: 0.11sec/60° 4.8v - 0.10sec/60° 6v
Torque: 4.8v - 6v
Operating travel: 40°/one side pul se traveling 400 usec
Arm travel range: 180° ( 90°/one side pulse traveling 600usec)
Idle current: 5mA at stopped
Running current range: 50~150mA
Locked rotor range: 600 mA
Dead band width: ≤4usec
Angle deviation center: <0.5°
Size: 22.7×12×26.4mm
Weight: 12.5g
Bearing material: metal
Gear material: metal
Connector wire length: 21cm

PRODUCT ID: 9458000003-0

Weight (g) 12.5
Torque (kg) 2.2
Speed(Sec/60deg) 0.1
A(mm) 34
B(mm) 23
C(mm) 31
D(mm) 12
E(mm) 32
F(mm) 21
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Total of 12 discussions.
Robbie  1145 points - 1/26/2016
Why don't you put these servos in the FPV servos category ???
Gergo75  38 points - 1/26/2014
I read all of comments about this servos and after i m not sure it good way to buy this one. I would like to use for my pan/tilt system in my fpv phantom fx-61. I tried the cheapes analog 180degree (4.48USD) from Hobbyking, but the firstone made strange noises and became hot the body of servo, and i put the otherone same type and working same. :( Now i read same about digital servo, and body hot...same like with the firstone. :( I dont know what 180 degree servo is the best way to use FPV, i dont want spending 45USD for pan/tilt, what is 60g! Somebody can help me? G.
 krashNburn 560 points
Google Servo City, if you want to get quality 180 degree or 360 degree servos. Buying the cheap ones burn out, then you get another cheap one burns out again. Might as well get a good one and save yourself the trouble.
Jerry  5 points - 7/29/2013
anyone know if this servo will work in an extreme flight 48" series plane have old hs-65mg in it now but 3 of them just blew - motor froze
Matthew  1 points - 7/19/2013
I need a servo that is close to this in size with as close to 180deg. as possible. Is there anything like this one in stock? USA is best but any warehouse would do in a pinch.
 RattleSnake 593 points
You could just get this one.
gabriel  7 points - 3/19/2013
I've bought 3 of these servos, all of them jitter and there is this strange noise coming out from them all the time. wanted to use for tilt on FPV, useless. And it's a 150 degrees servo, not 180...
 Keeweeeee 47 points
I agree,there is a strange noise coming out of this ! :/ And it disappears randomly when u press the servo's cover
 Tank1 1073 points
Don't worry about the slight noise you get from this servo as you will find a lot of Digital servos will do this,it's just the way some of them are,they all still work just fine.
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
Ordered 2 of these servo's for panning a pan&tilt. The servo is a digital one, but the resolution is not to good, leaves somewhat to be desired. Sometimes they start to stutter even in dead center with the servo tester from HK. They are Ok I guess, but I expected better centering for the money. Not recommended when using goggles, you will become seasick, better be using a servo stretcher.

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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
This servo not working corect with HK401B gyro... i put for tail HXT900 and playing fine. Any change no in gyro do nothing, servo dancing in all side

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Overall Rating
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No tiene un recorrido de 180º, los dos que compré no pasan de 140º.

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Overall Rating
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Mais uma vez fui enganado pela HobbyKing, VPC... O servo não faz 180º, quando muito 130º Muito barulho e pouco suave.

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mały ciałem wielki duchem - tak trzeba o tym serwie powiedzieć

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