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Solo Pro 328 4CH Fixed Pitch Helicopter - Yellow (RTF)

Solo Pro 328 4CH Fixed Pitch Helicopter - Yellow (RTF)
Solo Pro 328 4CH Fixed Pitch Helicopter - Yellow (RTF)

Yet another great product from the Nine Eagles line of micro helis, the Solo Pro 328 is the complete package for the new heli pilot and experienced pilots alike.

Whether you are a first timer, stepping up from a coaxial, or a seasoned pilot looking for a low stress flying experience, the Solo Pro 328 is for you! This heli is slightly larger than most other micro fixed pitch models on the market today, adding to it's stablility. With it's easy to handle flight characteristics, you will be in the air and impressing your friends in no time.

Also, a unique feature to this model is two selectable flight modes - "Primary" and "Advanced". Primary mode is the default setting and is recommended for indoor flying and less experienced pilots as it offers smoother and easier to control flight characteristics. Advanced mode offers a more aggressive throttle curve and response and is recommeded for more experienced pilots.

The Solo Pro 328 comes fully assembled. All that is needed to be done is to charge the battery with the included variable rate charger, insert the AA batteries into the radio, and your ready to fly.

The included 2.4ghz transmitter with digital trims offers interference free flying, and can be easily converted from mode 1 to mode 2 in about 30 seconds. A spare set of main and tail blades come with the kit to get you back in the air if you have any bumps.

Rotor Diameter: 12.91" (328mm)
Overall Length: 14.17" (360mm)
Weight: 3.8oz (108g)
Power System: 180 Motor (main motor)
Tail Motor: Coreless Brushed
Battery: 1-cell 3.7V 500mAh Lipoly
Charger: 3.7V Variable Rate Lipoly Charger
Transmitter Type: Mode 1 or Mode 2 (user selectable)

PRODUCT ID: NE30232824102

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Weight: 1460g
International Warehouse
Price  $77.35

  • Turnigy nano-tech 600mah 1S 35~70C Lipo (Nine Eagles Solo Pro 328, Eflite MQX, 120SR)

    Combo Price: $2.69   IN STOCK

  • Turnigy nano-tech 600mah 1S 35~70C Lipo (Nine Eagles Solo Pro 328, Eflite MQX, 120SR)

    Combo Price: $2.69   IN STOCK

  • Solo Pro 328 Battery 3.7V 500mAh Lipoly

    Combo Price: $7.01   IN STOCK

  • Solo Pro 328 Main Blade Set

    Combo Price: $2.62   IN STOCK

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Total of 37 discussions.
Michael  5 points - 3/25/2015
I need a receiver set for my solo pro 328. Is it still possible to get these?
Snoo777  30 points - 12/2/2013
What size blades can be bought for replacements? I have not seen any for this heli specifically on HK.
yuval  2 points - 10/18/2013
my charger soesnt work
yuval  2 points - 10/17/2013
does anyone know how to charge the battery with the transmitter?
 the right stuff 1710 points
Hi Yuval I don't think you can. It has a supplied charger for the flight battery.
Savas  2 points - 9/16/2013
please help. what I do is a kind of control will not improve. there is a continuous line on the third one.
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
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Not a bad heli for the money, very similar to a Blade 120SR, but half the price. Battery life is very good.

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Overall Rating
andrew moore
Like it?
not a bad heli for the price, it does not like any wind!!
i have had problems with it moving backwards i have adjusted it as much as i can and it pitchs foward not a problem but is very slow in reverse. i also own a blade 120sr, the blabe is a better heli but is double the price....

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Overall Rating
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This is very stable helicopter. I also own the Solo Pro v2 which is a nice heli but nowhere near as stable as this. Tail gyro is rock solid and locks in beautifully. Yaw has no ill affects on stability unlike the Solo Pro 2 which drifts a little while rotating. The Solo Pro 328 feels much bigger than it is. Highly recommended.

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Overall Rating
Like it?
this helicopter does fly well .
your going to want some batteries (PRODUCT ID: 9210000002)and charge lead (PRODUCT ID: PC-BEC)

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Overall Rating
Like it?
Got this last week (2pcs) Very stable heli (not totally good for beginners BUT if your pocket is deep and if you can get parts readily available - you can make this your first) Had a 260A (FP), 180 (CP) and now this 328 (CP) <also a mustang> :) This one flies very stable - in my opinion more stable than 260A (260A already super stable) :) Can take a little more wind than 260A. :) Came with spare blades. :) Finishing is grade A :( Uncommon battery size, so need to stock :( Slightly less powerful motor :( Difficult to get parts :( With Dual Rate, the heli still respond less 'excited' in changing direction For those looking for a good 4ch FP heli, this will be a very good model to consider.

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