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Soldering Station with Adjustable Heat Range with US Plug (US Warehouse)

Soldering Station with Adjustable Heat Range with US Plug (US Warehouse)

Soldering Station with Adjustable Heat Range

Specs Power Supply:
Power Consumption: 60W
Input Voltage: 110v
Output Voltage: 24v AC
Dimensions: 170mmx93mmx20mm
Temperature Range: 200c~480c/392F~896F

Specs Soldering Iron:
Power Consumption: 24v Ac-50w
Heating Element: Ceramic
Cord Length: 1.2m


Shipped from:
USA West Warehouse



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 Customer rated
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__ankh  15 points - 7/15/2016
Used it for a total of an hour or so over a week. Then the handset smoked and started to melt (metal part is now tipped off-center)  2 points - 2/28/2016
I bought the soldering station and it worked like a charm...until today. Had it about two years and now the element is not working. How can I get just the replacement element or wand for the Yihua 926?
 tadvw 4 points
**** search Hakko 907. the heater in the 12V lipo powered iron on here is also interchangeable. Soldering Iron 30watt 12v/3s XT60 Plug
Brett  3 points - 2/9/2016
How much is the import tax and duties (costs) on the Yihua soldering station, when shipped to C***fornia, USA?
 Lance 1 points
you can get it from the US warehouse.
hoggdoc  33 points - 12/15/2015
Where do you get replacement tips?
 Montanamaxx 6 points
Do search for 907 replacement tips you will find many options
 hoggdoc 33 points
OK tried your search can up with nothing, care to provide a link.....
 Montanamaxx 6 points tip&_sacat=0
 Montanamaxx 6 points
well link doesn't seem to work but go to eBay and search 907 tip you will get several options I just got mine work great
 Jason 3 points
Search 900M
 Byron 25 points
HK sells a tip set now.
Yande  1 points - 12/14/2015
Great little Iron, though you need to buy larger tips than the one supplied. One minus, the Iron gets VERY HOT in the hand, enough to make the tip become "soft" from the Handle. had to re reinforce. Being a casual user, all good, but if you need to solder every day, spend the maney for a better machine..
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
4 thumbs up!
I have been soldering for 50 years professionally, and have just purchased the Yihua 936 soldering station from HK. The Yihua 936 is a good Hakko 936 copy/clone (the Hakko 936 has been a great soldering station that has been in commercial service for over 15 years). I have both the Hakko 936 and the Yihua 936, they are almost identical physically, however there are some differences, different color, the connectors for the soldering iron to the control station are opposite in gender, and are not interchangeable. The soldering iron holder w/sponge for the Hakko is made of metal; the Yihua appears to be a high temperature plastic. For either the Hakko or the Yihua 936, soldering iron assembly’s and tips are very low cost and available on e-bay. You can buy an iron assy. for under $6.00 and tips for $1.00 ea. When purchasing an Iron assy on e-baY, contact the seller prior to purchase and ask if the for sale iron is compatible with your Yihua 936 station, and that it is 50 watt, as there are several variations of the 936 iron, when searching for the replacement, search for "936 handle". I have tested the Yihua 936 station for temperature accuracy and stability, it under idling conditions holds /- 10DegC of set point, which is good for this type of station. The Yihua 936 appears to be a good solid soldering station and a real bargain.

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Overall Rating
2 thumbs up!
This is the same station that i have but i paid WAY more for it as i didn't know of HK at the time. It is made my Hakko (discontinued now) but i have to say that this will be the last soldering iron/station you will ever need. Heats up to your set temp in under 60 seconds and you can even lock it there via a grub crew. There are also some very cool sticker kits (skins) for it (just search for "Hakko 936 skins") I have mine with blue flames and just looks AWESOME!! Makes me want to find something to solder every time i look at it. LOL This is one purchase that will pay for itself the first time used. WARNING: DO NOT DROP IRON ON SOMETHING HARD OR PUSH HARD (you should be anyways) The Ceramic element WILL break.

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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
Love thus iron but my tip is pitying and eating away? Used it a dozen times with good solder and medium heat. Where can I buy replacement tips, links please and brand, part #. Thank you

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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
Wow , what can i say . The soldering station came packed in two heavy duty boxes and everything was fine,no damage .From Cal. US warehouse to TN. in just three working days . I plugged it in to make sure it worked . Heats up very very fast and fills very natural in your hand . Came as pic , base station ,three to four foot cord from iron to base and a cooling stand with spunge .Also came with directions in english and chines . You can find tips and heater elements online aka e-ay . This is a clone , but very nice . Should have gotten two at this price . Looked around and even e-ay , and this cheaper and just as nice as any of the others . Thanks hk you did it again .

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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
This is one of the nicest stations I have used. heats up super fast, and with the small tip it comes with you can solder the small stuff with ease. It also works great with the bigger jobs you will run across. I have used mine every day for the last three weeks without problems, if you have the money, buy two and keep one for a spare just in case, or sell it to your buddys for a profit, thay will be glad you did. Keep the good stuff coming HK.

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