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HobbyKing® ™ Junkers JU-52 1200mm (PNF)

HobbyKing® ™ Junkers JU-52 1200mm (PNF)
HobbyKing® ™ Junkers JU-52 1200mm (PNF)

The Junkers JU-52, or "Iron Annie" as it was nicknamed was originally developed as an Airliner and transport and served in Germany from 1932 until 1945, unsuprisingly, it was pushed into military service and was even used as a medium bomber for a short period. So succesful was the JU-52 that licence built version's were still being used as a civil and military carrier right up to the 1980's. The H-King JU-52 is a model of the Lufthansa operated aircraft regularly seen at airshows around Europe and is painted in the historical 1936 Deutsche Lufthansa scheme.

This superb scale Plug and Fly model is simple to assemble with the motor, ESC and all servo's pre-fitted. The single motor has more than enough power, the out-board props are just for effect and spin easily, the prop wash from the main motor is enough to spin them up, this configuration was chosen to keep the model simple, light and capable of excellent flight times. The JU-52 is very practical, it features a 2 pc removable wing that is simple to wire up as there isn't a spiders web of ESC wires to hook up, a steerable tailwheel for excellent ground handling, rubber tyres for durability and most importantly, it is made from tough EPO foam.

The finish on HobbyKing® ™ JU-52 is excellent, the full corrugated effect skin adding to it's scale appearance. Scale flight is what this superb looking model is all about and this is where the Junkers excels, a combination of 4 channel control and light wingloading means this model can be flown slowly but with authority, it is another unique and exclusive model from HobbyKing® ™ for the scale enthusiast that will stand out at any flying field!

Wingspan: 1200mm
Length: 820mm
Flying Weight: 700g
ESC: 20A w/BEC
Servo: 9g x 4
Motor: 900kv 3128 Brushless Outunner

Your Own 4 Channel TX/RX
1800mAh~2200mAh 3s Lipoly Battery


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2 1:IC/2:Elec 4 Channel 1200mm (47.24in) 820mm (32.28in) 700g (1.54lb)

Weight: 2160g
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Michael  1 points - 12/4/2014
Has anyone done a good, neat flap conversion for this machine? Prepared to write it up and put it on the FILES tab?It's obvious that it's possible but I've not got the skills to attempt it without guidance.
Barriere  1 points - 9/17/2014
Just bought one, very very nice plane, good looking, easy to fly (with 3S 2200 Mah). Be careful, the ESC on my model burned during the first fly !
James  58 points - 8/21/2014
Just bought one. Now waiting for its arrival. I intend to convert it to trimotor powered plane.
James  58 points - 7/28/2014
When will this plane be available from tne internatjonal warehouse again? It will be even nicer to have a bigger 3 motor unit.
Daniel Samways  8 points - 11/6/2013
Hi guys, I just finished building my JU-52 in Luftwaffe colors from the crete operation. I added a pdf under files ("no name file", I don't know why the original name didn't show up!) showing some pictures of how it looks like now. Motors conversion courtesy of Pejay (thanks!) plus, operating flaps, cockpit details with pilots etc etc. Have fun!
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The kit arrived today and I was amazed at the quality and appearance of the kit.

Parts fitted really well, with the only glueing being the elevator section, the tail section and the cockpit canopy. The undercarriage was a delight to put together and appears really robust.

With the cg - I found that a 2200mah 11.1v battery slid as far forward as possible gave the model perfect balance.

Overall - the finished presence of the model is fantastic. I hope HK look to building a larger version of this model (with 3 working engines) to the same quality as I would be one of the first to try and get one!

For what it is - this kit goes together and flies brilliantly - 5 crowns :D

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This is my first foamie and, as such, I wondered how good it would be. No worries on this score. The construction and end result is as easy and accurate as most modellers would wish for. However, there are some niggling issues. One wing servo arm did had not have a holding screw; neither fuselage mounted servo has a control horn or screw.

I found there is a major error on the part of the model designer. There are two servos in the fuselage - one, elevator, the other, rudder. There are also two push rods. But, as the elevators are separate, each with its own control horn, either three rods are required, necessitating another rear end exit, or a split or forked rod is required for the elevators, again with an extra exit. At this stage there does not appear to be any mechanism for attaching any of the rods to the servo arms.

None of the above are insurmountable. However the model is no longer Plug and Fly. I have to purchase some extra servos to rob for spare parts. It will require some work to add a connector to the elevators and will not be available for its first flight this weekend as I had wished.

PS Don't try to ease the decals into the corrugations like I tried. It doesn't work.

PPS The addition of a wooden spar gives the 52's wing exception strenght unlike the B17 I have since purchased.

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Hallo Leute Hab heute meine Tante Ju bekommen. Also für das Geld kann man nicht meckeren. Toll gemacht - schnell zusammen gebaut tadellos.1A Mal schauen wie sie fliegt

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Just received the plane. Very nice with lots of details. I bought this to find out if can add 2 motors on the wings. The plane looks silly with the huge prop up front. And indeed it will be rather easy. I will add two Donkey 2004, 1400KV bell motors. Fits perfectly. Thre is a recess on the wings motor pontoons with a wooden plate in the bottom so it will be easy to mount, I think and then I need only to Dremel a bit on the wings to hide the motor wires. I will use Master 6 x 4, 3-bladed props, one of them counter rotating. This will give a better scale look. The existing driven prop is of 8 inch diameter. Hope to have it ready in a few weeks and will let you know.

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I have now converted this plane to a proper 3- motor version. I have uploaded the complete manual how it was done in the file section here. The plane flew fantastic with this conversion. I think with much more power than I saw from the video here made by Hobbyking.

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