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Turnigy 1/8th Scale 4 Pole Brushless Motor - 2100KV

Turnigy 1/8th Scale 4 Pole Brushless Motor - 2100KV
Turnigy 1/8th Scale 4 Pole Brushless Motor - 2100KV

Purpose built for the high torque demands of 1/8th scale buggies and trucks the Turnigy 1/8th Scale 4 pole brushless motors feature external cooling, a serviceable can design and pre-soldered 4mm bullet connectors to get you on the track fast.

This motor is a perfect match for the Turnigy 160A 1:8th Scale Sensorless ESC, check out the related items below.

High Torque 4 Pole Design.
External cooling fins for better heat dissipation.
Pre-soldered 4mm ESC connection leads.
Serviceable motor can design

Turns: 2.0D
Poles: 4
RPM/v: 2100 
Voltage: 3~5s Lipoly
Continuous Current: 80A
Peak Current: 140A
Resistance: 4.7mΩ
No Load Current: 3.7A
Dimension: 43 x 63.4mm
Shaft Length: 20mm
Shaft Diameter: 5mm
Weight: 308g


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Kv (rpm/v) 2100
Weight (g) 308
Max Current (A) 80
Resistance (mh) 5
Max Voltage (V) 18
Power(W) 2590
Shaft A (mm) 5
Length B (mm) 65
Diameter C (mm) 38
Can Length D (mm) 37
Total Length E (mm) 85
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Weight: 430g Quantity: 
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Total of 55 discussions.
Kirill Alexandrovich  1 points - 4/9/2014
The mounting holes are two sides in this engine?
Dillon  1 points - 3/4/2014
Hi Do u know how long this motor will come back in stock Thanks
 Herubeto 48 points
In stock now!
michael  1 points - 3/3/2014
Hi can yo run this motor on hobby wing 80a esc
 whightdagon 7 points
maybe cus its an 80 amp motor so u should use an esc of over 80 amps cus the motor may draw more so the esc will work but might not last long.
 Skillz 49 points
It depends on what you are going to put it in. If it's a lite vehicle that's 2wd, probably, but wouldn't recommend it. If it's a 4wd vehicle or is kinda heavy like an sct, no. The motor will draw too many amps and burn it up. You want to give yourself some head room. Your car can go 100mph, but if you run it there all the time, it will also burn up. I have a 120 amp esc.
glennster101  3 points - 2/24/2014
has anyone attempted this on a 5s? maybe not seeing as you cant just run in series, but just curious
 Skillz 49 points
No but I wouldn't. You never want to push your electronics to the max. They just burn up. Maybe 4s once in a while but this isn't a mamba system.
MARVIN DOZIER  1 points - 1/27/2014
Is this motor waterproof?
 Skillz 49 points
Not technically but DC motors in general are "water proof" due to the nature of the motor being DC. However, if you run it in water, the bearings will lose their grease and rust out. Can you drive it in a little water? Sure. Would I submerge it? Wouldn't recommend it. I have gotten lots of melted snow on mine and I just make sure to put a little WD40 on the bearings when I'm done with it.
 Mark 33 points
Brushless motors are in fact a/c motors. That is why they have 3 wires to control them. Three phases not as in dc motors. They are inherently NOT waterproof or resistant.
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
Like it?
I paired this motor with the hobbyking 120amp esc in my rc8be and i love it. Good speed very low temps and great build quality. For the money you cant beat this motor.:)

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Overall Rating
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Bought this for my RC8B to convert to E. Bought the Turnigy Digital Card & 2 Turnigy 5000mah 14v Lipo. Ran a fast config for the ECS an I'm thrilled with this setup. I cant wait to see how this thing is going to perform after it's adjusted with Digital Card. I highly recommend this product!! Had no heat issue either!!

2 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
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the weight of the info is wrong ... the real weight of this motor is 320gr with wires .......... the motor is with good quality but sincerely I preffer 2600-2700kv for a motor of this dimensions

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Overall Rating
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The Bad: received the motor with a skuff on one side of the can, purely cosmetic and quite minor, but still damaged. The motor wires are TINY! The wires on my 1/16th scale vehicle are larger, aswell the wire is only flexible for about the first inch near the motor end. Otherwise they are extemely stiff and cannot be bent, not the greatest if your trying to route the wires to the esc a certain way. Aswell the 4mm bullet connectors are a bit small for a 1/8th scale. The good: Price! These turnigy motors are an excellent value! If I had to do it again though I would recommend the Turnigy Trackstar motor if you dont mind spending the extra 10$ though.

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Overall Rating
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I have purchased 3 motors from Hobbyking to test out in my slash 4x4. Picked up an HK 120amp esc and program card to test them all out on the same esc. The RC Scanner motor fried in about 8 minutes of drive time on a 4s Turnigy Nano-tech 5000 mah 35-70c battery. The Turnigy Trackstar got hot and the esc got hot on the same battery, and this Motor here gave me great run time with minimal heat on both the esc and motor. This motor is a great price and great quality, I highly reccommend it.

4 comments. Reply.. here to see all reviews
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