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Turnigy G160 Brushless Outrunner 290kv (160 Glow)

Turnigy G160 Brushless Outrunner 290kv (160 Glow)
Turnigy G160 Brushless Outrunner 290kv (160 Glow)

Designed to be a direct swap out for your 160 size glow engine. The Turnigy EasyMatch G160 brushless outrunner will provide more power and with its high efficiency, long run times.
A quality motor, built specifically for planes designed to fly with a 160 size glow engine.

Battery: 9~10 Cell /33.3~37V
RPM: 290kv
Max current: 78A
No load current: 11V/1.0A
Internal resistance: 0.022 ohm
Weight: 632g  (not including connectors)
Diameter of shaft: 8mm
Dimensions: 89x64mm

85~ 100A HV ESC
6S~10S Li-Po

Test Data: 
18.5v - 21x13 Prop - 73A - 6700g Thrust
22.2v - 19x12 Prop - 75A - 6000g Thrust

Suitable for sport and scale airplanes weighing 12 to 20 pounds (5.4–9kg).

PRODUCT ID: D6364-290 50

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Kv(rpm/v) 290
Weight (g) 632
Max Current(A) 78
Resistance(mh) 0
Max Voltage(V) 37
Power(W) 2700
Shaft A (mm) 8
Length B (mm) 64
Diameter C (mm) 63
Can Length (mm) 34
Total Length E (mm) 88
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Weight: 1020g
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Price  $75.83

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  • Turnigy EasyMatch G160 Series - Replacement Shaft

    Combo Price: $4.90   IN STOCK

  • Turnigy G160 Brushless Motor Accessory Pack

    Combo Price: $4.76   IN STOCK

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gman4reel  157 points - 3/3/2015
2 Turnigy 5s 5000mah 30c batteries. One HV 100a ESC
Robert  1 points - 2/15/2015
I have a Turnigy G160 290KV. What size battery do I need Bob
ken  27 points - 1/17/2015
Please help I wonder why no prop washer I thought they forgot to give me one but I see it doesn't come with one why? Anyone using a prop washer? Thanks
crispyspa  28 points - 10/23/2014
Just an FYI. This motor is 14 pole
KajoTheAfro  2 points - 2/18/2014
need help please...i want to buy this engine,to install to a spinner that uses a 4mm bolt...i think that i need an adapter that goes from 4mm(from the spinner) to 12mm(engine shaft adapt.)..i tried to find on HK,without sucess..can someone help me please?? tx alot
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Big Steve H
Like it?
Just put this in my 1/4 Monocoupe converted, runs a 20x10 E pulls 77amp wot. Powered by 2 Turn 5c4500mah in series. Talk about authority plane weighs just at 18lbs auw. half throttle flyby's are impressive and still has plenty of power to climb out!. Gets around 12 mins flight and motor is just starting to get warm, ESC cool to touch. Turn 100 Sent... You can NOT go wrong with this motor!. Much better than the Turnigy equal...

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Overall Rating
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I am running this motor in a 26cc MX2 airplane with 18x8 wood JXF prop on 2c Zippy3000mah40C with 6c zippy 3000mah40c and she pulls 72 amps WOT get about 9min flight take off is on half throttle GREAT MOTOR will buy more have the lipo RX pack and Turnigy DLUX 120amp HV ESC

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Overall Rating
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Τhe motor is unbalanced and the test data is a joke!!2x4s turnigy 3600 30c will give about 70A max on a 21x12 prop .Its ok for my katana 120.

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Overall Rating
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I had to take the motor bell off the bell was rubbing the stator due to extra epoxy that dripped in the motor. I was worried it was no good. After sanding and cleaning the motor it works perfect. I gave it five stars but it is really 4 and 1/2. I will post prop data in a couple of weeks.

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Overall Rating
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I plan to mount this motor on a Sbach 300 in place of a 30cc gas engine. Waiting that the model be finished, I did some bench testing. In 6s, the values ​​shown in description isn't reached!? But, in 8s, this motor becomes "a monster" of power ... For the tests below, I powered with 2x 4s 5800mAh 25C Zippy compact, and controlled by a TGY Dlux ESC 120A. Propeller 18x10 - 7830RPM - 2653W - 89.8 A - Static pulling 8.5 kg Propeller 18x12 - 7830RPM - 3076W - 108A - Static pulling 9.3 kg Propeller 19x10 - 7230RPM - 3167W - 116.8 A - Static pulling 9kg You have to know that the estimated final weight of the model is 4,3kg... ;-) Waouh! After testing, I found one magnet was unglued. This was quickly resolved; I pushed it in his place, put a few drops of cyano and it's ready again... Finally, I think it's a very good engine, but surely not 6s. Blue skies! JClaude

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