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Turnigy G15 Brushless Outrunner 710kv

Turnigy G15 Brushless Outrunner 710kv
Turnigy G15 Brushless Outrunner 710kv

Designed to be a direct swap out for your 15 size glow engine. The Turnigy EasyMatch G15 brushless outrunner will provide more power and with its high efficiency, long run times.
A quality motor, built specifically for planes designed to fly with a 15 size glow engine.

Battery: 3~4 Cell /11.1~14.8V
RPM: 710kv
Max current: 42A
No load current: 11V/1.5A
Internal resistance: 0.034 ohm
Weight: 170g  (not including connectors)
Diameter of shaft: 5mm
Dimensions: 73x35

Test Data:
14.8v - 12x6 prop - 38A - 2160g Thrust

Suitable for sport and scale airplanes weighing 36 to 56 ounces (1.02–1.59kg).


Kv(rpm/v) 710
Weight (g) 170
Max Current(A) 42
Resistance(mh) 0
Max Voltage(V) 15
Power(W) 575
Shaft A (mm) 5
Length B (mm) 48
Diameter C (mm) 35
Can Length (mm) 30
Total Length E (mm) 73
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Total of 12 discussions.
rjeremica@gmail.  2 points - 10/7/2014
I have a PZ T28 and want to upgrade the motor. I have a 30 amp ESC. Will this G15 710kv fit without any modifications to the mount, ESC, stock prop, and stock battery* and will it boost the performance compared to the stock motor?
cjack  2 points - 12/22/2013
How many poles does this motor have? And what timing should I use 15 or 30 degrees?
 Marcal 117 points
14 poles, the timing is important but you should first check the frequency, it should be the number of poles divided by 2, in this case the nearest i could get from an YEP esc was 8KHz, I set 30deg of timing and with a 13/7 carbon retractable prop from HK, I'm getting near 400W. Using it in a glider Excell Competition 3, 1,7Kg and I have unlimited vertical.
rccfanatic  36 points - 11/7/2013
How would this motor work with a 8x4 either a 3 or 4cell lipo. Im still new to propping motors and am unsure about what you should look at. If anyone knows a good article that would help id appreciate it. I wanna upgrade my great planes electricub to brushless but im not sure what motor to get.
 Thomas 27 points
I think that an 8x4 is too small for this motor. For an 8x4 perhaps something like a 'park 450' type that into the search box
 Marcal 117 points
Your electricub could be set with this motor and with a 13/7 or a 13/8 prop on 3S (11.1V) you will get more trust than will need a 60Amp ESC
toon  1 points - 8/20/2013
can i use this with a 35a esc * 11.1v 25c, 11x8 prop?
 Thomas 6 points
Yes alsolutly no concern. I run the same setup in my park zone bf109.
 Thomas 6 points
Bench test 3s 25c - 19A - 210W - APC 11x8 4s 25c - 28A - 420W - APC 11x8
 Todd 78 points
This motor is rated for 575 watts. a 50 or 60 amp esc would be more appropriate. flying a 14 7 prop on 3s would yield 48 amps.
Gatux  22 points - 2/3/2013
Hi ! I would like to know if it is possible to make a powerful tricopter with 3 of these motors ? the tricopter would weigh 3kg/3,5kg depending of the number of bateries. I can't use more motors for my project. If you want to see what i'm looking to do, go on youtube and type "Mini Panther UAV". Thanks !
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Woaw... That is a big one. it look strong. I can't wait to put it in my plane and make it rush !

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Overall Rating
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Really great motor! Nothing wrong for the moment, it works very well. And yes you can get over 2kg of thrust! I’ve uploaded propellers test in “Files” check it out! Propellers: Master Airscrew 10”x5”; APC-E style 11”x5, 11”x7”, 12”x6”. Battery: Turnigy nano-tech 3000mah 4S 25~50C Lipo Pack ESC: Turnigy Multistar 45 Amp Multi-rotor Brushless ESC 2-6S (OPTO) Wattmeter: HobbyKing HK-010 Wattmeter & Voltage Analyzer Overall Rating 5 Crowns: I'm happy of this motor. Value 5 Crowns: great power for the price. Quality 4 Crowns: 4 because of the wires, I don't know how durable they are.

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Hello, I put it in a Small Edge from E-Flite 92cm wide. I test the motor here is the result : 12x6 - 11,1v (3S) - 25A - a little more than 8K rpm - No instrument for measuring trust. See you !

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