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HobbyKing™ Lipoly Low Voltage Alarm (2s~4s)

HobbyKing™ Lipoly Low Voltage Alarm (2s~4s)

Simple to use Lipoly low voltage alarm that is small and light for on board use, plug's into balance lead for detecting low voltage on individual cells. A loud alarm will sound and LED will change from Green to Red if any individual cell drops to 3.3v or below.

Lipoly Range: 2s~4s                              
Size: 38x25x11mm  
Weight: 7g
Voltage Accuracy: 0.03v
Low Voltage Alarm Threshold: 3.3v (per cell)


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Weight: 10g
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Chris flory  21 points - 4/21/2015
3.3v is a bit low... As a safety feature fine, but you would want to think about landing your aircraft before reaching 3.3v. Does anybody know if you can buy one of these that beeps at around 3.5v - 3.6v? I want to use in an FPV plane (I will hear the alarm through my camera mic) and I want it to beep when I have enough juice left to turn around and fly a couple of km home... at 3.3v it would probably be too late. I realise an OSD with current sensor is a solution but this is a very simple set up and i want to keep it simple and not add an OSD. thanks
 EstebanT 760 points
Find product ID: HK-CM-06. It allows you to adjust the alarm to any level you want between 3 and 4 volts, with steps of 0.05 volts.
pica_pau  45 points - 4/16/2015
I need a device similar to this one, but that, instead of beeping and sounding would cut the power supply. There are any device that acts like that?
 Kimmerek 330 points
Usually we program ESC to setup the cut off voltage :)
 pica_pau 45 points
I want to use it ti a very specific situation, and in this particular situation, there is no ESC!
 Djonsnel 59 points
Just take a relay and a variable resistor. dial in the voltage for witch you want to cut off the power with the resistor (using a multimeter) and the relay switches off the power.
John  1 points - 2/13/2015
Can any one tell me how loud this is? ie. Is it loud enough to hear if it was in a PEQ box on the side of my airsoft AEG? Thanks in advance
 handyjap 656 points
He only reference to the loudness I can give you is that I can hear the beeping sound even if the unit is inside a model plane at the distance of 40m and more.
 rider 44 points
You'll hear it. I have one mounted in a battery powered drill and it still can be heard with all the noises that drill produces
ray BR  107 points - 1/29/2015
indicated by friends as a good low battery alert. :)
 HobbyShun 180 points
It is.
 EricBR 403 points
not just a good one, but the best!
Matt  1 points - 1/26/2015
Is there any way to wire this to report the voltage to your receiver in real time?
 Matt 1 points
Sorry, I meant to the transmitter.
 AlbEagle007 584 points
In order to transmit the voltage to the radio, the radio and the receiver need to be telemetry capable. If they are telemetry capable, you won't need this to report the voltage, but you need sensors. If you happen to have Turnigy 9XR and FrSky D8R-II Plus, you can make a voltage sensor yourself, all you need is two resistors and connect it to A2 pin (this was just an example).
 Roger 6 points
What kind of transmitter are you running? If its a Turnigy or other one that runs on Lipo, then just plug this into the balance plug on your Lipo the same as you would on a plane.
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4 Stück gekauft, wurden vom Zoll beschlagnahmt weil das CE-Zeichen fehlt. HobbyKing leistet keinen Ersatz und fühlt sich nicht zuständig.

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Markus B.
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I love this smal alarm system. Easy to fit and very safe. After connetion, it check every cell of your Lipo and the horn will be activated for a second. It is very loud and a nice working tool for more saftey.

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Overall Rating
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very godd poduct!!!!

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model arac kullananlar icin gerekli bir ürün

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What a very good idea for plane.

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