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Turnigy L2210-1650 Bell Style Motor (250w)

Turnigy L2210-1650 Bell Style Motor (250w)

Turnigy L2210-1650 Bell Style Motor

Kv: 1650 rpm/v
Voltage:7.4~11.1v (2~3s)
No load Current: 1.3A
Max Current: 22A
Max Power: 250W
Shaft Size : 3mm
Shaft Length: 28mm
Dimension: 28mm x 17mm
Thrust: 520g
Weight: 50g

PRODUCT ID: L2210-1650

Kv(rpm/v) 1650
Weight (g) 50
Max Current(A) 22
Resistance(mh) 0
Max Voltage(V) 11
Power(W) 250
Shaft A (mm) -
Length B (mm) 28
Diameter C (mm) 28
Can Length (mm) 12
Total Length E (mm) 62
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MikeRodgers  13 points - 9/11/2015
I built a 30" delta wing and used this motor with a 30A esc. I seen a build on youtube that looked pretty cut and dry so I built one and the specs called for at least a 250W motor and a 6"-7" prop. I built it with the least amount of weight as possible I even cut the shaft and put a 3mm adapter on. I set everything up to the specs balanced to center of gravity using a 11.1v 2200mah 25c battery delta mixing done on my transmitter to work perfectly. After the build I tried to fly it with no success. Crashed every time I launched it. I have tried half throttle full throttle a 6050 prop a 5030 prop 6045 prop and still it just wont fly long enough for me to do anything. Should I be using a 7" or 8" prop on this motor? Hobby king doesn't have any recommended prop sizes for this motor. Does anyone have some advice or suggestions? I'm pretty sure it has to do with the prop but maybe this is just not the right motor for the job?
 Ral fRotten 2489 points
This motor requires a 8x4, 8x5 or 8x6 prop, I favor the 8x6 it's faster! apc or master airscrew are the best, with them you will pull between 25-28amps, I have it on 4 of my planes, they all weigh between 600grm-1kg, and they fly beautifully and quite fast! MAKE SURE IF IT'S A WING/DELTA YOU PUT 4MM-8MM OF "UP" ON THE ELEVONS!!! do not set elevons level! otherwise you will nose dive every time!!!
 MikeRodgers 13 points
I will try both of them. I'm new to planes so this Delta is my first step. I will try the 8" tomorrow weather allowing. In the video it said not to put more then 30% full up elevon but didn't say anything about not having them level on takeoff. With that said, I always have applied full up when I launched it with the same result (crash). The prop size explains it. I don't think I have a 8x6 but I do have a few 8045 props from a few quadcopters. Do you think I can get them to work, just as a test flight until I get the others in?
 Ral fRotten 2489 points
The 8x4.5 will be fine, make sure your elevons are at least 4mm "UP while in the neutral position, don't give it full up on launch! or it will go straight up and may stall!... If this is your first plane you have to get the CG RIGHT! or it wont fly at all!! CG is the most important thing on a wing!!!! you've chosen a wing to learn on is not the best move, you really need someone with a bit of experience in setting up the wing, REMEMBER the MOST important thing is GET the CG right!!!!!
 MikeRodgers 13 points
Thanks again for you advise. Yes the CG is spot on. My setup is a pushed with the battery down the nose so it made for a easy way to balance it up to CG. I have ordered the 8x6 but I will be trying the 8045 today. Thanks again
 Ral fRotten 2489 points
Goodluck with it, planes are harder to fly than quads, they don't self level, if you've bought a teksumo you have the perfect wing for a learner.
 MikeRodgers 13 points
I only fly acro quads so I don't use self leveling. Its no fun if your not in 100% control. :) I'm sure i'll pick it up pretty fast. I started flying a 400mm 3D quad so I feel good about the flying a wing. Thanks again.
 Ral fRotten 2489 points
Quads have gyro's planes do not, planes need constant attention, How did you go with your wing?
 MikeRodgers 13 points
Great, after working to get CG right. I have built a 48" and love it. It is much easier than I thought it would be. FYI my hyper 400 3D quad is much harder to fly but maybe its just because I had a good idea of the way it all works. Thanks again for your input.
 MikeRodgers 13 points
By the way this motor with the 8x6 prop didn't work out with a 30a esc I had to use a 40a esc because I kept blowing 30a's I'm not sure if a 7" prop would be better but on the 30" wing with a 8x6 is seems to be a little to big for this motor and a 30a esc. I have to give this motor 5 stars after what I put it thru and for it to still run as good as it does. Anyway thanks again
 Ral fRotten 2489 points
that's odd, I have 4 planes with this motor with an 8x6 on them and they all use a 30amp esc's, a teksumo, a popwing a modified bixler2 and a phazer moded to a pusher, my esc's are all from ebay, 3, 30amp mystery esc's and 1 turbojet 30amp esc and none of them draw more than 30amps, I don't know where your buying your esc's but I would'nt buy them from there anymore!
 MikeRodgers 13 points
If you say so, I don't know much about it. I was just telling you my experience. I also bought them off ebay and normally don't have any problems with them. I have a 2lbs. 2oz 450mm quad I use them on and have no trouble with them. I tried both a g-sun 30a and a hobbywing 30a on the 1lbs 1oz 30" wing including the battery and to burn 2 of them out back to back. Like I said a 40a works perfect and don't get hot like the 30a do. Even on the 2lbs quad with 2212 1000kv motors some get very hot and others don't. It was probably just a fluke and were just bad esc's. Anyway i'm over the 30"wing. I built a 48" with FPV and love it. Like I said 5 stars for this motor. It did do very well on the 30" reinforced wing with a 40a esc using a 8x6 APC and/or a 8x6 airscrew prop, 2 90g servos, 6ch receiver and ether 11v 1500mah battery. Anyway thanks again
 MikeRodgers 13 points
(11.1v 1500mah Or a 11.1v 2200mah battery)
diedadl  6 points - 7/25/2015
Hi pilots, got this motor in my corsair using three blade 8x6 prop, but in lower rpm it's whistling like it would like to shred itself to pieces. Like that sound because it is in corsair (whistling death), and doesn't matter w/out prop, it's still same noise. I'd like to get airborne with that bird, but a bit afraid, that the motor would to go to join the rest of corsairs in peace and take my plane with it. Is that whistling in low rpm normal? Thx for response.
 Ral fRotten 2489 points
Your prop is too big, I use this motor on a few of my wings and by memory it's pulling 28amps at around 280watts with a 8x6 2 blade propeller! If you want a 3 blade prop you should go down to a 6x4? 3 blade, I think you need to look at it with an amp meter to be safe, if you leave that prop on you will cook the motor!
 diedadl 6 points
Ah, don't think so. Don't have an amp meter, but did a torture test with prop on and no problem, motor or ESC either stayed cool, but thought about 8x4.5 anyway for try and compare.
Martin  2 points - 6/7/2015
Can you get replacement shaft for this motor?
 Ral fRotten 2489 points
Not really, if it snapped off at where the thread starts just use a 3mm prop adapter,
 Martin 2 points
Unfortunately it bent before the thread. Not too keen to s**** a going motor....even tho it is cheap... I have some NTM 3mm shafts , I will lathe a new c-clip groove to match the position on this motor and try it. I guess I could turn up some kind of prop adapter to mount directly onto the bell housing and just cut the shaft off flush. Ta.
 BrianB192 1757 points
Martin Hi again, Yes I cut my shaft off . about 10mm up from base, I use a adapter for this size shaft. 25mm Folding Propeller Adapter for 3mm Shaft
Gregster56  4 points - 5/6/2015
WHY ARE THE PROPS SIZES FRO ALL MOTORS NOT LISTED??????????????????????????????????????????????
 Ral fRotten 2489 points
prop size depends on lots of things, what s rating your battery is, the C rating of the battery, the make of prop, and whether the motor is in open air and easily cooled or internal and not cooled too well, it's best to use an amp meter to check your own setup rahter than relying on unreliable info...
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I replaced an Art-tech C2830-21 with this motor in a HK/RICCS TB-20 with a 9x6 SF prop and WOW! Full throttle with a Turnigy 1300mah 30-40C battery gave 3.5 minutes vs 5 for the C2830-21; however, the thrust difference was phenomenal. Normal flights with throttle control provides the same 6 minutes as the original setup. Time will tell as to endurance, but for now, I'm having fun.

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Nice Motor, no vibrations. Make sure you cyno or epoxy the base to the motor bearing tube as this is mostly where they come apart and the vibrations start instead of over tightening the grub screws as they damage the bearings. I run 8x3.8 TGY props on these and almost always they need a lot of balancing to get a smooth setup. So check this before you blame the motor. Bearings on mine are all good out the box.

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exelente motor para foamis

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ótimo motor. Uso ele em uma zagi 90cm com helice 7x6, fica muito rapida

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I bought two of these and they are the worst motors I have used , lots of vibrations, run hot, both burnt wiring, got about 30 min out of them, 1300mah 11.1 turnigy bat, 30amp plush turnigy esc, 9x5 prop super hot, 8x6 hot, 8x4 hot , 8x6 3 blade hot, 7x4 not too bad, cost to send back not worth it, and shafts are super soft, not a good buy, I have bought other motors from hk that are great but not these

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