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Turnigy L2210-1650 Bell Style Motor (250w)

Turnigy L2210-1650 Bell Style Motor (250w)

Turnigy L2210-1650 Bell Style Motor

Kv: 1650 rpm/v
Voltage:7.4~11.1v (2~3s)
No load Current: 1.3A
Max Current: 22A
Max Power: 250W
Shaft Size : 3mm
Shaft Length: 28mm
Dimension: 28mm x 17mm
Thrust: 520g
Weight: 50g

PRODUCT ID: L2210-1650

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Kv(rpm/v) 1650
Weight (g) 50
Max Current(A) 22
Resistance(mh) 0
Max Voltage(V) 11
Power(W) 250
Shaft A (mm) -
Length B (mm) 28
Diameter C (mm) 28
Can Length (mm) 12
Total Length E (mm) 62
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Weight: 77g
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Price  $10.10

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pilot4e  7 points - 6/22/2014
can i use 7x4 propeller for this motor on cessna 150 (1000mm wingspan 400gr.)?
 Callum 37 points
Yes that should work fine. In run mine on 8x6 and a HK 18-20A ESC. Runs beautifully so smaller prop and it will just be less strain on the motor.
 Ral fRotten 2167 points
I have a few planes with this motor 2 of them use an 8x4 and 1 uses an 8x6, all three run a 30amp esc and are pulling around 280watts, I advise anyone thinking of using this motor to cut the shaft where the thread begins and fit a normal prop adaptor, 2 of my shafts broke in flight and I have fitted adaptors to these great little motors!!
MickeSwe  2 points - 6/1/2014
What do i need to mount my prop on this? No accessories comes with it as far i can see?
 pilot4e 7 points
you need Propeller Adapter (Colet Type) 3MM.
 Callum 37 points
the easiest attachment method is prop saver. This will save prop in a crash as well. Try here (product ID - search the ID and it will list it directly): 19-502-3mX10
frances  6 points - 2/12/2014
I need to know shaft dia of the CG 1300
 Michele 169 points
you can use 3mm prop adapter!!!
frances  6 points - 2/12/2014
I broke the propeller of the j3 cub rtf from hobby king, I want to know if a collet prop adapter will work and what size prop should I get. The motor # says CG 1300
 frances 6 points
I need to know the shaft dia of the CG1300 so I can pick a prop adapter
 Andre_Meyer 13 points
Hey Frances. I had a green cub and destroyed it. Now I use this motor with a 3mm Collet style prop adapter and it works great. Only thing is the shaft is long but that is needed for the cub's cowl.
 Callum 37 points
You can just buy a standard prop saver like this (product code): OR019-00502-2MM
 kanga 1113 points
all you need is 2 washers and 2 lock nuts .put on 1st lock nut then a washer then prop then 2nd washer then the second lock nut . Most props come with the correct spacing inserts.
Simon  5 points - 2/9/2014
This esc would be fine for this engine? and 8x4 prop!
 Ral fRotten 2167 points
Yes it's OK, I have 2 planes running on that size esc with 8x5 props on that motor and have had no problems, I have had the threaded part of the shaft break on both motors but I use a normal 3mm prop adapter on the non threaded part of the shaft, it's a brilliant little power house! I always keep these motors as spares as well, great motor
 Simon 5 points
thanks for the help I bought Teksumo Hobbyking EPP Wing and now I would like better equipment! :)
 Simon 5 points
Hey Ral frotté* but can you tell me what servos do you have on your teksumo?
 Simon 5 points
hey Ral fRotten but can you tell me what servos do you have on your teksumo? What have you got any clip of your plane? Are you on FB if you got there any video? thank you
 Ral fRotten 2167 points
These are the servo's I have, HKSCM9-6 Singlechip Digital Micro Servo (6V) 10g / 1.6kg / 0.07s, PRODUCT ID: HKSCM9-6, they are the best of all the standard servo's, If you go to the "FILE" area of teksumo international warehouse you will see my layout there, there are quite a few pic's and of other peoples setups too, if you look at the pic "My layout perfect CoG" you will see my exact layout, the old digital servo's were orange coloured same servo as now just different colour, hope this helps you
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I replaced an Art-tech C2830-21 with this motor in a HK/RICCS TB-20 with a 9x6 SF prop and WOW! Full throttle with a Turnigy 1300mah 30-40C battery gave 3.5 minutes vs 5 for the C2830-21; however, the thrust difference was phenomenal. Normal flights with throttle control provides the same 6 minutes as the original setup. Time will tell as to endurance, but for now, I'm having fun.

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Nice Motor, no vibrations. Make sure you cyno or epoxy the base to the motor bearing tube as this is mostly where they come apart and the vibrations start instead of over tightening the grub screws as they damage the bearings. I run 8x3.8 TGY props on these and almost always they need a lot of balancing to get a smooth setup. So check this before you blame the motor. Bearings on mine are all good out the box.

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exelente motor para foamis

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ótimo motor. Uso ele em uma zagi 90cm com helice 7x6, fica muito rapida

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Overall Rating
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I bought two of these and they are the worst motors I have used , lots of vibrations, run hot, both burnt wiring, got about 30 min out of them, 1300mah 11.1 turnigy bat, 30amp plush turnigy esc, 9x5 prop super hot, 8x6 hot, 8x4 hot , 8x6 3 blade hot, 7x4 not too bad, cost to send back not worth it, and shafts are super soft, not a good buy, I have bought other motors from hk that are great but not these

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