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Birdie 20A Brushless ESC w/ 2A BEC

Birdie 20A Brushless ESC w/ 2A BEC

The Birdie range of ESCs are.. well.. CHEEP! CHEEP!

No frills (or feathers) here, just great value for money! Each and every Birdie ESC is QC checked by Hobbyking and placed under a 2 minute load test ensuring your Birdie will be ready to fly!

If your looking for an ESC with basic features and reliability at a bargain price you better bag a Birdie before they all fly the coop!

Weight: 18g
Size: 50x26x7mm
Cells: 2-3S
Max Current: 18A
Burst Current: 20A
BEC: 2A / 5v

Programming Options
Cell Type: Lipoly/NiMH
Brake: Enable/Disable


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RonRC  4450 points - 11/16/2012
Has anyone tried using this ESC to power the RX, 4 servos, and a HobbyKing multirotor control board? I have and it does so without even getting warm. It's almost like cheating with it being installed on my flat foam Extra 300.
 RonRC 4450 points
Just put one on my newly scratch built camera plane for stability. Flew it in some fairly strong winds too. These ESCs work great for airplanes with multirotor control boards. Some ESCs wont work at all. Happy flying!
 RonRC 4450 points
I used this ESC on my Flying Stop Sign as well with a 1200kv motor and an 8x4.5 prop and it flies great!
Xfly Brasil  22 points - 7/26/2012
Atmega or silabs?
18turbo  201 points - 4/16/2012
This looks quite a bit like the turnigy plush/hobbywing flyfun, can anyone confirm? If so, I would assume that the same programming card would work?
 18turbo 201 points
I might be wrong or specs are, it says that the plush is 1G heavier, slightly larger and does 4s
 RonRC 4450 points
Kevin, no, this is a simple SUPPO ESC. with only simple programming done with the TX. The default is Lipo and brake off. but can be changed to NiCad and brake on by using the SUPPO ESC instructions located here in the "Files" tab. Great little ESC for planes but not for multirotors. The processing speed is not fast enough and can burn out motors. Hope this helps!
 RonRC 4450 points
My camera plane has this ESC in it and uses the HK control board to control the aileron, elevator and rudder. All the ESC does here is power the board. It does not receive information from the control board. Here it is in action on a windy day over capotol lake in Olympia WA.
 18turbo 201 points
Thanks for the answer, thats exactly what i wanted it for. Guess ill stick with what i was using
RonRC  4450 points - 2/10/2012
No Question, just wanted to tell everyone that I've just uploaded instructions for this ESC. It's pretty simple. Hope this helps!
fred0000  109 points - 12/16/2011
suitable for 250 sized helicopter?
 fred0000 109 points
from what i've been reading and other questions i've posted this isn't a suitable ESC for the motor i'm using. this is a good ESC and I have 2 birdie ESC's (1*20a and 1*90a) and the quality is excelent
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This ESC looks very similar to HobbyKing SS series. Will see whether it has same issues :) Hopefully it works fine with 2S batteries unline HK SS ESC.

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