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HobbyKing™ Mi Digital Servo HV/MG 61g/8.40kg/0.03

HobbyKing™ Mi Digital Servo HV/MG 61g/8.40kg/0.03
HobbyKing™ Mi Digital Servo HV/MG 61g/8.40kg/0.03

The HK Mi Series servos represent the next break through in high precision servo technology. Using Magnetic Induction, rather than a potentiometer, for an unsurpassed level of accuracy and performance.

Voltage: 6.0v / 7.4v
Speed: 0.04sec/60deg (6.0v) - 0.03sec/60deg (7.4v)
Torque: (6.0v) - (7.4v)
Size: 40.1mm x 20.5mm x 39.4mm
Weight: 61g
Gear Train: Full Titanium Alloy
Motor: Coreless
Mi : Magnetic Induction, uses a Magnetic Rotary Encoder in place of a traditional potentiometer (invented in 1877). Magnetic Rotary encoders have a longer life and suffer less wear.


Weight (g) 61
Torque (kg) 8.4
Speed(Sec/60deg) 0.03
A(mm) 44
B(mm) 40
C(mm) 40
D(mm) 20.5
E(mm) 55
F(mm) 30
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Weight: 92g
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Price  $36.93

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 Customer rated
Total of 23 discussions.
Dominik  2 points - 2/12/2015
Hello, I can turn this Servo 360°* by Hand. Is this ok? Please Help :)
 Marius 1 points
It's fine. Not all servos have end points, they will work just like normal servos.
orgazmo  16 points - 6/24/2014
My motor is dead, anyone know a reference of this motor ?
Mikhail  56 points - 1/14/2014
this is servo supported 2s lipo? or mast use this servo 2s Life?
 skyfox60 1219 points
It is rated to 7,4V So I suest not to use a 2S LiPo, because it has 8,4V fully chrged. A 2S LiFe is fine, but be sure not to use a so called receiver LiFe with 5C rating only, thatß*s not good. Use a 20 or 30C LiFe instead cause this servos may take high peaks of current. I use it on the tail with 6V and it is fast like a flash. After turning your helis tail, it does not stop, it nails on. :-)), even though it runs smooth and has much torque also. So this is a "all you may want to have" servo.
orgazmo  16 points - 11/15/2013
2 gears on my servo is KO, but these gear are same on SG-5010 T*werpro servo. gears are compatible
 orgazmo 16 points
Older version of SG-5010. new serie are not compatible
PRASENJIT  2 points - 10/20/2013
what is the frequency of this servo????????
Customer Reviews
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Bought 4 to install into my new 3DHS 71" AJ Slick electric. They use a Futaba spline, but since it comes with strong arms as well as standard arms, I found no need to upgrade. The leads are 30cm long which leave the perfect amount outside the wing to connect the ailerons on the AJ Slick. They use the JR connector for universal compatability. They are super fast to the point they will follow a bouncing stick if you let it go. Has serious power to not faulter under the strain of a fullspeed snap roll. This does come at the price of high current, and they are noisy when holding a particular position that is at a fractional step, but a click of trim usually shuts them up. I found this to be a nuisince at most as it just tells me how hard these servos work to keep a precise position.
I was a bit weary about using them in a high performance investment like the Slick, but so far I don't reget it at all!

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Overall Rating
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I buy this servo and place inside my rc sakura s. this servo so fast and so accurate. I just use Flysky GT3B radio. The result is incredible. I recommend for everyone need cheaper servo.

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Overall Rating
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This servo is outta this world. I am using in my 1/10th scale VTA car. Fits perfectly in the Team Associate Tc5. Super fast and amazing torque. Also it stays really cool with the metal housing and I have not had one issue yet.

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Overall Rating
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-great product, recommended!

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Overall Rating
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I received this servo today and already placed it in my 1/10 electric touring car. It has an insane speed and very good feel. I need to test it in the race track but first impresion is that this is a high end racing servo!

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