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2.4Ghz Micro Coax Helicopter 4 Channel (RTF - Mode 1)

2.4Ghz Micro Coax Helicopter 4 Channel (RTF - Mode 1)
2.4Ghz Micro Coax Helicopter 4 Channel (RTF - Mode 1)

This little coax heli is a blast to fly, in fact its so easy that a complete beginner can pick up the controller and be flying in just minutes.

The Helicopter comes completely assembled and all you need to do is charge the included battery using the supplied USB cable or via the transmitter and you will be ready to fly in around 15 minutes.

The included 2.4ghz transmitter with digital trims offers interference free flying while the built in gyro ensures stable and level flight. A spare set of blades come with the kit to get you back in the air if you have any bumps.

Weight: 24grams
Size: 189 x 39 x 119mm
Battery: 1s Lipoly (Included)
Radio: 4 Channel 2.4Ghz (Included)

6 x AA Batteries


Weight: 634g
International Warehouse
Price  $30.95

  • 2 Pin 6 x Pico Plug Charging Set Eflite compatible.

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  • HK136 & HK190 - Landing Skid and battery Mount

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  • HK136 - Main Blade (4pcs/set)

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 Customer rated
Total of 44 discussions.
RonRC  4118 points - 2/25/2014
Has anyone ever considered converting this into a flying sphere??
 RonRC 4118 points
These are great little helis for the money. Even less now than when I got mine!
Warior Team  142 points - 12/23/2013
Eu warehouse Please
E-Revo  21 points - 2/1/2013
В*о*п*р*о*с*: Е*с*т*ь* л*и* з*а*п*а*с*н*ы*
ч*а*с*т*и* к* э*т*о*м*у* в*е*р*т*о*л*ё*
090*у*? И*н*т*е*р*
М*о*т*о*р*ы*, л*о*п*а*с*т*и*,&#
и* т*.д*.
Andrew  3 points - 1/24/2013
Can't seem to find it! Keep having to disconnect the battery!
 lildevilx 283 points
maybe its not bind properly
try rebinding it by doing the following

1. Disconnect the battery from the heli and turn your radio off
2. Press and hold the down the throttle on your remote (there is a button there if you push it down it will click)
3. turn the radio on with the button push down, the light will start flashing green and red
4. release the button on the radio and connect the battery to the heli (you have to do step 3 and 4 quite fast~~)

It should be bind after doing that~
 Andrew 3 points
actually binding is ok but i was trying to find the on off switch so that i did not have to keep disconnecting the battery
 lildevilx 283 points
Ooo ahaha, sorry in that case then no there wouldn't be
typically with these micro heli they won't have any switches to turn it on and off since they want to reduce as much weight as possible...
if you really want tho, i'm sure you can find a super lightweight switch and solder it on your self~
 lildevilx 283 points
you are referring to the heli right?
 Andrew 3 points
yep the heli... the manual seems to suggest that there in an on-off switch!
 lildevilx 283 points
Ooo does it? how weird, never looked at the manual anyways
marcelo  15 points - 11/27/2012
Nã*o e compatí*vel com eflite ?
 Andrew 3 points
Sorry meant to say where is the on off switch
 marcelo 15 points
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
Heli just arrived. I am struggling a little with my nine eagles solo. Got this one to help the transition. Well out of the box put in the 6 AA (not supplied) I'm into the air :) Early days - very impressed. Caution..The battery clip is a little tight on the supplied battery and nearly pulled the battery plastic apart when i disconnected. Into the air for around $50 - how good is that!

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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
you can bind this heli with a turnigy 9x. get you 9x into binding mode then get you heli and plug it in wait for the light to blink slowly on the heli turn off the 9x NOT the heli turn the 9x on in normal mode and it should be working. this works with hk-136 hk-189 hk-190

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Overall Rating
Like it?
Flyes well, but not very stable. Can't fly outside, because even small wind makes it impossible. Have one issue. Bind it to 9X TX and when I wanted to bind it back, I'v found that it's own TX didn't go in bind mode. So I opened it and discovered, that throttle stick can't reach button, that is need to be pressed to go in bind mode. Have to pressed it manualy with screwdriver and then was able to bind.

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Overall Rating
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I bought 2, one flew like a drunken sailor. The other one flew ok but they are very very fragile, plastic is very brittle. Not recommended

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Overall Rating
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this helicopter is the best i have seen in this price class. it is so easy to fly I'm impressed!

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