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Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 3548- 1050kv Brushless Outrunner Motor

Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 3548- 1050kv Brushless Outrunner Motor
Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 3548- 1050kv Brushless Outrunner Motor

Turnigy SK3 Motors are the next leap forward in motor quality and design. We instructed the engineers to source the best quality magnets, bearings and materials available to them and develop a motor that would not only rival, but surpass the quality of many leading motor manufactures on the market today. The result is an efficient, high caliber motor using quality double shielded bearings, sintered Neodymium magnets and a string wound stator ensuring an accurate and consistent winding each and every time. The Turnigy SK3 motors are suited to modelers who are seeking a quality brushless motor without compromise. Specs.Turns: 8TVoltage: 3~4S LipolyRPM/V: 1050kvInternal resistance: 0.016 OhmMax Loading: 50AMax Power: 820WShaft Dia: 5.0mmBolt holes: 25mmBolt thread: M3Weight: 176gMotor Plug: 3.5mm Bullet Connector

PRODUCT ID: SK3-3548-1050

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Kv(rpm/v) 1050
Weight (g) 176
Max Current(A) 50
Resistance(mh) 16
Max Voltage(V) 15
Power(W) 820
Shaft A (mm) 5
Length B (mm) 50
Diameter C (mm) 37
Can Length (mm) 28
Total Length E (mm) 70
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Weight: 292g
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Price $36.73

  • Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 35-XX Spare Accessory Pack

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  • Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 3548 Series Replacement Shaft Set

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littleimp  7 points - 10/26/2014
What size prop does this motor require for optimum performance on 4s? It's for a skywalker 1880 carbon and at the moment have 11x6 on. Meter shows 32a and 385W which is pooor compared to the specs and plane is way too low in power. Struggles to stay airbourne at max power.
 littleimp 7 points
Tell a lie prop is 11x5.5. Just ordered 12x6 as 12 is maximum i can go.
keithw124  11 points - 9/18/2014
5x10x4mm bearing
greg  2 points - 9/4/2014
i need to know which bearings to purchase for this motor any help would be great. New motor never left the ground yet easier just to buy new bearings than go through the warrantee process.
don  14 points - 9/2/2014
can I reverse this motor for a right hand prop , no left hand props available, thanks
 littleimp 7 points
Changing 2 power leads around reverses brushless motors
guus4  110 points - 3/10/2014
What size of prop is needed with 4S. Have it in my dogfither with graupner cam speed prop 8x6 it pulls 32 amps, a little bit to low. Do I need 9x6 or 9x7 or bigger ?
 RichG64 31 points
If you want more speed then yes!! the larger the diameter the more thrust (better climb and acceleration) and the more pitch the greater speed.I run an old type sk3 3542 1250kv in a E Flite Shoestring on a 4s with an APC 8x8 and its fine .I think you could go to a 9x8 or even 9x9 check with a watt meter first tho!!
 Raja Z 12 points
I am sure you can easily put 11X6 on 4S. 820 W is lot of power.
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2nd prop test as follows..
12x6 apc prop.
full charged 3 cell nano tech 35/70 c rating.
42 amps
530 watts.
60 amp esc
ran for 15 secs and the motor was not even warm

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Well made motor and accessories. Nice to have flexible silicon coated wires on a motor for a change. Vibration free and easy to install. Put it in my 1250mm Tigermoth and it max's out at 30 amps on 3S with an 11 x 4 Master Airscrew prop and 39 amps with 11 x 5. I am going to go with the 11 x 4.

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so far so good

initial quality seems very nice, nice packaging, finish looks nice and just overall quality looks as good as I have seen in other fare priced motors. the packaging was very good but no data at with the motor as with the gold motors. I mounted to the plane and ran it some. Seems very powerful, nice quiet and smooth. (sorry no numbers here). I ordered this as a replacement for a eflite yak motor (lost in unplanned landing) on my carbon z yak and after purchase had my doubts that it would actually be powerful enough. I have not had a chance to fly yet, however after my initial run ups on the plane I seriously doubt there will be any power issues with this on this 4lb bird. bad weather for now though...

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OK, First flight today. PLENTY of power. Flys at 40pcnt throttle and at 100pcnt screems. problem. 1st flight I took it a little easy. Very quiet, nice power. A 6 minute flight was no problem with a 4s 3000mah on my 4lb yak 54. HOWEVER always a "but". The 2nd and 3rd flight I noticed more and more noise from the motor. It actually became very loud. It doesnt sound or feel broke, just very.........whiny?...? like bearing noise. No wobble or play and no noticeable loss of power, just noisy. On the 4th and final flight I actually though it cut out twice for just a split second. I have a new esc as well so not sure if there is an issue there. Nothing was even remotely warm when I landed on any flights and the last two I was ripping it up. I would have to say it could possibly be hitting 75 mph!.

sk3 3548-110kv
12 x 6 apc e
80a esc
4s 3000mah
ws: 48"
weight: 4lb

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bearings are shot after very little use.

using new balanced APC-e prop with no strikes etc....

I have contacted customer service about the issue.

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