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Turnigy RotoMax 50cc Size Brushless Outrunner Motor

Turnigy RotoMax 50cc Size Brushless Outrunner Motor
Turnigy RotoMax 50cc Size Brushless Outrunner Motor

Upgrade your 50cc size gas engine model with the Turnigy RotoMax 50cc Brushless outrunner motor. This motor will provide clean and efficient power for your large scale aircraft without the mess and hassle of nitro fuel.

When combined with a 10s Lipoly battery, 24x12/26x12" Propeller and a 180Amp ESC the RotoMax motor will supply punchy, responsive power that only an electric setup can provide.

This motor is specifically suited for carbon fiber & wooden propellers and features an IC style 4 bolt hole design. The shaft has also been tapped to suit a 4mm bolt to make fitting a spinner of your choice easy.

Battery: 10 Cell / 37V
RPM: 172kv
Max current: 120A
Watts: 5300w
No load current: 44V/1.65A
Internal resistance: 0.021 ohm
Weight: 1080g
Diameter of shaft: 10mm
Suggested ESC: 180A 12S Compatible
Suggested Prop: 24x12 Majzlik / 26x12 APC


Kv(rpm/v) 172
Weight (g) 1080
Max Current(A) 120
Resistance(mh) 21
Max Voltage(V) 44
Power(W) 5300
Shaft A (mm) 10
Length B (mm) 102
Diameter C (mm) 80
Can Length (mm) 50
Total Length E (mm) 142
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Anastácio  2 points - 10/11/2016
Can this motor be run with 13s 30A LI-ion battery pack?
Anastácio  2 points - 10/11/2016
Can this motor be run with 13s LI-ion battery pack?
Dmitri  14 points - 7/7/2016
I found brushless outrunners from 11.5kwt to 35kwt Good for electric paramotor project on epowerhobby****
amnon  6 points - 4/1/2016
The main question is how long time flight can i get?, My biggest model airplanes electric motor with no more than 5 minutes flight which is very inconvenient compared with gasoline engines that can fly up to a half hour.
 StevieO 22 points
It really depends on what capacity batteries you use, their discharge rate and the final setup (i.e. prop type/size, weight of the aircraft). There are plenty of calculators available on the net that you can punch some figures into and get a rough idea on what your flight times would be based on those factors.
MultiX  18 points - 3/27/2016
If i run this on 10s, will i still get 5300w??????? I dont need the rpm
 MultiX 18 points
sorry i meant 8s!!!!!!!
 SMPRC 127 points
No, the motor is limited by a max current. The higher voltage offered from 10S multiplied times the max current will give you the max watts. And since the rated 120A/5300W limit is also obtained by using a 12S battery (120A X 44V = 5300W) you can't even get 5300W on 10S. Best power on 8S (say 30V nominal) is only 3600W. Does this all make sense?
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Excelente motor, acabamento de primeira linha, vou usar em um Sbach 342/ 60cc. Excellent engine, finish line first, I will use in a Sbach 342 / 60cc

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nice build,at idle on 24v the current was 3,7Amp.not like in the hk description 1,6Amp at44v

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I got impatient so retro fitted the rotomax into my Hanger 9 260 27pcnt, the whole conversion from DLE55 to rotomax took about 2hours and consists of 2 x 6s 5000mah turnigy Lipos, 160HV speedy and the prop off the DLE which is a 23x8 carbon Mej. Results on Eflite watt meter 4580watts @ 103 amps after 20sec

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Measured Data: Kv= 190; Ri=16mOhm; Io=2.3A@8V; Weight 1070gr. Motor has 28poles and 24 tooths. Mechanical precision very good. Winding could be better to come down with Ri to Hacker Q80-8M but at this price an excellent motor.

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Tried it some minutes ago with 21x10 woodprop. Batteries: 2x Rhino 6s1p 4900mAh 25C with more than 100 cycles. Current: max. 120A Voltage: 43V at full throttle Power: 5160 Watt Because the power will be even more with new batteries (with higher C-rate (>30C)) I will mount a Will try it again with new batteries and a 20x10 prop.

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