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Turnigy 160A 1:8th Scale Sensorless ESC w/Fan

Turnigy 160A 1:8th Scale Sensorless ESC w/Fan
Turnigy 160A 1:8th Scale Sensorless ESC w/Fan

Turnigy 160A 1:8th Scale Sensorless ESC w/Fan

Input Voltage: 2~4 Cell Lipoly
Operating Current: 120A (160A Peak)
LVC Cut-off: Autodetect (3.2v/Cell)
Over input voltage protection: Above 5S
Thermal Protection: 95deg C
Lost RX Protection: Yes, Delay 0.5sec
BEC: 6v, 3A
Dimensions: 54.9x47x36mm
Weight: 116g

Programming Options*
Battery Type: Auto, NiCD, NiMH
Operation Mode: Forward/Revers, Forward Only
Initial Brake: 10% ~ 80%
Drake Brake: 0% ~ 30%
Motor Timing: Low, Normal, High
Acceleration: Low Medium, High
Forward Limit: 0% ~ 90%
Reverse limit: 10% ~ 100%
Drive Frequency: 8Khz, 16Khz
Dead Band: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 
Rotation: Normal, Reverse

* Requires programming box.

PRODUCT ID: 9192000001

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  • Turnigy 1/8th Scale 4 Pole Brushless Motor - 2100KV

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  • Turnigy 160A 1:8th Scale Sensorless ESC Programming Box

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Scott  1 points - 11/20/2015
Hi all. I have 1 of these speed controllers which came in a car I got second hand. I'm trying to calibrate the car to the the controller but I can't seem to work out the right order. I have tryed searching online for a manual or something but can't find anything. If anyone has any ideas on how to do this or where I might find a manual or something online that would be much appreciated. Thanks very much Scott.
 Razrmama 13 points
Hi Scott, klick on files here for the manual, or use the link
Ange Noire  2 points - 7/19/2015
Hi Stephan, Mine completely burn after 3rd tour on track....
Boblucio  8 points - 7/14/2015
Hi guys. I need ESC to be installed in a Team Associated SC8e 1/8 Race Truck. Could you suggest from HK products?
PEBAUMAS  6 points - 10/1/2014
Problem solved ! The controller does not work with a 41MHz transmitter but worked well with a transmitter 2,4ghz . Thank you .
PEBAUMAS  6 points - 9/23/2014
If you please help me! I can not calibrate the ESC with the transmitter (Futaba 3PM). When you have to "Pull to full Throttle, the green LED does not flashing. Thank you for helping me.
 rc-france-mode 1026 points
dead too
 darren 13 points
all brushless systems require 2.4ghz radio systems
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Help me with I need a manual card progam of this ESC. I have read many times but still can not use it ESC 150A was the test with 4047-2000kv motor work effectively and well on 4s. I have not tried working with the 5s because the motor is 4s

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Overall Rating
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Foi testado e está a funcionar

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Overall Rating
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This ESC fits well for my serpent 811-Be with a 2560kv motor & 4s lipo.

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happy with size weight but i cant stop it from chattering i have been waiting for a long time for this and a little disapointed

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Overall Rating
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Bought this for my RC8B to convert to E. Bought the Turnigy Digital Card & Turnigy 2100KV & 2 Turnigy 5000mah 14v Lipo. WOW setup my M11 like the instructions stated. Ran a fast config for the ECS an I'm thrilled with this setup. I cant wait to see how this thing is going to perform after it's adjusted with Digital Card. I highly recommend this product!!

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