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Turnigy 160A 1:8th Scale Sensorless ESC w/Fan

Turnigy 160A 1:8th Scale Sensorless ESC w/Fan
Turnigy 160A 1:8th Scale Sensorless ESC w/Fan

Turnigy 160A 1:8th Scale Sensorless ESC w/Fan

Input Voltage: 2~4 Cell Lipoly
Operating Current: 120A (160A Peak)
LVC Cut-off: Autodetect (3.2v/Cell)
Over input voltage protection: Above 5S
Thermal Protection: 95deg C
Lost RX Protection: Yes, Delay 0.5sec
BEC: 6v, 3A
Dimensions: 54.9x47x36mm
Weight: 116g

Programming Options*
Battery Type: Auto, NiCD, NiMH
Operation Mode: Forward/Revers, Forward Only
Initial Brake: 10% ~ 80%
Drake Brake: 0% ~ 30%
Motor Timing: Low, Normal, High
Acceleration: Low Medium, High
Forward Limit: 0% ~ 90%
Reverse limit: 10% ~ 100%
Drive Frequency: 8Khz, 16Khz
Dead Band: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 
Rotation: Normal, Reverse

* Requires programming box.

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Price $54.43

  • Turnigy 1/8th Scale 4 Pole Brushless Motor - 2100KV

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  • Turnigy 160A 1:8th Scale Sensorless ESC Programming Box

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stephane  1 points - 9/9/2014
i just received my replacement esc (the first one was faulty), installed it and it's faulty as well! :(
 rc-france-mode 798 points
same problem with 2.all DOA. 1 work 5 min and dead too. never buy again this
Jaromir  1 points - 8/5/2014
Hello please how programing box can I use thank you
DOMINICK  9 points - 7/27/2014
Hi has any 1 else tryed this ESC on 5c yet , mine wont have it on the 5c , its ok on 4c thx
Fernando  7 points - 5/28/2014
Will this work with a 4 pole motor 2650kv ??
 Chris 21 points
I wouldn't reccomend it honestly. The 2650kv burst current is likely to be quite high, especially in grass, or any other high drag surface. It's likely to be right on the edge, so you may be able to get away with it if you gear it very gently, or you're driving style and area are easygoing. If not, i'd go for a 150amp.
 Fernando 7 points
Chris, I am running the Leopard 2650kv with this Turnigy 160A (120) esc and a 4s 5000 nano tech. It's working fine on a Ofna LX2E, I'm running a 20T pinion gear, the esc gets a little hot but it didn't hit the thermal protection yet, even on the grass. I would recommend this esc. But the buyer must adjust the lipo cell cut-off, with the stock setting of 3.2v the cells goes below 3v.
Michael  5 points - 3/31/2014
Der Regler hat eine Schwachstelle. Am Rand der Platine ist eine Lö*tstelle die sehr empfindlich ist auf Vibrationen und Stö*ß*e. Wem der Regler auf einmal aus geht und tot zu sein scheint, einfach Gehä*use ö*ffnen, anlö*ten und mit Kleber die Stelle sichern. Fü*r jeden der den Regler neu kauft wü*rde ich empfehlen, die Lö*tstelle gleich vorab zu sichern.
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Help me with I need a manual card progam of this ESC. I have read many times but still can not use it ESC 150A was the test with 4047-2000kv motor work effectively and well on 4s. I have not tried working with the 5s because the motor is 4s

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Overall Rating
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Foi testado e está a funcionar

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Overall Rating
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This ESC fits well for my serpent 811-Be with a 2560kv motor & 4s lipo.

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Running it in my 8th scale truggy and it works exelent for the money! The build qulity is just as good as my mmm, the transmitter setup is strait foward. The setup box works well allthough i agree with a previous reviewer the bottons are mixed up.I would give it 5stars aross the board but for one bad thing I found. On 5s it trips the lvc constantly. so if you get this contoller and plan on running 5s do your self a favor and grab a cheap 5s lvc alarm. Other than that this controller is perfect

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happy with size weight but i cant stop it from chattering i have been waiting for a long time for this and a little disapointed

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