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Stinger 64 EDF Sport Jet 700mm Red EPO (RTF - Mode 2)

Stinger 64 EDF Sport Jet 700mm Red EPO (RTF - Mode 2)
Stinger 64 EDF Sport Jet 700mm Red EPO (RTF - Mode 2)

The Stinger 64 certainly has style, a great looking and flying EPO Sport jet that is a great size to throw in the car and go and have fun.

The EPO construction & pre-applied decals are all excellent quality, in fact as you are assembling the Stinger your confidence grows with it, everything is just "right". Assembly time is really fast, with servos, EDF & ESC all being pre-installed. The aileron servo arms are protected by covers, there are hand launch pockets molded into the under-wing, really strong magnets for the canopy & a nice clean battery bay where everything fits just so, this jet has been really well thought out. The supplied 2.4ghz radio is pre-bound to the pre-fitted reciever and ready to go, the radio features trims, channel reverse and tail mixing for other models.

The Stinger looks great and manages to fly even better than it looks! There is a servo per elevator and of course the Stinger has an effective rudder as all Sport Jets should, all of the servos are mounted at the rear with short control rods, the end result is precision. This jet is so capable, it is fast for a 3s/64mm class Jet but has a large flight envelope and is quite happy flying at low speed, ultra stable and ultra predictable, it is ideal for the new jet pilot but wind it up and it becomes a brilliant aerobatic model which is where the Stinger really excels. Jet aerobatics always look exciting and there is nothing the Stinger can not do and almost effortlessly. Stinger 64 just can not be bettered in this class of jet, it has it all, looks, performance, price & quality, just make sure you take plenty of packs to the field, this jet is totally addictive!

Wingspan: 700mm
Length: 800mm
Flying Weight: 540g
EDF: 64mm with 2627 4300kv Brushless Outrunner
ESC: 30A w/BEC
Servo: 9g x 5

2.4ghz 4 Channel Mode 2 radio & 8 Channel RX
All Hardware

1600mAh~1800MaH 3S Lipoly Battery
8 x AA Dry Cell Batteries


2 1:IC/2:Elec 4 Channel 700mm (27.56in) 800mm (31.50in) 540g (1.188lb)

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Total of 12 discussions.
S T E K A  301 points - 2/13/2013
peter  1 points - 2/9/2013
why is this model not availalble in australia Stinger 64 EDF Sport Jet 700mm Red EPO (RTF - Mode 2)
AV8Tricks  4 points - 12/31/2012
Cristiane Soares  10 points - 12/13/2012
hey any one here know. if model 2 its left hand trot. or right hand trot.???
 Louis 41 points
Hi, Mode 2 = Throttle on the left stick, Mode 1 =Throttle on the right stick, Cheers!
James  5 points - 11/10/2012
Will these higher output batteries be suitable for this plane - #ZC.2200.3S.25/26466 ZIPPY Compact 2200mAh 3S 25C Lipo Pack?
Customer Reviews
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Brilliant model... Im using Lander 64mm fan with 4300kv motor, Turnigy 2650 4S batteries, Trust 55A esc and HXT900 servos... good for better than 200kph and nice to fly. Check out 2nd flight here -

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Overall Rating
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Really a god flyer! This video is from stock Stinger except engine is changed to a 3500kv because 4s LiPo is used. Watch video and make your own mind about

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Overall Rating
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check out this video of a modified hobbyking Stinger.capable of some awesome speed!

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Overall Rating
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Great machine, good quality for very little money. This is my first Jet and after the easy assembly (good instructions), I just added batteries and it flew beautifully strait from my hand. Required a tiny bit of trim in roll only with the C of G set at 70mm. Highly recommended.

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Overall Rating
Savannah Flyer
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I flew the first five flights yesterday on my Stinger. I used 1600, 1800, and 2200 batteries, mostly 40C. Light winds. The plane flew beautifully on all weight batteries. Not lightning fast, but quick, very capable, knife edge, loops, rolls, all very smooth and nice. No landing gear, hand launched without issue. 1800 is the battery of choice for lightness and five minute flights. Plenty of power for straight and level launches. A bit of wind helps the launch. Power dives were fast, nice sound, very gentle landings. You can slow the plane down to a walk with even a little breeze. I deducted one star for flaking paint caused by grass landings. Everything else perfect. 40 minute assembly AND setup!

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