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NX-4005-650kv Brushless Quadcopter Motor

NX-4005-650kv Brushless Quadcopter Motor
NX-4005-650kv Brushless Quadcopter Motor

If youre serious about your quad-copters performance, then look no further than the AX-4005. Built with high-end 45SH magnets, a high pole count and custom motor mount, this quad-motor is designed purely for multi-rotor applications.

The AX-4005 includes a built in prop saver for GWS style props and a built in aluminum mount for quick and easy installation on your quadcopter frame.

This is not a modfied aeroplane outrunner. It was designed from the ground up for quad copters.

Kv: 650rpm/v
Turns: 24T
Resistance: 0.147Rm
Idle Current: 0.6A
Can size: 45mm
Can Length: 10mm
Shaft: 3mm (Includes Prop saver mount for GWS style props)
Suggested ESC Amps: 20A
Rated Watts: 130W
Weight: 59g
Cell count: 3~4S Lipoly

Prop adapter suit 5mm propeller

PRODUCT ID: NX-4005-650

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Kv(rpm/v) 650
Weight (g) 56
Max Current(A) 20
Resistance(mh) 0
Max Voltage(V) 15
Power(W) 130
Shaft A (mm) -
Length B (mm) 45
Diameter C (mm) 10
Can Length (mm) 8
Total Length E (mm) 34
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Weight: 73g
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Price  $30.81

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Total of 45 discussions.
samit  1 points - 1/25/2015
how to calculate a thrust of a motor and flight time of a motor with the battery..? please provide the complete details my email id samitgupta*hotmail****
fzr1000  1 points - 7/22/2014
Can someone help please. One of the propeller adapters broke. Where can i buy replacement?
 Fl_red61 111 points
I have the exact same problem. Please help!
minhaj  1 points - 3/16/2014
if can lift 4kg extra weight using this motor on quad rotor and also tell me about ESCs that are suitable for use with these motors* and sutable for apm 2.6?
 illusive 46 points
If you use 8 of them, sure you can lift 4KG on a quad? Maybe you can just lift off the ground. But not much else. Any 20 amp ESC should work. Yes they will work with APM or any other flight controller.
BlakeH41  1 points - 1/4/2014
Mounting screw sizes?
 Abhilekh 254 points
looks like M2.5
bambooflyer  2 points - 12/7/2013
Is there any experience with driving the props from the very first electrical R/C flyers? The props are made with the knowledge of the wakefield models: the D/P ratio is about 1:1, the rpms are quite below 2000/min (MPX E-1, Graupner Hi-Fly, both from '73, two motors in the wing). The Mosquito's prop from '75 is the same like Hi-Fly's with a bigger center piece: about 14.5"x15.5", originally 1700/min. Those from Robbe, Carrera are quite similar, Astro Flight/Bob Boucher didn't use a gear. Is it possible to use this motor instead of the old Mabuchi 540 RS with 1:6? I like LiFePos, two cells make about 7.0V fresh from the charger down to 6.2V while switching off. And yes: I'm able to read the specs *-) Nearby is the quite similar NX-4006-530kv: same question.
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Nice wide can motor for quadrucopters. The additional prop adapter is handy for sturdier props, but if you want to go with GWS style or other thin shaft props then you can simply remove the aluminum prop adapter and use the rubber ring to mount directly on the shaft and making use of the 2 very long set screws the motor comes with.

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I got mine for use on a Quad Copter. I havent tested it yet, it looks great, and I think it will be very powerful. The finish is great and the mounting holes are a good way to mount them!

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Otimo produto. Recomendo a compra...

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This motor does not fit on HpbbyKing quadcopter frame V1! Be carefull. I don't understand why HK does not advise for this. I will adapt a frame dedicated, but really I am not happy for this.

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Really smooth running and well made motor.Keyed magnets,silicone wires,grooves in shaft for the grub screws to lock into. The shaft is held with two grub screws and the supplied prop adaptor has two grub screws too.It is a snug and secure fit. On my 1kg quad i am using 10 by 3.8 apc slowfly props.This fits the adapter with their supplied 5mm ring.Getting 12 mins on a 2200 3 cell.On an 1800 4 cell the quad is really powerful and will easily lift another 400 grams but the motors are still barely warm. Note-The outside three holes are for mounting, and require M2.5 bolts. On a shallow note,i really like the look of these low profile motors..

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