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Mr JIG - Soldering Aid

Mr JIG - Soldering Aid
Mr JIG - Soldering Aid

Mr JIG - Soldering Aid (and all round nice guy)

This handy little gizmo makes soldering plugs a breeze! The clamp features cavities that will accommodate 2mm and 3.5mm bullet plugs, XT-60 plugs, T-Connectors, Traxxas plugs and many more while up top you will find holes for 5.5mm and 4mm bullet connectors.

Size: 53mm x 49mm x 20mm
Weight: 103g
Material: Aluminum

* Note: Aluminum is a conductive material, never place 2 plugs from the same battery pack in Mr Jig simultaneously or he will get upset.


Weight: 125g
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Price  $10.49

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Total of 19 discussions.
2903nostrand  2 points - 6/24/2013
This is another item which not only I would be glad to order it from the German warehouse. Can HK can give information on this?
Jakub  2 points - 5/23/2013
I use it with my 100W soldering station. Works perfect!
hoggdoc  17 points - 5/11/2013
Doesn't the metal of the jig suck all the heat out of the connectors making it difficult to melt the solder?
 canterburyflyer 333 points
Wayne, I have this very model coming, they have two models you know, the other has carbon fiber top plate. Its a "New Item" I think. It wouldn't be so conductive. But if you are using a 15 watt iron like i was trying, you're right the alll alum. plate would hinder the soldering process which is why I also have the 60w vari/temp. soldering station coming as well Hehehe
 Esteban 11 points
for tin solder wire 4mm 80a welder I use with less power heat up a lot, but not founded tin depends on good soldering tin melt very well and is of good quality
 canterburyflyer 333 points
Holy smokes esteban, I cannot understand one bit of that. Could you try that again using a translator service, Google has a fast and easy one.
 Esteban 11 points
sry my English is .. bad XDD I use solder 80-100 amp well be melted tin tin should run between conductors tin should be of good quality, with flux sry mi ingles es .. malo XDD para soldar yo uso 80-100 amperios hay que fundir bien el estañ*o el estañ*o debe correr entre los conductores el estañ*o debe ser de buena calidad, con fundente
Jack xD  20 points - 4/10/2013
Can this be used to solder EC2 (2.5mm) bullet connectors easily?
 TERRA Operative 109 points
The hole sizes are as follows: 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm. It could be used, just that they will sit loosely in the 4mm hole. Alternatively, you could clamp them under the plate held by the wingnut, as there are some grooves there which would hold smaller pins.
 Jack xD 20 points
So should I go for the other option they sell here on HK?...Mr. Grippy as I believe it is called,My main application is for EC2, 3.5 and XT60 use,which would be the better one to get?
Steve  1 points - 3/25/2013
Mr grippy is far better its not made from ally ( a frequently used heatsink material) and carbon has some albeit not large resistance for those who do put both battery connectors in at once (still not recomended)
 MADDIVER 193 points
What about getting rid of the excessive heat on your connecter that you work on with your high temperature solder. Alu heat sink idea is perfect to perform solderings without melting your connector.
 Steve 1 points
The problem is that when you put an EC5 pin in the jig it specificly cools it. This means that a hotter iron is required to heat the combined mass of the pin and the aluminimum block to achieve a proper melt on the solder. A plastic bodied connector like an deans type is still going to deform as the plastic will melt from the inside. Proper soddering tequnique will aviod this problem.
 Troy 10 points
This is very nice addition to my RC tool box. very helpfull when soldering Deans plugs.
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Awesome product, great tool, superb build quality, except the thread for the winged screw is a bit too tight. I am glad that I have bought two, so I have one in reserve. Thank you Hobby King!

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Excellent quality very happy with mine was using the old wooden block before for banana plugs etc but this works miles better as now when i solder XT60 or Deans they dont start to melt if the soldering iron is on ther for to long. Nice one HobbyKing MR JiG is the MAN !

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Overall Rating
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This is one of the most decent purchases that I have ever made. Got 2 of them and even got a refund of $4.00 for sharing the buddy code. The quality of this JIG is superb. Its milled from a solid aluminium block and has a very smooth and a shiny finish. The jig comes with four rubber feet and is very easy to use.
I used it for soldering my XT60 connectors and it is very easy to solder once the connector is clamped in the jig. No short circuits as not part of the connector touches the jig, except for the nylon case. However, one needs to be careful soldering bullet connectors while connected to a power source. It surely is a quality product and very nice and handy to use.

Good value for money and highly recommended.

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super génial pour souder toutes les prises de notre loisir
propulsion servos etc

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ottima base per la saldatura dei connettori delle batterie, spesso non si sa come fare con la 3za mano

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