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Twist and Turn Electric Retract with 3mm Landing Gear Leg (2pc) 29.0g

Twist and Turn Electric Retract with 3mm Landing Gear Leg (2pc) 29.0g

The easiest way to put retracts in your plane. No need to install a control box, messy wiring or a complicated air system. Just screw in the retracts, connect to your Rx and youre ready!
Reliable servo mechanism with metal gearing and a high torque motor ensures trouble free flying, this unit is a Twist and Turn type making them ideal for models like the F4-U Corsair,
P-40 and so on.

Why bother with air systems when you can now have a realistic and reliable electric unit at a fraction of the price?!

Type: Rotating/Twist & Turn Retracts
Working voltage: 4.8~6V
Speed: 0.55s/60deg 4.8v - 0.45s/60deg 6v
Travel: 90 degree
Dimensions: 54.8x32x21mm
Weight: 29.0g
Shaft size: 3mm

Mount Dimensions:
Landing Gear Leg Length: 86mm (total)
Mounting Plate Dimensions: 32mmx33mm
Hole Spacing: 17mmx25mm
Depth: 21mm


Not suitable for a plane heavier than 2kg
Landing gear not included



Weight: 72g
International Warehouse
Price  $14.30

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|TAB|  76 points - 7/31/2014
Do i need 2 more channels on my tx/rx to use these? or can they be connected together to work on the same channel? or what?
 ERIK 18 points
1 channel ,and use a Y cable.
Wojethebest  88 points - 5/27/2014
Can these be used instead of the e f l i t e eflg120 90 degrees rotating retracts
 Napstr 1185 points
They probably could although they only retract 90 degrees as well as turning 90 degrees.
Blaz  20 points - 12/13/2013
Can someone pls help with evrything i need to get this assembled? (wheels...)
 Napstr 1185 points
Apparently hobbyking was going to stock axles which will attach to these but they haven't appeared yet - you could use a collet with a long screw as an axle for the wheel or do as I have done bend the last bit of the axle and extend it with some brass tube then use a pin through a hole in the end of the tube and washer to hold the wheel on - it would be easier if they made the leg longer but they aren't forthcoming with that option.
aldma  5 points - 5/8/2013
Can you help me? How to mount the wheels, what kind of "adapter" should be used? Can be found in this store? Thanks
 Lochan 5 points
There are several options you can use to mount a wheel. There are a few axles you can look for that will attach to it OR you can simply and carefully bend the end to 90 degrees and use a collar to keep the wheel in place. I usually just bend them carefully, put the wheel on followed by the collar.
 aldma 5 points
First of all thanks for your reply, but I need some more help. In this case I can not bend the leg because I need a 85mm leg and (if I have well understood) this is just 86mm, bending the leg I can lose 20-30mm having the plane to close to ground. So the only solution will be to find an axle. But frankly speaking I am not able to find it. Do you know if HK is selling any light and cheap axle good for this retract?
 GhiaMonster 43 points
Wow...I searched for the bolt on axles here and looks like the only type HK carries are the ones that are used with the "strap" type landing gear. I searched Tower and Great Planes has what will fit these axles (approximately) - "Great Planes Wire Axle 1-1/4 x 1/8" " - stock number GPMQ4279. They're made for 1/8" gear wire, so are .007" larger than the 3mm ones here but should work. $4.79 for a pair. target=_blank>
 argtorreblanca 5 points
Where can I find the GPMQ4279 Axles, at Hobby King?
 GhiaMonster 43 points
Tower hobbies
qamit  29 points - 4/23/2013
will these work with f-18 edf? and if so what retract woyld I use for the nose wheel?
 Napstr 1185 points
They would work for any model less than 1kg weight that wants the wheels to flip 90 degrees when folding up. For the front HK now sell some of the 18.8g units which are steerable
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super train pivotant seul regret qu'il n'y ai pas les bague de fixation de roue

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Super produit pour le prix.Mécanisme pas trop rapide et efficace. Je l'ai monté sur un avion de 600g et c'est parfait.

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Got the retracts a couple days ago, put them on a PZ corsair and very impressed, very strong unit ,had to order one more set for my second corsair.

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rotazione dell'asse quidi della ruota di 90°

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Möchte diese Retracts in meinen Parkzone-Fliegern einbauen. Mal sehen ob es klappt

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