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Hobby King 90A ESC 4A UBEC

Hobby King 90A ESC 4A UBEC

Constant Current: 90A
Burst Current: 120A
Battery: 2-6S Lipoly / 5-18s NiXX
BEC: 5.5v / 4A
Motor Type: Sensorless Brushless
Size: 78 x 32 21.5mm
Weight: 90g

Programming Functions:
Battery Type: Lipo /NiXX
Brake: On / Off
Voltage Protection: Low / Mid / High
Protection mode: Reduce power / Cut off power
Timing: Auto / High / Low
Startup: Fast / Normal / Soft
PWM Frequency: 8k / 16k
Helicopter mode: Off / 5sec / 15sec (Start up delay)

User manual can be downloaded from the files Tab.


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Total of 16 discussions.
Silas  1 points - 8/17/2013
i think a UBEC is a SBEC with a higher possible input voltage. A SBEC is much better than a normal linear BEC.
Tryin2fly  300 points - 2/8/2013
It says UBEC but in the pic it shows SBEC, which is it? I need a UBEC and I really want to place my order as it takes awhile to get here from Hong Kong and I dont think the USA wearhouse has this one
tayothin  105 points - 8/13/2012
Is it can be comply with boat remote control ?
 e_lm_70 875 points
This is an aeroplane ESC, so you will not get the reverse, that is needed on a boat ESC
 tayothin 105 points
Yes,Thanks however forward only Is oK. Could you kindly trial ?
 paweldededed 532 points
Hi I'm using plane esc in my cat apparition with alloy cooling jacket installed and all is working perfectly good try it u will love it imo Cheers
Kent  2 points - 7/15/2012
I'm back to trying to get the ESC programmed. When I first powered up, it went through all the settings, but I wasn't ready to program yet! (computer locked up and I couldn't scroll down the manual) So, I let it go all the way through and then powered down. I powered back up and now, with the throttle at full I get a beep, beep, beep, then a quicker short sequence of three different notes. It never goes in to program mode. If I power up with the throttle at zero, I just get a continuous beep, beep, beep, etc. until I move the throttle to full. Then I get the previous listed beeps and silence. Anyone have any ideas?
 matt 8 points
I dident porgram mine it just worked
 nikwal 82 points
1. powered up in wrong order? 2. Not enough maximum stick movement, try trim up max gas..
 chopper50 394 points
Hi, try reset of throttle parimeter, plug esc in with transmitter at full throttle then lower throttle at lowest point this should rest throttle you should get a different beep. hope this fixes it for ya
 Kent 2 points
Thanks guys. Somehow I managed to get it programmed but now I have another problem! I power everything up and can't get the motors to run. BUT as soon as I shut off the transmitter both motors start up at full power! Mind you, the transmitter is OFF! Any ideas on that?
Kent  2 points - 5/24/2012
Can anyone understand the manual for this? I'm new to all of this and need instructions in plain English. LOL I can't get anything but beeps from the ESC. No motor function at all. I've made sure the throttle is all the way down, solder joints are good, trims are correct. Still, no joy.
 Kent 2 points
I figured it out, or stumbled across the answer through trial and error. The instructions are less than clear and leave a lot of room for improvement. Once I got the motor up and running, on the bench, I let it keep running at full throttle. Didn't take long for it to get really hot. Probably not the best decision on my part, but I was so excited to finally get it going that I didn't want to shut it down! LOL Hopefully, it'll run just fine after it cools off.
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