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PBY Catalina 1380mm (PNF)

PBY Catalina 1380mm (PNF)
PBY Catalina 1380mm (PNF)

The Catalina is arguably the most famous flying boat ever built and certainly one of the most widely used, this aviation icon saw service pre and post WW2 both with the military and civilian operators. This amazing aeroplane was used for firefighting, hunting U-Boats, Air Sea Rescue, the list goes on and on.

This is a great size Plug N Fly model with a very low wing loading that can be flown off water or off grass, it is very easy to fly and it wont break the bank! Being Plug N Fly, it comes with 4 x 9g servos and 2 x powerful brushless motors & ESCs, it also comes with all extension leads, y-leads and even a parallel loom for connecting the ESCs to a single lipoly. For flying off water, there is a water rudder and wing floats, simply remove to fly off grass!

Removing the magnetic canopy reveals a large ply plate for mounting all your RC gear and lipoly to keep them away from any possible water ingress, the huge amount of canopy room also allows for a wide choice of lipoly capacities, from as little as 1000mAh right up to 2200mAh 3s. This is a fantastic value for money seaplane that will give hours of fun at either the flying field or flying off water, if you have never tried flying boats before, this is the one for you!

Wingspan: 1380mm
Length: 880mm
Flying Weight: 850g
Motor: Brushless Outrunner 1300kv x 2
ESC: 25A w/BEC x 2
Servo: 9g x 4

All hardware
Servo Extension Leads & Y-Leads
4 x Propeller
Instruction Book
Water-slide Decal Set

Your Own 4 Channel TX/RX
1000Mah 3s ~ 2200mAh 3s Lipoly Battery


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2 1:IC/2:Elec 4 Channel 1380mm (54.33in) 880mm (34.65in) 850g (1.87lb)

Weight: 2935g
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Price  $79.95

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Total of 56 discussions.
onur can  100 points - 2/22/2015
to sylvain if there is an angle for torque compensation, its better to use the normal propellers (I don't have the airplane so check if the motors are angled or or not.
Dimitris  1 points - 2/17/2015
do u have the grey version??
Cioccolo  1 points - 12/3/2014
For Catalina is possible the counter-rotating propellers?
 onur can 100 points
yes you can use cw ccw prop combo but it is not in the kit
Sylvain  5 points - 10/30/2014
I'have the same question as Fransie, I would like to know if it possible to change the propeller by these :
em.asp?idProduct=8092 or
obbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=8093 which
is best ? In addition, I've seen, it's better to change esc by esc 45:
6S_OPTO_.html This
one is good ? Sorry for my question, but I'm novice in rc model.
Electric Power  687 points - 9/10/2014
I am building up my winter flying fleet and this will work good with the Skipper and my Balsa Cat I have,
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Overall Rating
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Just received plane. It is very nice and truly good value. It is made by the same factory as the Canadair sold here as a kit. This Canadair fly very well and I think it will be the same for this plane. There is quite a bit of building to do. The motors are loose (stick mounted bell motors) and they have to be mounted on the wings together with the motor bays. Also wing servos have to be mounted.And as with the Catalina, there is no cut out (ditch)on the wings to place the cables from servo and motors so you will need to dremel this out and cover with white film, unless you don't mind to see the wires hanging under the wings. The supplied ESC's are only 20A, not 25 as advertized but I think it is enough for these small motors.The plane is feather light so you will not need much power to get it airborne.There is a plywood tray to hold the battery but it is very narrow - you have to put battery on the side standing up. It can hold a 3S Turnigy 1500m mAh batery with size 19 x 34, long 106 mm. I have not seen any 2200 mAh battery (as stated in Specs) that could fit in this tray. Otherwise you need to cover the battery tray with plywood and mount a larger battery laying down on this plywood platform. It is possible as there is a lot of space inside.

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Overall Rating
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Flew the plane today. Very very nice, - took off from the water in only 10 meters or so and flew very well. Needed only a little trim. Only negative, a bit difficul to see in the sky due the color scheme. A fantastic value for money and I will buy one more just for spare since there is no kit available for this plane.

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Overall Rating
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Not a bad plane, Kind of difficult to build for an RTF. Need to countersink wires into bottom of wing as there is no factory groove. Very lightweight EPS foam but also very fragile and brittle. Check for leaks in the fuselage bottom before flying!! If the water sloshes back and fourth the cg will change every 10 seconds!

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Overall Rating
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Since the bird is so light for its large wing. as long as I add carbon fiber rods to wings,have a plan for this flying boat: just bought a pair of 4 cells cable motors. each can max out 470 watt !! esc will be change to 45 a each.also air retract will be install at fuselage (stiffen up with a layer of fiber glass and epoxy) still i will scope out the middle part between the 3 wheel and yet;install another servo an Add an opened 100 cc fuel tank. now I have a r c firefighter. plan to paint it Canadian Red. will post video on RCuniverse when finish- just search for member RTVDM This bird has such capability many modification is feasible because of the hollow fuselage

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Overall Rating
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Not bad for the money. You will need do some modifying to get it to fly the way you want. ESC and aileron wires need to be cut into the wing. Lots of room to have 2 channels for aileron and throttle so you can do differential thrust for the throttle. It is very light and won't take much thrust to get her flying.

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