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Piper J3 Cub 1400mm EPO (PNF)

Piper J3 Cub 1400mm EPO (PNF)
Piper J3 Cub 1400mm EPO (PNF)

We love J-3 Cubs here at Hobbyking as you may have noticed! This PNF Cub is remarkably scale for it's size, is easy to fly and being a bit bigger can handle more wind than some of the smaller foam J3's we offer. A real favourite with scale pilots, this is a Cub you will be proud to own.

Plug N Fly of course means quick assembly and almost every component is attached by screws, including the 2 wing halves, even the tailplane can be removed for transportation if desired. All servos are pre-installed as is the ESC & powerful Brushless Motor. This model is ideal for RC pilots of all ability and it is not often that a geniuine scale model can be flown by relative beginners. The scale detail is quite amazing, plastic injection moulded parts are used extensively and include the dummy engine, wing struts and and the dummy bungee under-carriage.

Practical features include the linked steerable tailwheel, large magnetic battery hatch, construction of course from tough & easy to repair EPO foam, large "Cub" wheels with rubber tyres and 4s power for guaranteed performance.....a fantastic looking model on the ground and in the air.

Length: 950mm
Flying Weight: 1800g
Wing Loading: 56g/dm2
Motor: 36-48 700kv Brushless Outrunner
ESC: 45A w/BEC
Prop: 12x9
Servo: 9g x 4

All Hardware
Colour Photo Instruction Book

Your Own 4 Channel TX/RX
2200mAh 4s Lipoly Battery


2 1:IC/2:Elec 4 Channel 1400mm (55.12in) 950mm (37.40in) 1800g (3.96lb)

Weight: 3324g
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Price  $123.90

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  • Turnigy 2200mAh 4S1P 20C Lipo Pack

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Total of 190 discussions.
WAEL  6 points - 11/28/2015
Can I fit a Turnigy 5000 mAh 4S hardcase battery in this plane
NitroZeb  1 points - 11/26/2015
Hi. Anyone who knows the spec.on the motor?? Amp/Watt ?? Thanks :-)
Thomas  1 points - 11/8/2015
Horacio, I modified my landing gear using RC car clutch springs, and I added flaps to slow the landing speed down. Now it is a treat to fly, although a little overpowered at full throttle, I fitted a 2800 Mah Li-po. Fits nicely.
oguncemir  1 points - 10/25/2015
hi r anybody knows how can i find this planes parts , landing gear and wing and how can i fix broken wing which glue ?
 Zachry 68 points
 Zachry 68 points
Also, I forgot to mention, if you can't find the plastic pieces separate, you should honestly be able to land it with just the wire landing gear, the metal portion that the wheels attatch to. The plastics and springs are more just to give it that scale look.
 Zachry 68 points
Gorilla glue to fix the wing, since HK has a problem with people mentioning other places to purchase parts, think of a banana and put hobby on the end, they sell some parts for this.
horacio  25 points - 10/11/2015
Tim, you can get the tail Wheel for the Piper cub from BH $3.27 piece
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PIPER CUB J3 - 20 years on Hobby
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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
Mad value for money, I can't wait to fly it soon. I have a Sbach 342 as well, but waiting to learn more with this plane first.

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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
Good plane but I would definitly recommend some of the modifications suggested elsewhere. Most importantly cut off the control surfaces and reattach them with the extra hinges provided.

Aeliron separated from the wing along the EPO hinge just as I was landing. Rolled over and hit nose first. May be salvageable with some surgery but took a bit of a beating.

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Overall Rating
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this is a very beautiful plane! mine arrived 3 weeks ago. did a test flight and it flew well! chop throttle and it will float in the air. perfect for beginners like me. a must have plane. truly a detailed scale model.

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Overall Rating
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Here is my reply to John @ Customer Support re what I thought was missing front landing gear parts. What the product page shows and what the booklet shows is two different things. I decided to go with a set-up that I think is shown in the photo on the product page. I will use the four springs on the front landing gear and the two wire links on the tail wheel. I think this must be the way it is show in the picture but not in the instruction booklet. The two wire links are a little long but I will shorten them up. I may even use springs to act as a bungee as per the instruction booklet. I must add that the 502 ABN Bond cyno glue was rock hard in the bottle and can only be used as a rattle. The other contact adhesive was also too old and could not be spread. It is the second tube of adhesive I have from you guys that was absolutely useless. The first one I actually paid for!! As noted on the reviews, the installed nuts for the wing mount were not M3 (or M4 either) and the bolts did not fit. I had to replace the existing nuts with new M4 nuts. (wrong bolts or wrong nuts supplied, anybody's guess) It is just a shame to get such a nice looking model with no proper instructions and parts that do not fit. It just takes a lot of extra time to figure out the correct building method.

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Overall Rating
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Well straight out of the box I am very impressed!!!! great scale looks and very easy to construct took me about 1hr and I was also watching TV at the same time haha!! It was also extreamly well packed and probably over bubble wrapped wich is great.

Only problems I had was short 2 x springs for tail wheel and 1 x very bad depression in the main wing, as it was wrapped the way it was I suspect it had this defect before being shipped lost one crown for that.


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