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P-51D Dago Red 1600mm EPO w/Electric Retracts, Flaps, Lights (PNF)

P-51D Dago Red 1600mm EPO w/Electric Retracts, Flaps, Lights (PNF)
P-51D Dago Red 1600mm EPO w/Electric Retracts, Flaps, Lights (PNF)

This is one big foam Warbird! Being Plug N Fly it is a fast build model packed with enough features and scale detail to make this one bird you will be proud to own.

Made from EPO foam, this model is practical despite it's size, a one peice removable wing makes for easy transport, even the tail can be un-screwed if desired. The pre-fitted servo's and electric retracts are all pre-labelled making field assembly fast and simple. It uses the kind of 4s packs that are becoming very common now on large foamie's, chances are, you already have a few in your flightbox. The Pre-Fitted motor has plenty of power for those scale Warbird aerobatics or just straffing your flying field!

Scale detail is just superb, as are the pre-applied decals, features include pre-installed electric retracts/tailwheel, there is the very scale 4 bladed prop & spinner, the navigation lights, adjustable radiator outlet, drop tanks, moulded exhaust stubs and guns. The flaps keep the landing speed right down, this model has no nasty Warbird tip stall tendencies, it just floats in like a trainer. If you have ever fancied owning a Warbird but were put off by all the stories you have heard about them being "difficult" to fly, this is the model for you!

Wingspan: 1600mm
Length: 1400mm
Flying Weight: 2800g
Motor: 45-58 Brushless
ESC: 80A w/BEC
Prop: 16x6 Four Blade
Servo: 9g x 4, 17g x 2
Retracts: Electric Servoless Type
6 Channel (thottle, aileron, elevator, rudder, retract, flaps)

All Hardware
Instruction Book

Your Own 6 Channel TX/RX
3200mAh ~ 4000mAh 4s Lipoly Battery


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2 1:IC/2:Elec 6 Channel 1600mm (62.99in) 1400mm (55.12in) 2800g (6.16lb)

Weight: 5814g
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Price  $191.10

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Total of 61 discussions.
Max Jun  35 points - 6/30/2014
hi is it posible to run this motor at 6 S ??? THX
 guitarPlaya 190 points
The ESC on this model is rated 4S only my friend. It'll burn up faster than you'll stop panicking and unhook it. Be safe.
Richard  7 points - 6/10/2014
one thing I hate about buying from HK, is, they dont have parts for what they sell. I have owned one of these for 3 years and can not find a motor for it. I purchased one from them that they say will work, but it does not. you can not use the spinner set up.
 guitarPlaya 190 points
I have two if you want I will send you one on the cheap.
 Richard 7 points
I have had one since they first came out. 3 years or more. I have put three replacement motors in it and it needs a new one now. I love the plane but the motors are ****. 53 bucks each not counting shipping and I can not find an after market motor that will work where you can use the spinner set up. really sucks.
Joel  17 points - 5/10/2014
What is the max motor amps
Himmelsst├â┬╝rmer  17 points - 4/19/2014
I would like to fly the model on a grassland. Is starting and landing possible with the chassis, is it on springs?
Udipstick  77 points - 3/15/2014
Don't take any notice of the vermin "saltyisildur" he's dropping the same stupid questions all over hobbyking, the village idiot thinks he's being clever.
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
Like it?
i have now flown it and Love it ,Great fun ,, very graceful in flight , I had to freeze and add support rods to strengthen fold down wheels ,,Now its good to Land without the wheels folding .Now its good to land safely.

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Overall Rating
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Received my second Dago. Decals on this one are in great shape. Shipped to Canada and not a mark on her. No dents or scratches. As far as finishing quality... amazing. Replaced ESC and servos. Plane looks great in the air. Especially against snow covered fields. Red on white is nice. Thanks HobbyKing.

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Overall Rating
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Hello, I have had many problems with this aircraft. First I paid 37 euros customs then it got lost in the box because it was improperly packaged: the exhaust pipes plastic, not protected by plastic bubble had damaged wings and fuselage. Hobby king royally granted me 10 dollars in compensation ... Then another surprise for installation: two elevator servos and drift had broken their axes. So I bought two servos to replace them. After the final connection, the engine will not start because the drive 8O amp is useless!! That's a lot of things, and very little serious. This aircraft has not been tested before being shipped. I decided to no longer be a customer for Hobbyking total aircraft cost me more than if I had bought in France. consider the desirability of importing a radio controlled aircraft from China

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Overall Rating
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This is one sweet plane. And come on guys what do you want for only $ 160.00. Yes the retracts are a little weak but they have to cut costs some where in order to make it affordable. If they made it with the premium parts that everyone thinks it should have it would cost a $ 1000.00. So the way it flies and looks it is a great deal. Good going Hobbyking and starmax.

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Overall Rating1/26/2015
Like it?
I bought this plane there two years and I am very satisfied. It flies well, fairly slowly and gently landed with flaps. However, the retractable landing gear is very fragile and I can replace it with a fixed gear, less aesthetic, but solid. The rest is correct. With a 3300mAh battery 4S can fly 6mn. It takes place the battery in your face if you want the aircraft to be balanced, otherwise it is too centered back. The barrels going well but you have to compensate for the depth.

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