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Nemesis Racer EP 1560mm (ARF)

Nemesis Racer EP 1560mm (ARF)
Nemesis Racer EP 1560mm (ARF)

The Nemesis is the most succesful Formula 1 air racer ever built, winning 47 out of 50 races and a string of championships in the 1990's. This superb looking aircraft is all the more remarkable as it is a "home built" design that was crafted from hand made moulds.

This fantastic looking Hobbyking Nemesis is superbly built and pre-covered, the end result is a strong but ultra-light airframe. The Nemesis has been designed for speed, which is reflected in not just the build quality but also the supplied hardware which needs to be able to cope with the stresses associated with a high performance model. The Nemesis is also very practical and features plug in wings, a massive battery access hatch, sturdy alloy under-carriage and rubber tyres. The covering is top notch and to finish off the aggressive yet graceful looks of this model, the glassfibre cowl and spats are superbly painted in a matching, high gloss finish.

As well as being a stunning model to look at, the Nemesis is a thrill to fly, precise, aerobatic and with the right set up, very, very fast! The great thing is that the build cost is low, especially for a model of this size, if you fancy a model that is looks fantastic, flies superbly and get's the adrenalin flowing, look no further!

Wingspan: 1560mm
Length: 1200mm
Flying Weight: 2000g~2100g
Wing Loading: 51~54dm2
Wing Area: 39.2dm2

Your Own 4 Channel TX/RX
4  x Std Servo
3548 Brushless Outrunner
45A~60A ESC
4000mAh 4s Lipoly Battery

NOTE: Prop, Spinner and Motor not included


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2 1:IC/2:Elec 4 Channel 1560mm (61.42in) 1200mm (47.24in) 2100g (4.62lb)

Weight: 4770g Quantity: 
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  • Turnigy dlux 70A SBEC Brushless Speed Controller w/Data Logging

    Combo Price: $32.51   IN STOCK

  • TURNIGY Plush 60amp Speed Controller

    Combo Price: $32.35   IN STOCK

  • NTM Prop Drive 35-48 Series 900KV / 815W

    Combo Price: $21.26   IN STOCK

  • Turnigy nano-tech 4000mah 4S 45~90C Lipo Pack

    Combo Price: $59.95   IN STOCK

  • Turnigy 4000mAh 4S 40C Lipo Pack

    Combo Price: $47.77   IN STOCK

  • Turnigy nano-tech 4000mah 4S 25~50C Lipo Pack

    Combo Price: $35.79   IN STOCK

  • HK15288A Analog BB/MG Servo 51g / 9kg / 0.20s

    Combo Price: $5.74   BACKORDER

  • HK15138 Standard Analog Servo 38g / 4.3kg / 0.17s

    Combo Price: $3.08   IN STOCK

  • HXT 6.9kg / 39.2g / .16sec Twin bearing servo

    Combo Price: $4.55   IN STOCK

  • Aluminium 2 Blade Spinner 51mm / 2.0inch diameter

    Combo Price: $5.38   IN STOCK

  • Carbon Fiber prop Spinner 51mm / 2in diameter

    Combo Price: $7.67   BACKORDER

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Total of 44 discussions.
Nucleo104  6 points - 3/8/2014
mi è* pervenuto l'aereo molto bello, ma il material lascia a desiderare pochissima colla, viterie pochissime e alcune pure sbagliate! alla fine ho dovuto pagare pure 30 euro di dogana!!
sidd232  808 points - 3/6/2014
does anyone knows the exact center of gravity?
cmjets  7 points - 2/6/2014
It's possible install a 46 glow engine in this model ? Thanks in advance. Carlos Marquez from Spain.
JIK14  1 points - 2/3/2014
Hi, I need technical assistance. This planes setup requires 5 servo's (HK15288A). will a 3A BEC be sufficient ? namely the BEC from the Turnigy dlux 70A SBEC Brushless Speed Controller ? is there a way of testing this ? and how much wattage loss is permissible using a 4 cell Lipo. wattage loss = (Vin - Vo) x current for example > (16 -5 ) x 3 = 33 W loss which sounds very extreme for that ESC's small heatsink. any advice will be most welcome. many thanks JIK
 Phil 8 points
A switching BEC doesn't quite work like that. Its power stage is switched rapidly from on to off & then stored in a small capacitor, it's the voltage across this capacitor that provides the regulated supply to the rest of the electronics. When the power stage is off, there is no current flowing into the capacitor, so no power is dissipated. when this stage is on, there is hardly any Voltage drop, so again, no power dissipated.... In other words, it's just like having a rapid switch to "top up" the final regulated output. This means that there's very little heat. I personally would have preferred a higher rating BEC, ... servo's can pull a fair current under load. I use a 5A BEC & a HK70A Optical ESC in my Nemesis.... A Propdrive 900KV 35-48 & 4S 5000mAh lipo. I get around 11,000 RPM on a 13 x 7 prop, but flies well on a 12 x 6 I know the maths doesn't sound right & it should be faster, but there are some voltage losses in any system & these are measurements taken on HK equipment. I'm well within the safety range of the ESC & it could be pushed harder if desired. ....It's a brilliant model & this set up works great. I'd like to post link to my model forum, but I'm not sure if that's allowed.
 JIK14 1 points
Hi Phil Thank you for your detailed response. I will adjust my power setup accordingly. i have another question for you: I tried to fly my nemesis yesterday and it had an incredible left steer on take off. I increased the throttle gradually with slight right rudder adjustment ( tail dragger). At roughly 65 % throttle just before she left the ground she yawed left and crashed into the ground and broke the engine mount off. did i possibly have the motor/prop rotation incorrect that it added negatively to the torque steer ? as the amount of left steer seemed a bit much for a designed tail dragger. As i can see that the motor is off center with respect to the mounting plate. which way should the motor rotate with the prop letter and labeling facing forward ? or is this plane highly susceptible to the tail dragger symptoms. as i have not noted this behavior with any of the planes on Phoenix 4. Do you maybe know of any models that i can practice with which have this left torque steer ? or is there a way to set up the model to enable this behavior ? any advice would be great before i crash her again. many thanks JIK
Sidnei  1 points - 1/24/2014
Good evening, I wonder if you send to Brazil, the address M Street, # 151, Garden District of Conspirators, City of Mariana, Minas Gerais, CEP 35420-000. And it would cost to shipping to this address??
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smooth flow
Like it?
Got mine from the first batch(right place at right time) and had first flight at week end. Flew very well and am very pleased. Construction wise I had 2 niggles. The top hatch was slightly bowed so had to make hatch latch at rear to keep down. The other was fitting cowl with recomended motor, the mount extends to far. Tried 3 motors and ended up with Turnigy 3548 1100kv and mounted cowl right on it's limit with larger washers. Delux 80amp ec with seporate reciver bat and 4s 30c Tunigy lipo. Had 7min flight with power to spare. Very nice size model.

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What an amazing Model... Beautiful,Got mine earlier this week,no problems with the build. all i can advise is just use a stronger elastic on the hatch and your set used Turnigy G25 Brushless Outrunner with a Turnigy dlux 70A SBEC Brushless Speedy 12x10 prop and a Carbon fiber 2in spinner battery-wise im trying the turnigy 3300 4s 25-30c waiting for 4000 nanotech wil have my maiden flight this friday:) D from Perth

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Overall Rating
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OK now that the spring weather as arrived I took this airplane out for a maiden. Put 225mg in the back to cut down on weight. Flight report: All I can say is WOW! This airplane is one heck of a dream to fly. The NTM motor has more than enough power with my 4000mah 4S. AS always, keep the weight down and this airplane for the price is a wonderful flier.

5 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
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Prezados, O avião é muito bom. Quando abri a caixa fiquei impressionado com o acabamento, e impressionou o pessoal do clube também. Estou voando com um motor Turnigy G-25, TURNIGY TRUST 45A SBEC, e hélice TGS 11 x 8, bateria Nano Tech 4000 4S e ele voa super bem, decola muito rápido. Sugiro reduzir o curso do profundor até que se acostume com ele pois, é bastante sensível de profundor. Tive que alterar a parede de fogo pois o motor ficou muito para frente, mas com algumas horas de trabalho fiz o que precisava. Não é um avião muito rápido. Tem um bom comportamento em média e baixa velocidade sem tendência de stolar abruptamente. O avião é realmente é bonito e voa muito bem.

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Overall Rating
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This bird is looking very good. Nice, sturdy quality. No flaws, super finish. To my surprise you need 2 servo's on the elevator. What nonsense for a small rudder. Cut new holes and places one servo upside down. I want to fly this beauty at 6S so i needed to loose some weight. I glued in 5 micro servo's to save 100 gram weight. Also replaced the heavy alu tub (150 gram) for a 75 gram one. Got rid of too long and heavy nuts and bolts and saved another 30 (!) gram. Motor is a SK3 5045 500kv (fits perfectly but 100 gram). 80A Esc ( 10 gram). Lipo will be 6S 3000 - 5000 40C ( 100/250 gram). Prop 15x10. With 6s 3000 it weights 2500 grams. The same as a 4S setup. At 6s 5000 it weights 2750. Bit heavy. But very curious if it will break the soundbarrier ;-))).

4 comments. Reply.. here to see all reviews
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