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FPV, Aerial Video & Telemetry

Feel like you’re flying without ever leaving the ground. First Person View (FPV) technology allows you to have a completely immersive experience flying Aerial Video Drones or FPV Racing Drones as if you were in the cockpit.

Getting into FPV requires some basic components such as an FPV Camera, FPV Video Transmitter (VTX), FPV Single or Diversity Video Receiver (RX), and some FPV Goggles or a Video Monitor to view the transmitted signal. The camera is mounted to your FPV Drone (Multirotor, Quadcopter or FPV Plane) and connected to the video transmitter which then transmits the video signal back to the pilot and passengers on the ground. More advanced FPV Components and Accessories can be added to your setup such as an On Screen Display System (OSD), Telemetry systems allowing real-time data such as Battery Capacity, Altitude, Airspeed etc. coming from your Drone to be viewed on the ground and Head Tracking Systems using a Pan and Tilt mechanism to drive your camera system up and down and left and right allowing you to survey the area you are flying in just like being in the aircraft yourself.

Add on some Aerial Video equipment mounted into a 2 or 3 Axis Gimbal underneath your drone to film and record your aerial adventures in full HD clarity.

HobbyKing has been involved in FPV, Aerial Video and Telemetry from the beginning and has spent years developing the best range in the industry at the best possible prices, so that enjoying this exciting area of the hobby is easier and more affordable than ever.

FPV & Accessories FPV & Accessories
Full range of FPV Goggles, Headsets, Cameras, Digital and Analog Video Transmitters (VTX), Digital and Analog Video Receivers (RX), FPV Monitors, Antennas and Associated Accessories and Spare Parts.
Aerial Video Aerial Video
Aerial Video Cameras, Pan and Tilt mechanisms and Associated Accessories.
Camera Gimbals Camera Gimbals
2 and 3 Axis Brushless or Brushed Motor Gimbals for mounting your Aerial Video Camera or Action Camera on, Gimbal Motors, Gimbal Controllers and Associated Accessories.
Telemetry Telemetry
Want to know what’s going on with your Drone while it’s flying? then try our 415Mhz and 915Mhz Telemetry Transceiver Units, Telemetry Sensors, Telemetry Radio Transmitter Reivers Sets, Data Recorders and Associated Telemetry Accessories.
FPV Platforms FPV Platforms
Mount your FPV and Telemetry Equipment in one of our many FPV Multirotor or Fixed Wing Drones.
Video Recorders Video Recorders
Record your FPV Drone Racing or Aerial Video Adventures using one of our large range of Vidoe Recorders, SD Cards and Associated Accessories.

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