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HobbyKing™ 120A Sensored/Sensorless Car ESC (1:8/1:5)

HobbyKing™ 120A Sensored/Sensorless Car ESC (1:8/1:5)
HobbyKing™ 120A Sensored/Sensorless Car ESC (1:8/1:5)

HobbyKing™ 120A Sensored/Sensorless Car ESC (1:8/1:5) with built in cooling fan.

Enhanced throttle response, excellent acceleration, enhanced braking and throttle linearity
Programmable with a HKSS programming card.
Automatically detects the number of cells within the battery pack.
Multiple protection features, Low voltage cut-off protection, over-heat protection, throttle signal loss protection and motor jammed protection
Compatible with HobbyKing ™, NOVAK, LRP and ORION Sensored brushless motor

Cont./Burst Current: 120A/760A
Resistance: 0.0003 ohm
Suitable Car: 1/5 on-road and 1/8 off-road cars / trucks
Suitable Brushless Motor: 7T On road / Off road
Battery: 5-10 cells Ni-xx (NiMH / NiCd) 2-4 cells Li-Po
BEC Output: 6V/3A of switch mode built-in BEC
Motor Type: Sensorless and Sensored brushless motor
Dimension:  55x60x40mm
Weight: 150g


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Weight: 359g
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 Customer rated
Total of 234 discussions.
Gary  1 points - 10/24/2014
I need a manual for this please? I have a red blinking light on the ESC after little use. Batteries charged, had no problem before. Now the motor runs then cuts down to reduced revs with flashing light. Only running for about 5 seconds before cut back so not even hot. Using a 6 cell - 3000mv 20C LiPo with a Turningy 50-60.
 Michael 2 points
Perhaps because the esc is only for maximal 4s lipos
 Michael 2 points
If you use nimh or nicd: forget my reply
 Rcracer74 57 points
You probably fried the caps since it's only rated for a 4s lipo not 6.
Rafal  1 points - 10/15/2014
On Sunday everything was ok. Today (tuesday) i check it with new tires and the motor work not fluetny, shakes a lot, has no power. I connect another motor and it works the same. Any ideas? ESC was surely not overloaded (worked with turnigy inrunner 3150kV on 2s, on slash 2wd).
leon  33 points - 10/11/2014
Be aware - despite the manual that comes with this. and what ever else HK says you cannot program this esc in anyway. You can't program it by transmitter. You can't program it with a HK program card You can't program it with a HK usb link.
 Rcracer74 57 points
I have two of these esc's and I can program each of them with the HK card. It's the same one used for the x-car esc's. Maybe you got the wrong one. The usb link is for the other esc's that aren't the x-car.
Youropsmanager  52 points - 10/11/2014
I change my last prognosis . I didn't wire the regulator right . The internal bec is weak. I have 3 fans running taxing the system . The regulator cured the 50% power thing l.
Youropsmanager  52 points - 10/11/2014
I added a voltage regulator and I can report the same problems
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best esc
Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
this seems as good as the 150a esc that we all love .. it has 35v caps on so it could possibly do 6s if you keep the motor under 120a its exactly the same as the 150a in size even cables and quality ...i programmed it with my 150a card and that works just fine ,seems less juddery than 150a at low throttle ,excellent!!!...have added a video of me programming it with the card on youtube under teamblackcountry rc :)

34 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
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2.The Specification of ESC: 2.1 Output : Cont.Current 120A, Burst Current 760A 2.2 Resistance : 0.0003ohm 2.3 Suitable Car : 1/8 on-road and off-road cars/trucks for general raca or RTR application 2.4 Suitable Brushless Motor : ≥8T(3665) 2.5 Battery Cell : 5-18 Cell Ni-xx(NiMH/NiCd) or 2-6 Cell Lipo 2.6 BEC Output : 6V/3A 2.7 Motor Type : Sensorless and sensored Brushless Motor 2.8 Dimension : 55*60*40mm(L*W*H) 2.9 Weight : 150g this is what it can handle;).

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Overall Rating
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All works well apart from it not having a very smooth start, it really does a "bang" everytime you start from a stop or low speed. Will have to wait till the programme card is available to see if the starting can be made better. Why werent the program cards available when these first came on the site?

1 comment. Reply..

Overall Rating
Bruno Jesus
Like it?
Este variador é excelente pela relação preço qualidade, comprei-o e foi montado no Traxxas E-maxx a 4s, não tem qualquer sinal de aquecimento, e responde muito bem. Para mim não quero outro. Aconselho a todos.

6 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
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Looked fairly solid out of the box, huge in size, but blew as soon as I connected a battery, top and bottom boards are connected by pins and one of the fets on the top board shorted out due to solder debris inside the case contacting the bottom circuit board and up she went!

5 comments. Reply.. here to see all reviews
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