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Turnigy 3025-850kv 1300w Helicopter Motor

Turnigy 3025-850kv 1300w Helicopter Motor

Turnigy 3025-850kv 1300w Helicopter Motor
RPM/v: 850kv
Max RPM: 18800
No load current: 2.4A
Max Current: 74amp
Max Watts: 1300w
Thrust: 1440gram
Voltage: 22.2v (6s)
Diameter of shaft: 5mm
Weight: 182g
ESC: 80A

PRODUCT ID: L3025-850

Kv(rpm/v) 850
Weight (g) 182
Max Current(A) 74
Resistance(mh) 0
Max Voltage(V) 22
Power(W) 1300
Shaft A (mm) 5
Length B (mm) 50
Diameter C (mm) 37
Can Length (mm) 28
Total Length E (mm) 70
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Weight: 220g
International Warehouse
Price  $18.85

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 Customer rated
Total of 21 discussions.
davilx  1 points - 9/19/2014
What size of mount screws I need to use..?
060301  5 points - 4/27/2014
this engine is good for a Raptor 30
 Dbtchrman 2415 points
I think that is just perfect power wise!!
Yavor  9 points - 2/25/2014
I use it for my Protos 500 with 15 tooth pinion, and it`s work very nice. For Sport and Smooth 3D is very good. Recommended!
Ed  37 points - 11/20/2013
What kind of prop does it swing?
 Dbtchrman 2415 points
Well it is a helicopter motor. So I would say that if you plan to use it on a plane you can easily swing from 12/5 to somewhat 16.5.. but mounting will have to be heavily modified.
Bryce  10 points - 5/28/2013
Hi i am customizing my boat hull and was going to get 2 of these motors. Is there a way to make one of the motors spin ccw? If there is then what esc should I use? I really need help , thanks Bryce
 Bryce 10 points
you should use the 180a esc because that's what I use and it works great!
 lawrence 4 points
On these switching any 2 of the 3 wires will reverse the rotation.
 Dbtchrman 2415 points
If you are using two of them.. I don't really see the reason to put a very large ESC, As the specs say.. I would use two marine quality 80 Amps ESC's and perhaps dismantle and water proof the coils in the motors.. I mean each motor can give u in excess of 2 horse power.. and having two motors you will be pulling it kind very much on the overkill side.. but I'm not a boat guy I just love the power!! power is your intimate friend...
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Overall Rating
Samo Cankar
Like it?
Motor is very well made and very powerful!

I mount it in 1650mm wingspan and 1,3kg Hotliner (Flash) with 6S 2650mAh lipo cells and Aeronaut 10x8 floding prop.

This setup can provide more than 1400W with fully charged lipos (22,2V & 70A). On the ground motor becomes hot very quickly, but after landing it has no more than 60°C.

kV for mine aplication is little to high and because of that the prop needs to be smaller.

Came in small white box, with 4mm bullet connenctors already solderedc, but with no screws or mount adaptor!

Price is good for motor that size and power...

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Overall Rating
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Very nice motor. Feels smooth and packs a punch

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Overall Rating
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Munted in Protos 500, very hot after flight, I can even smell burned chemicals, still working (30 flights), very poor balancing (motor balanced but rear plate misaligned (made some holes to balance it)). Power about the same as Scorpion 3026 880kv but little less efficient.

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Overall Rating
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I used this Motor for a Raptor 30 e-Conversion , changing the Shaft was very easy , not yet maiden but the bench tests going great

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Overall Rating
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Mounted in a Protos and works better than stock motor (lipotech). Not too hot and much power. Used with 15T and flat throttle curve at 85pcnt have enouhgt power to make 3D. Maybe scorpion one is better, but this is 6 times cheaper. Fully recomended.

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