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Hawker Hunter 70mm EDF Jet, 6s, w/Retracts & Flaps, RAFY (PNF)

Hawker Hunter 70mm EDF Jet, 6s, w/Retracts & Flaps, RAFY (PNF)
Hawker Hunter 70mm EDF Jet, 6s, w/Retracts & Flaps, RAFY (PNF)

The Hawker Hunter was the UK's first swept wing fighter and was a huge success being operated by many airforces accross the world. Designed by the brilliant Sir Sydney Camm, the Hunter was certainly one of the best looking jets of it's age and went on to break several records including the world speed record in 1953, another amazing record was set when 22 Hunters were looped in formation! The Hunter was still being used as a trainer right into the 1990's and has gone down in History as one of the most successful and best looking cold war era fighters.

This very scale and superbly finished model is Plug N Fly, and includes all servo's pre-fitted and all-metal/sprung retracts pre-fitted. The pre-fitted alloy fan unit is ultra high quality, very powerful, ultra smooth, reliable and efficient, on the reccomended Lipoly this unit produces around 1700g of thrust. An OPTO ESC is also pre-fitted with a 5A UBEC to supply RX power. Although not difficult to build, the Hunter is a little more involved than some PNF models. The design is clever, with each section being completed as a "module".

The silky smooth sound of the pre-installed Fan Unit on 6s has to be heard to be believed. This model flies like it is on rails, and combines speed with stability and elegance it is also a breeze to land thanks to the pre-installed split flaps. This Hunter combines quality & performance with head turning good looks and is sure to make you stand out at the flying field.

Wingspan: 866mm
Length: 1157mm
Flying Weight: 1500g
EDF: 70mm Alloy with 2399kv Brushless Inrunner Motor for 6s
ESC: 60A OPTO Fully Programmable ESC
Servo: 9 x High Torque Sub Micro Servo
RX Power: HV UBEC adjustable 5v/6v Output

All Hardware & Decals
Photo Instruction Book
Pilot Figure
Servo Extension & Y-Leads

Your Own TX/RX 6 Channel
2200mAh 6s ~ 2650mAh 6s Lipoly Battery


2 1:IC/2:Elec 6 Channel 866mm (34.09in) 1157mm (45.55in) 1500g (3.3lb)

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Total of 24 discussions.
scimart  11 points - 5/20/2013
My fan unit lasted for 3 1/2 flights - wonderful model until a sudden loss of power, a very hot motor (burnt out) and a puffed 2450mAh Turnigy 30C pack... Waiting on a reply from HK support...
 pavcon 644 points
This is lander old stock. So if the motor runs hot and you get more power than the specs you most probably hqve bad windings which will eventually cause a failure. You can replace for a 4s dps 3580kv fan unit . The 4000kv performs the same as the 3580. I have both. The 4000kv is after lander took a new deal for motor supplier. To be honest I lije the 3580version better
 pavcon 644 points
Ofcourse you can 6s again with the new dps 72mm fan unit and be abke to cruise at half throttle. Both options 4 and 6s do not require esc change. Buuuuut powerloss could also be caused by esc failure so please check both
 scimart 11 points
Thanks Pavcon - I'm still waiting on a reply from Support. I'll need to see what their response is before thinking about replacement parts but this is useful information.
 pavcon 644 points
thanks for the credit. if you need any help just msg here or on rcgroups. you can find me there as pavlis
NAPATARA  15 points - 4/21/2013
This used to be 2XXUSD original price. Last month I bought it, got some discount but still a lot more than the current price (99.99USD). Regretted buying it. The price has dropped very fast, let see what gonna be the next.
Chris Water-Boy  144 points - 3/1/2013
This is billed as EPO, but some commentators on the forums say it is EPS. Whuch is it please?
 herropreeze 36 points
It is EPS
anne  3 points - 2/25/2013
could anybody tell me if the retracts are servo less ??
 herropreeze 36 points
no they are mechanical
 anne 3 points
herropreeze  36 points - 1/15/2013
I bought one of these and crashed on second flight as one of the servos on the flaps failed. I tried to retract flaps and only one came up, causing fatal roll and she nosed in! Air frame is a total write off.
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Yesterday I maidened the Hun and everything went right. I used a nano-tech 2650mAh 6s 25C.
The plane took off easily and climbed like a real jet. She was a bit tail heavy, despite I added 70g of lead behind the nose cone.

The plane is very fast and the EDF is really smooth and with a nice sound.
I had some banking left tendency due to a non neutral airbrake.

After 3 minutes I landed a bit rough but the alloy LG resisted the bad treatment. Only the front LG bent a little.

Landing is very fast since I didn't use the airbrakes.

She looks beautiful in the air. Check the video.

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Received the hunter as a freebie. Put it together last night. Quite involved putting the plane together but not too difficult with a bit of extra time over a normal PNF. Very good quality kit. Foam is very solid, not sure if it's EPO or not. Feels more solid than any other foam planes I have both EPO and eps. Interesting to see how it goes with some bumps, i think it will be quite brittle. Only problems with the kit were the landing gear servos. Much too weak to hold the plane up and collapsed while taxing. Changed them over to metal gear servos which did the trick, very solid now. The esc supplied was not as described in the description. It wasn't an opto it was an 60amp sbec. Hopefully its not a problem with all the servos. Wasnt able to fully program the esc from the beeps as it seems to skip part of the first step where you choose the number of battery cells the plane is running off. Factory setting is 6S but it still seems to work okay with the 5S 3000mah that I'm running the plane off. I haven't actually flown the plane yet but it feels to have plenty of thrust with the 5S and pulls 42amps and 750W at full throttle. I'll report back once I have the first flight.

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Overall Rating
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My favourite full size jet and the model flies OK. A bit disappointed though with the structural design of this model. the C/F wing joiners do not extend past the fuselage cutout! This means that all flight and landing loads are borne by the approximately 10mm thick centre wing tongue. Naughty designer! Why didn't you at least extend the C/F joiners out at least to the U/C legs! If I had made a second flight on its' first outing the left wing would have separated! I have now grafted in a wing spar to correct the deficiency.

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