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Turnigy 9X LCD Backlight Kit - Green (DIY)

Turnigy 9X LCD Backlight Kit - Green (DIY)
Turnigy 9X LCD Backlight Kit - Green (DIY)

Ever wished your Turnigy 9X transimitter had a backlit LCD?
Wish no more! the Turnigy 9X LCD backlight kit is here!
Other solutions require soldering or use a noisy inverter, voiding CE and warranty. However the Turnigy LCD Backlight Kit is LED driven and is a snap to install!

No soldering is required, you can do this simple upgrade yourself.
If you can use a screw driver you can install this backlight!

Input Voltage: 8v - 13v
Current Draw: 60~90mA
Color: Green



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 Customer rated
Total of 73 discussions.
Arturs  1 points - 10/10/2016
Vishal  1 points - 6/16/2016
Michael  1 points - 6/16/2015
which backlight is better? Blue, Green or white? I just read somewhere that if you use the blue its kind of hard to read the screen.
 Long Ha 1 points
The white is best because the non-backlight is green already. The mixing of non-white color will result bad.
Matt  1 points - 3/3/2015
Does anyone know if this screen is the same was the one found in the Turnigy TGY-i6?? I've just managed to smash mine. :(
 Earth Magnet 27 points
Hi, this isnt a display screen just a backlight for the display screen.
Dan  10 points - 11/10/2014
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
This kit very easy replace and work.
And I DIY auto-off back light with er9x firmware.
I added image file on files category.

It's image file circuit diagram.

I used TR and work-out esc's fet.

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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
Shipping was fast, and arrived safe and sound.
I am a noob, and this was my first plane I bought that needed assembly. Instructions are super easy to follow as was the assembly to perform.
The only trouble I had was attaching the wing to the fuselage. It was a tight fit and needed a bit of trimming. I have yet to maiden it due to high winds and rain in the area lately.

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Overall Rating
Like it?
LCD Backlight Kit - Green is very nice for my Turnigy 9X but, but LED lights have been peeled away from the bar. We modeller :-)) superglue stick to the LED panel and now it's OK. Beware the remove the static-rubber is not easily torn. Excellent and useful product. I am here:

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Overall Rating
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Turnigy 9x users only.
Some mods are a good idea and some not so good. In this case good if you count yourself as technically competent. This job is a little bit tricky and could easily go wrong. When you remove the pcb there several connectors to unplug which is not so difficult if you don't pull a wire off a connector but most tricky is the fine thin ribbon cable in the centre which can easily be torn and should not need to be disconnected if treated carefully. You will also find that the removal of the old double sided foam at the back of the pcb will not come clean away in one piece and if you use any tool other than your finger to remove it you could damage the minute pcb tracks. If you damage the ribbon cable or pcb tracks it's game over. Note also that the backlight display is a little too long and protrudes as do it's wires very close to the four up-down and left-right menu keys and could interfere with their operation.I did this mod on my old V1 Turnigy X9 first and decided not to do it on my new V2 X9 because of the above reasons. A newcomer to this hobby could easily end up trashing a perfectly good TX. Experienced modellers go ahead if you really want a backlit display.

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Overall Rating
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I bought the green one as it was the only one in stock. I ordered a spare just in case. They arrived in about three weeks to Atlanta, GA in good condition. Installation was exactly as per the photos and Youtube video. This basically a JST connector pass through with a small circuit board attached encased in heat shrink. Two of the wires then flow through a surface mounted resistor to two micro leds which are glued to the end of a piece of acrylic. The LEDs seperated from the end of the acrylic but can be glued back easily. It lights up very bright but for some reason my Turnigy 9X will not turn off with the backlight installed. The screen remains illuminated and the LEDs continue to glow faintly with the TX switch off indicating that there is some current flowing through them and keeping the radio on. I inspected all of the solder joints and the PCB of attached to the JST pass through cable and found nothing that would allow the current to flow around the switch. I will have to do a bit more checking. I suspect a sloppy solder joint some where. 3 stars for not working right out of the box

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