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Opto Gas Kill Switch

Opto Gas Kill Switch

This device allows you to safely and remotely kill your electronic ignition equipped engine with your transmitter.

Input Voltage: 6~12v
Input current (max): 6A


Note: A Manual is available under the files Tab


Weight: 29g Quantity: 
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Price $12.95

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William  1 points - 8/24/2014
I bought one to switch an onboard glow driver from a spare channel on the tx. Works fine but the instructions say ( I think ) that if the signal is lost from the RX the opto switch will turn off, This I thought will be a safety feature if I forgot to turn it off in the pits, ie with the TX off the glow is not energised. This doesnt happen , turn off the TX the opto switch stays on. Never mind ,just one more thing to remember in the shut down check
 The Bear 150 points
I would hope it shut down when the RX is off
Andersson Beccari  1 points - 6/25/2014
Hy guys, I bought two of this. Both of them not working. I pluged power output (female) on the lights (eletric device), then the power input (male) onto battery 11,1V and the sign at the RX as it says on manual. The light is always turned on. Doesnt work.
 jahatton 107 points
Mine too. What I ended out doing was using one regulator with one line going to the Rx and the backup line going to the ignition. I run duel 2200 25C 3S. Works like a charm every time! I tried to make it work as a stand alone but couldn't. It stayed in the drawer many months before I got it working.
Róger G.  1 points - 5/30/2014
Estoy de acuerdo que algo está*n conectando mal. Yo lo he instalado para control del CDI a 4.8V y trabaja muy bien. Tambié*n los he utilizado para control on/off de luces de navegació*n de bajo Amp. (Led's) y no he tenido problemas. Saludos, Rozz.
jacques  43 points - 5/16/2014
Got mine today and mine works with 5V!
Joshua  4 points - 4/29/2014
I can't get this kill switch to work with a Baja. The manual in chinglish does help much. Any one use this on a baja.
 beingthere 30 points
It's for a CDI not a magneto coil ignition. The Baja uses 2 stroke motors with a magneto coil ignition system.
 BrianB192 1447 points
The man beingthere ^ is correct,, This uses simple Main cut of at Nominal Power supply .. Not anything to with Spark Plug.. Ignition Is Powered On/ Of,,with this device. ok Good ,,man Bajer is cool./ i have One and i Know what you Mean, So look to a Good manual switch you can Make ,,servo with a Plate attached to give contact with the plug ,,,might help your safety aspect .,,,,good on ya .
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Nice switch, quite small and working ok, but I have a few comments : ALL my batteries fitted with a JR type plug have a male plug (so they can be plugged into a receiver) so why is the "input voltage" plug of the switch also a male? And the outout is a JR female, the exact oposite of what I would have expected (check the manual in the "file tab"). Also, the switch is powered via the switched power source, not via the Rx, and anything below 6V will not get it to start, so I can't use it to switch on/off the 4.8V bat. that powers the ignition module of my RCG 30. And I can't use a higher voltage either as the CDI instructions clearly state that anything above 6V will kill it. : ( As I believe that it's true of most CDI units, that pretty much makes it unusable as a kill switch. Or have I missed something??

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Product worked as discribed,in the manual which you can find in the file section it states battery into a male plug and ignition into a female plug,my battery comes with a male and ignition is female so the plugs are incorrect in the manual but you can plug it in reverse it stll works fine.
this is a quality product for a great price you wont find this quality for this price anyware

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Very handy device for killing that gasser, turning on an accessory or whatever.

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I was puzzled why the switch didn't work till I read the comments on 6V input requirement. No big deal for me since I intend to use Lipo for the CDI, so this is my wiring: Lipo -> mechancal switch -> kill switch -> BEC -> CDI. That solves the 6V conflict between the kill switch and the CDI.

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Velice me stve, ze to potrebuje 6V,tj. na zapalko s 4cl. nepouzitelny...

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