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HobbyKing Kinetic 800 Mini Glider (ARF)

HobbyKing Kinetic 800 Mini Glider (ARF)
HobbyKing Kinetic 800 Mini Glider (ARF)

The Hobby King Kinetic 800 Mini Glider is now available as an ARF model. With no gluing needed the model snaps together with clever interlocking parts that will have you ready to fly in just minutes. The folding 8x5 Prop requires a 2226-1250kv motor and 20~30A ESC and can be powered with either a 11.1v 500mah~1000mah 2~3S1P lipo battery. All the hardware, including a Y-lead is provided to help get you in the air fast. The interlocking wing system also allows the wings to be removed for easy transport and storage.

A particularly interesting feature of the Hobby King Kinetic 800 Mini Glider is the lack of a traditional elevator. The entire horizontal stabilizer is used as an elevator providing extraordinary agility and precise control.

Wing Span: 800mm
Length: 620mm
Weight: 247grams (without battery)
Servos: 4 x 4~5g Servo (Required)
Motor: 2226-1250kv (Required)
ESC: 20~30A (Required)
Prop: 8x5 (Included)
Battery: 11.1v 500~1000mah 2~3S1P Lipoly (Required)
Battery Compartment: 100mm L x 27mm W x 30mm D  
Material: EPO

4 x 4~5g Servo
20~30A ESC
7.4v~11.1v 500~1000mah 2~3S1p
Your own Tx/Rx


2 1:IC/2:Elec 4 Channel 800mm (31.50in) 620mm (24.41in) 247g (0.5434lb)

Weight: 980g
International Warehouse
Price  $29.99

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Total of 41 discussions.
theSelf  48 points - 4/27/2012
since the PNF version of teh kinetic has been discontinued- can anyone recommend a motor they are using from the HK site (product code please) - that isn't overkill and ideally matches the stats of the stock PNF version motor (or is the same model as the stock PNF version motor)- thank you!
 X-ray 967 points
PRODUCT ID: SK3-2826-1240 you need some degree of handy, it flies like a dream. This is the biggest I can get in with a HK 20A ESC - it shows 85 Watts on my wattmeter at full throttle. The motor os cold, ESC barely warm and the glider has the CG right at 40mm. I use a 950mA Lipo PRODUCT ID: 9210000006 and this receiver: PRODUCT ID: R410. Get servo extensions. cheers
Petros  5 points - 4/26/2012
My Kinetic just arrived today.Have set it up and and i have everything functioning normal except the soon as i connect the battery i hear the sound of the esc and the the prop start turning with idle throttle and trim to 0.does anyone know if i need to program the esc somehow?Its my first electric so any help would be most appreciated.In my TX everythign is set the correct way but still i cant understand what else i should do
 redblur 8 points
i think you should re-calibrate the esc first. First, turn on your TX and put it at full throttle, then connect your battery to the plane. at the first Beep, quickly close your throttle and wait till the beep finish. give it a try, it work for me
theSelf  48 points - 4/4/2012
I just ordered the PNF version- and a day later the product isn't listed as a PNF version anymore- HK say they've discontinued it- anyone know why? any faults with it? thought it was a popular item... any way- the PNF, if I remember correctly comes with a 30A ESC- from which I hear is overkill and people mentioned putting in an 18-20A ESC at most to save weight- this is my fist glider with a folding prop- do I need to set the ESC with a brake to minimize drag from a 'free wheeling' prop or do folding props stop any way? thanks in advance!
 mtb4nz 119 points
I have had mine for over a year and love it there is nothing wrong with it. I have no idea why they have discontinued it. Yes the 30amp esc is overkill you got the right ides get a 18-20amp one. Yes you do need to set the esc to break when you pull back the throtle. Otherwise the prop will not fold. If you use a smaller esc You might have to put weight in the front to balance the plane. But this is better then having a larger esc.
Blumi  13 points - 3/27/2012
i need to buy also the hardware set? ot the protocut is only for replasment?
 laurentjeuxlille 26 points
All you need is :
4 x 4~5g Servo
20~30A ESC
7.4v~11.1v 500~1000mah 2~3S1p
Your own Tx/Rx
Hardware set is included.
Great choice of plane, have fun !
 harvey 1 points
I buy this plane, very good quality, you can store in its box. it is very solid.
 X-ray 967 points
It flies fast, buy two lol
 X-ray 967 points
I would like to add to Harvey's comment: it is in did a solid foam, however the wings are flimsy, the hinges need some support (like a 4mm x 20mm x 2mm piece of balsa) underneath. this allows the hinges to stay put and at the same time if it crashes, the wings come off. good glider tho, its fast.
jonasmuex  61 points - 3/26/2012
Why is this item under Liquidation?
 mtb4nz 119 points
Probably because they have stopped making them and they want to get rid of excess stock. Eventually they likely be removed from Hobbyking
 jonasmuex 61 points
WHAT? but i love the kinetic :(
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
Anthony and the 2 Joshes @ FliteTest, thank you thank you thank you for turning me on to this phenom!!!! Your review video got me interested in gliders, unfortunately, all I had was a HXT 2435 (370S) 4400kv Brushless Inrunner and a 30A HK ESC pulled from a crashed EF2000...I thought for sure this combo would be too heavy, and it was...for gliding that is <evil grin>.
Long story short, my LHS go-to guy said "Make it a hotliner!"....well, I just got back from the field and my heart is still racing! I squeezed a Turnigy 3S 1300 30-40C in and taped the door closed :) .. WOW! WOW!! WOW!!!
I used HK 3.7G servo's for rudder and elevator, and HXT500's for aileron (a bit big but they were all I had so I taped them in) I didn't glue anything, just taped it all together thinking it wouldn't fly well at first so I could adjust, but it flew unbelievably brilliant!!
I highly recommend the Kinetic, this may be faster than my F27C!!

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Overall Rating
RC Fun
1 thumbs up!
Nice little funfly to leave in the car

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Overall Rating
Like it?
Excellent mini glider! Possible to do hotliner dives (add a whistler for nice sound). However decals do not stick well, peeled and throw away and decal that comes off after awhile. Wings do not join properly after some time (need to add tape near wing root to tighten). I used the stock "2226" motor, Turnigy plush 18amp, 800mah 2s or 3s. But this motor and the ESC gets really hot on 3s i dont know why. I think I better find a better motor and bigger ESC. Anyone recommend better motor?

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Overall Rating
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I use a Nanotech 950. It has lots of space o all sides. Also I use a PRODUCT ID: R410 orange 4ch receiver. It is small and it fits nicely right under the wing (it allows the LiPo to slide right back. I use a PRODUCT ID: SK3-2826-1240. It fits tightly (about 1.5 mm on side). I replaced the CF in the wings with one rod and the wings are sturdier now. Good quality foam, I used PRODUCT ID: CA460-20GFC to glue the halves and everything else. on the bottom, I drilled a 14mm hole about 5 mm back from the batt hatch; it creates a bit of airflow and also space to pull the tail servo wires through a wider hole that I enlarged to allow the servo connectors to pass. good stuff, cheers

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Overall Rating
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I got one and trust me! This is one of the moste fantastique model that i have! Fast , Stable, resistant, Nice, easy to carry everywear! you can bought this model the eyes close! I use a lipo 1000mha 3s Nanotech tunergy fly aroud 20min full power and 1h managing as a glider. J'ai acheter ce model et je n'ai qu une chose a dire... Parfait! Stable, resistant, transportable, rapide. vous pouvez acheter ce model les yeux fermer! Je vol avec une batterie lipo nanotech 1000mha 3s, de longue apresmidi de plaisir!

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